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D.I.Y. All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour: Mock Cup4Cup

D.I.Y. All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour: Mock Cup4Cup

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend RecipeSchool ends, and the whole operation’s in shambles. Honestly.

This kid can’t wait for school to end, that one is shocked and outraged at the idea that she can’t see her best friends every day over the summer.

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe

The summer weather can no longer be ignored. Attention must be paid.

I’ll still have my oven on most every day, no matter the weather outside (recipe testing waits for no woman), but I know most of you will turn to your grills for stress-free, heating-up-the-house-free meals. Although it’s not exactly a point of pride, I won’t use a propane grill. It’s a long story, but the short version … I’m afraid of propane.

I’m all about the charcoal grill. The fire’s temporary (less scary to me), and the taste can’t be beat.

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe

Either way, oven or no oven, grill or no grill, there must be gluten-free pastry crust, or there are no pies and tarts. And if there are no pies and tarts, it’s just not summer.

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe

Cup4Cup gluten-free flour is such a nice all-purpose gluten-free flour.

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe

Especially for Gluten-free Puff Pastry

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe

… that you can turn into these little raspberry tartlets.

Now I had already hacked Better Batter into Cup4Cup.

Gluten Free Mock Cup4Cup All Purpose Flour RecipeAnd already done a D.I.Y. Mock Better Batter flour blend.

Building a recipe for a Mock Cup4Cup all-purpose gluten-free flour from the ground up just seemed, well, like a natural next step. After all, no matter how you look at it, Cup4Cup just isn’t shoestring-friendly.

If you’re inclined to blend your own flour, I think you’re really going to love this blend, especially with superfine rice flours. Just follow the links, and whisk away…

D.I.Y. All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour: Mock Cup4Cup
Recipe Type: Flour
Author: Nicole @ Gluten-Free on a Shoestring.com
Prep time: 10 mins
Total time: 10 mins
Serves: 4
Mock Cup4Cup All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Blend
Ingredients (note: all ingredients should be certified gluten free)
  1. In a blender or food processor, grind the nonfat dry milk into a fine powder.
  2. Place all ingredients in a large bowl, and whisk to combine [i]well[/i].
  3. Store in an airtight container at room temperature until ready to use.
  4. The recipe can be halved or used in multiples easily. Just be sure to whisk fully in a large enough container.
  5. It makes a total of 580 grams, which is 20 grams more than 4 cups.


P.S. If you like fluffy bread, try this flour blend in the White Sandwich Bread recipe on page 104 of My Cookbook. So fluffy!

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  • Joan Funk

    I think you must be a genius!!! I love everything you post, and have your first book in digital form for my kindle and can’t WAIT for your next one!!!

    • Hi, Joan,
      Aw, shucks. Not a genius. Just tenacious. :) Thank you so much for buying a copy of my cookbook, and for being excited about the next one! I really and truly appreciate your support.
      xoxo Nicole

  • Karen

    Awesome Nicole – I’ve been waiting for this ever since you told me about it last night :) Can’t wait to try it out!
    What was the place that you thought was great for sourcing flour again? Teff etc ..

    • Hi, Karen!
      Great to see you last night at the meeting/party. I have been buying some gluten-free flours at nuts.com. I really like their service and products, but they don’t have superfine rice flours. For that, you still need to turn to Authentic Foods!
      xoxo Nicole

  • I love that you made this mix. Authentic flours are super smooth and I bet this is even better than c4c not to mention a heck of lot less expensive and you get a whole lot more for your money. (sorry c4c). Looks like it makes fantastic tart/pie crust.

    • Lisa! I thought you might enjoy this one. It’s nice that making this yourself means you can make it with superfine flours, as you mentioned. The truth is, though, that I’d prefer if they just started using superfine flours and lowered the price themselves. That would suit me just fine!
      xoxo Nicole

  • Heather P

    Would you be able to use regular(as in, not superfine) flours and just break them down more or is the “superfine” more than just ground down again? I love the idea of a great flour, just seems still high for my budget :(

    • Sorry, Heather, but the superfine consistency is not something that you can mimic at home, starting with a less finely ground flour. It’s simply milled that way.

      • Heather P

        Now, one more question!!! I was assuming when I took a quick look that they were like 1lb bags. So in hindsight, it is a pretty good deal on flour!!!! But the question is: Do you know if they ever do shipping deals? Cause it was estimating my shipping at $20 which was almost the cost of what I was gong to purchase!

        • I honestly don’t know, Heather. I don’t work with them at all, so I’d suggest contacting them directly!
          xoxo Nicole

  • Peggy

    Nicole, I’m so glad I’m not the only one afraid of propane…in fact, I’m a bit terrified of the stuff! I don’t want it anywhere near me, my house or my car! I have a cast-iron flat pan with ridges I put over my oven burners for grilling indoors if I just have to have something grilled. I know, I know…it doesn’t taste the same but I’m not really that much into grilling anyway so I’m ok! Prefer to do all my cooking inside & then take outside to eat!!!

