Basic Gluten Free Flour Blend (Xanthan Gum Free)

Basic Gluten Free Flour Blend (Xanthan Gum Free)

Gluten free flour blends are, really, the most important resource on this entire recipe blog. A slightly more complex blend of flours (like my Better Than Cup4Cup Blend), including xanthan gum, is essential to success in most of my gluten free recipes.

But lately I find myself using a more basic, 3-ingredient flour blend without the benefit of xanthan gum in some recipes. It’s strangely liberating!

An illustrated piece of bread with an explanation of how to make gum free gluten free flour blend with three ingredients.

I still believe that xanthan gum is a critical component of most gluten free baking, but this basic gluten free flour blend is an important resource, too, in a certain type of more delicate recipe.

The infographic above makes short work of remembering how to make this simple flour blend. But let’s review all the wonderful recipes this blend has made possible so far. Who knows where we’ll go from here!

Gluten free crêpes are so, so easy to make (make the batter ahead of time, you’ll get best results). They take only a few pantry ingredients. They’re even easier to make than gluten free flour tortillas, plus they kick up an ordinary meal right to extraordinary.

Gluten Free Crêpes: The ultimate in delicate, crêpe batter without xanthan gum swirls around that frying pan with ease.

This chocolate pudding pie is my favorite no bake gluten free treat of the season. The filling is smooth as silk, plus the cookie crust slices clean, and adds just the right amount of cookie crunch.

Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding Pie: Most chocolate pudding is made with cornstarch, but cornstarch will cause pudding to leak liquid when it’s chilled. This pudding, made with my basic xanthan gum-free gluten free flour blend, is smooth as silk—hot or cold.

These gluten free cornmeal pancakes have a really lovely texture and enough flavor that they scarcely need much syrup or butter for serving.

Gluten Free Cornmeal Pancakes: I have made these pancakes both with a more traditional gluten free flour blend and with my basic xanthan gum-free blend, and the xanthan gum-free variety has a much nicer bite.

This is the classic gluten free pancake recipe you've been looking for. Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes that you can make ahead and freeze!

Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancakes: Ah, the classic gluten free pancake. You can make it with a more traditional gluten free flour blend, one that contains xanthan gum, but you have to begin with a super hot skillet and work quick quick quick, as the batter will thicken as it stands.

This xanthan gum-free pancake batter pours with ease and makes for a tender pancake that tastes just like you remember.

Gluten free chocolate mug cake is made in 1 minute in the microwave. Learn the secrets to making it moist and tender every time!

Gluten Free Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake: Disappointed by every other gluten free microwave cake I had ever made, I finally got it! No xanthan gum in the flour (along with a few other secrets I spill in that post and recipe) makes for the perfect moist, tender cake for 1—even once it’s cool. Quick chocolate fix!


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