How-to Make Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

How-to Make Gluten Free Bread Crumbs
Jar of bread crumbs and tin of bread crumbs on white surface

Gluten free bread is expensive! When it gets old, save money by making it into gluten free bread crumbs instead of tossing it. It freezes so well, and a little goes a long way.

I’m not too proud to admit it. In testing bread recipes, sometimes things don’t exactly turn out as planned. Okay, they often don’t turn out as planned. But it’s rarely so bad that I have to just toss the whole thing in the trash (although that does happen).

Usually, when I make *meh* bread, I make bread crumbs. It’s like the lemons and lemonade thing, but with bread.

Close up if jar of bread crumbs on white surface

All you do is tear up the bread, place it in the food processor and pulse until you have the size crumb you like. Then, add some salt and dried seasonings if you like, and toast it in the oven. Stir the crumbs around the baking sheet, then toast again until very lightly golden brown. That’s it!

I mostly thought that a how-to video would be fun. Am I going overboard on the overhead videos? #youcantellme

Overhead view of bread crumbs on metal tin

Store the bread crumbs in a freezer-safe container in the refrigerator or the freezer, and you’ll never ever be tempted to spend nearly $6.00 for 12 measly ounces of prepared gluten free bread crumbs. How do they get away with that? If you plan to store them at room temperature, be sure to place them in a glass jar. That’s how they’ll keep their toasted texture.

The recipe is obviously quite loose, as it’s more a concept than a true formula. I’m just here to speak for the old, forgotten gluten free bread in the bottom of your freezer.

Close up of bread crumbs on metal tin

I prefer the larger, Panko-style crumb, and I use that kind liberally in Gluten Free Small Bites for everything from spinach balls to coconut shrimp.

Gluten free coconut shrimp and spinach balls—made with homemade gluten free bread crumbs. From Gluten Free Small Bites, the cookbook!

The coconut shrimp are on page 42, and the spinach balls on page 76 of the cookbook. Do you have your copy yet? I just made the chicken taquitos (page 60) and huevos rancheros wraps (page 107) last night for dinner. No complaints from the fam!

Like this recipe?

Prep time: Cook time: Yield: 3 cups bread crumbs


4 to 5 slices gluten-free bread, any kind

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (optional)

Dried seasonings, such as oregano and parsley, to taste (optional)


  • Preheat your oven to 325°F. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and set it aside.

  • Break up the slices of bread into chunks and place in the bowl of a standard 7-cup food processor fitted with the steel blade. Cover the food processor and pulse until coarse crumbs form. Open the lid and add the optional salt and seasonings. Close the lid and pulse again until combined, or until the crumbs reach the desired consistency (I prefer coarser Panko-style crumbs, but you may like to grind them fine).

  • Transfer the bread crumbs to the prepared baking sheet and place in the center of the preheated oven. Bake for about 8 minutes, and then remove from the oven and stir the crumbs to redistribute them. Return to the oven and bake until lightly golden brown all over, about another 7 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool on the baking sheet before transferring to a glass jar for storing at room temperature, or a freezer-safe container for longer storage. Crumbs can be used directly from the refrigerator or freezer, without defrosting, and will stay fresh for months in the freezer.

  • Originally published on the blog in 2013. Photos, video and text new; recipe unchanged. 



P.S. Do you have your copy of Gluten Free Small Bites? These bread crumbs come in very handy for arancini, risotto cakes ?, stuffed mushrooms ?, baked asparagus fries ?, sweet and sour meatballs, Swedish meatballs, baked fish sticks, potato croquettes … Thank you for your support of my newest gluten free cookbook. It was a labor of love! ?

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