If you’re new to a gluten free diet, you might have figured out that all meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit are safely and naturally gluten free. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SNACKS?

First, the basics: you can eat most potato chips, popcorn, nuts and corn-based snacks. Just be sure to check labels because sometimes they sneak in things like malt flavoring or just plain old wheat. These days, a lot of energy bars are packed with dates and nuts and naturally gluten free. But they can be super expensive.

If you’re tired of paying way too much for an energy bar, or you can’t find one that is exactly to your family’s tastes, try making your own snacks! These 65+ gluten free snacks recipes cover everything from cookies and crackers to homemade jello, protein bars, granola bars and energy bites.

Snack wisely, and snack well!

Snacks Recipes