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Flourless Baking

Flourless baking recipes are a great place to start if you’re not comfortable yet baking with gluten free flour blends—or you’ve run out of your favorite blend.

They’re also perfect in their simplicity, and they tend to be healthier than flour-based baking (although that’s not a promise!). But to qualify as truly flourless, a recipe has to have NO flour. If it has almond flour or gluten free oats ground into flour, it’s just not flourless.

The base of each flourless recipe in this collection is typically beans, cooked or soaked quinoa (I know, but I promise they taste nothing like beans or quinoa!) or a nut butter. Sometimes, it’s just deep, rich chocolate. I have a fondness for these sort of recipes, if for no other reason than they’re a major challenge to create. And my family loves the results!

Flourless Baking

Flourless Baking Recipes

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