    Thanks for the DIY all-purpose flour mix!!!

    • You might like a charcoal kettle grill, Peggy. I love mine. It takes a bit more time, since you have to wait for the coals to heat, but the fire burns out and it has such a nice flavor — and it seems much, much safer to me. They’re not very expensive, either. I’m going to do some posts this summer about it. Maybe I’ll convince you!
      xoxo Nicole

      • Pam G

        better to roast marshmallows, too!

        • Peggy

          Like how you think, Pam! Love roasting marshmallows!

      • Peggy

        I’m looking forward to seeing your posts, Nicole!

        • Thanks, Peggy. As always. :)
          xoxo Nicole

  • Christin

    Nicole, could you put regular rice flour in the blender to make it super-fine? Unfortuately we can’t use several of the ingredients in your mix, but it looks really good!

    • Hi, Christin,
      The flours must be milled superfine at the source. You can’t accomplish the same result at home with consumer blenders, etc. Sorry!
      xoxo Nicole

  • Any idea if you can replace the milk powder with something else ? say coconut milk powder? I know it would change the taste, but would it change the consistency ?

    • Hi, Nyssa,
      There’s no one perfect substitute for milk powder, I’m afraid. You’d have to experiment!
      xoxo Nicole

    • Nicole

      did you try it? did it work? I’m allergic to regular milk and was wondering if it could be left out or what I could do… I hope to experiment sometime in the future with gluten free stuff…

      • I haven’t yet Nicole, but I will come back and update when I get a chance! :)

    • sarah

      I made this with soy milk powder and it worked brilliantly. I know that offers no comfort if you are allergic or averse to soy, but I think it may indicate that other types of replacements might work!

  • Ligea

    Nicole, you are truly my hero! Love the book, too!

    • Thanks, Ligea!
      xoxo Nicole

  • Pam G

    using this blend for bread…does fluffy = dry texture?
    Scott loves the Japanese Milk Bread. It’s yummy, but still, he’s wishing for a moist, springy, light textured bread.

    • Hi, Pam,
      Nope. Fluffy just means that it doesn’t have a very tight crumb. Take a look at the pictures of my gluten-free ciabatta bread when it’s made with Cup4Cup. That should give you an idea.
      xoxo Nicole

      • Pam G

        Oh, by the by…..nice pic in the Delight mag! :) Scott now has a visual for the 2nd woman that’s changed his life!

        • What picture in Delight? Is it the gluten-free blogger thing? These things tend to have a relatively long lead time, so by the time it comes out, I’ve all but forgotten about it!
          xoxo Nicole

          • Pam G

            Yepper! Summer 2012 issue pg. 16

  • Linda

    Thank you for the flour blend recipe!! It’s so nice of you to share and I’m glad it doesn’t have sorghum in it, hurray!! I have Crohn’s and it doesn’t agree with me, so many blend and products have it…. :)

  • sarah

    You are awesome. For those of us outside of the US, this is excellent. I don’t have access to a single good GF flour blend here in OZ, and I’ve used this blend twice now and LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I’m really glad, Sarah! To be honest, when I created this blend, I was thinking more about the cost of Cup4Cup, and hadn’t thought about how useful it might be to those who live outside the u.S. But judging from the response from you and others, it’s doubly useful. Bonus!
      xoxo Nicole

  • (removed duplicate post)

  • Nicole – is there a good substitute for the milk powder? My son and I both can’t tolerate milk protein (casein). Thank you for your great recipes!


    • gfshoestring

      Hi, Molly,
      I haven’t tested this recipe with any substitutions, and as of right now I don’t believe there is a good milk-free sub. I’d recommend you try my recipe for a dairy-free pastry flour hack of Better Batter.

  • Mnadcock

    Do you have a substitute for Zanthan gum?

  • Jokoho5

    I can’t eat corn either, so what di I replace the corn starch and xanthan

    • gfshoestring

      I don’t have ready answers for substitutions, as my recipes are tested and work as written. If you need to change it, you’ll have to experiment!

  • Zie0202

    My daughter has type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. I discovered cup4cup flour and cried the first time I made a cake for her that looked and tasted normal. It has given me back the chance for a real birthday cake. Of course it is expensive and the one store I could buy it at to save myself the shipping charge closed down. Is your mock recipe for it in your cookbook?

    • gfshoestring

      Hi, Zie,
      This mock recipe is only on the blog. My recipe for mock Better Batter is, however, in my second cookbook.
      xoxo Nicole

  • candice

    This is amazing! I can’t wait to try. Just bought cup4cup with a gift card this weekend, but it’s SO expensive to use on a regular basis. And I love to bake!

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