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    • Nicole Hunn says

      No, this recipe will require adjustments for altitude like all recipes. I can’t offer any advice though since I don’t live at altitude.

  1. Maryhelem A says

    I thought imitation extraterrestrial wasn’t gluten free. I have celiac and have to be very careful. I am looking forward to doing this recipe also can cup for cup flour be used.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Yes, you can use Cup4Cup as an all purpose gluten free flour in this recipe and all my recipes that call for an all purpose gf blend.

  2. Diana says

    Hi there!
    Your cake looks so yummy! I used your idea and made a gluten free, vegan cake for my son for Christmas. I used vegan margarine, flax eggs, and one of your gluten free flour blends. Now I plan to put the simple syrup on it.
    It looks so delicious – but we will not try it until Christmas Eve.
    For the fruit and nuts I used, chopped pecans, dried cherries, dried cranberries, candied pineapple, and some red glace cherries for colour. Also added some orange juice. I will let you know how it tastes later on.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes Nicole!

  3. Sara says

    OMG this white fruit cake looks like HEAVEN-I’ve tried to do it for YEARS (even before we were GF) but never got THAT consistency- I just have to try this! Too bad no one besides me likes it in this family… On second thought maybe this version is gonna get better rating ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hahaha you’re so welcome, Sara. So many people are anti-fruit cake (that was me, too!) that it’s not an easy sell. But I think you can turn some heads this time.??

  4. Christine says

    I do have to say that I have commiserated and laughed when I have seen commenters complain and then say “I made this recipe except…”, sometimes followed by a long list of substitutions. I cannot imagine blaming the creator of a recipe when it doesn’t turn out for me. There are so many variables. I wish all recipes used weight (metric). It makes them so much more consistent across some variables.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Thank you for saying that, Christine! You’d be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t?!) by all the things readers have sought to hold me accountable for in the last 11+ years. I’m so much less bothered by it than I used to be, thankfully, since I’m fully confident in my work ethic and standards. And also I do get some of the kindest things said from time to time, like this comment from you. I hold those comments very close!

  5. Judy says

    I made this fruitcake this morning, following the directions for ingredients but used 2 smaller pans. I baked for about 70 min., cooled for 10, then removed one from the pan to douse it. It completely fell apart when I removed the parchment paper so kind of remolded it using the plastic wrap. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Any suggestions?

    • Nicole Hunn says

      I’m afraid I can’t know where you deviated from the recipe, other than the smaller loaves, but beyond removing the cakes when they were still too warm, and baking them for too long (70 minutes at proper temperature is way too long for such smaller cakes), here are the questions I always recommend asking yourself:
      Did you measure by weight, not volume (volume is simply not accurate)?
      Did you use one of my recommended flour blends? My recipes will not work with a poor quality blend.
      Did you make ingredient substitutions?Did you bake at the proper temperature? Most ovens aren’t properly calibrated, so you really need a simple analog standalone oven thermometer.

  6. Shelley says

    Just took it out of the oven, cooked for 10 minutes and have begun the curing process with brandy.So far, it looks exactly like your pictures! This is fun!! Thank you again!

  7. Christine says

    Thank you so much for doing this. I asked for it a few months ago because I love the original from the book. I am looking forward to trying it.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Oh my gosh, Christine, I’ve been promising a fruit cake recipe for more years than I care to count! Thank you for being patient with me and hope you enjoy it!

  8. Tracy says

    Any suggestion for a xanthan gum substitution? I’m still figuring out what triggers my gut flares besides wheat. Had an off week after having gf bread a few times, and seem to be better with no xanthan gum which seems to be in everything

    • Nicole Hunn says

      I’m afraid not, unless you can use guar gum, which is less effective but not bad. You absolutely need one or the other, preferably xanthan gum.

  9. Jill says

    I made this today and can hardly wait to try a slice in a few weeks. I like a darker Christmas cake so subbed some of the white sugar with brown and added about 1T molasses. I think it might have been a mistake to soak the raisins and candied peel in some brandy though. There was no brandy left in the bottom of the bowl so I thought it would be OK. The cake took a very long time to bake to an internal temp of 200’F but it did get there. Too much extra liquid in the fruit? I bet you hate it when your fans tinker with your recipes ;)
    I also made the pumpkin loaf which is a big hit here.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      All the changes that you made created a batter with too much moisture, yes, Jill. I love it when readers tinker with recipes—but only after they’ve made them precisely as written first at least once. At least you stated up front what you did! It’s very common for me to get angry comments demanding to know why the recipe “didn’t work,” only to find out that changes like these, and many more, were made. :)

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Irene, I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean when you ask if I use the GF pans for my breads. If you’re asking what loaf pans I use, I try to use a metal pan that isn’t too dark in color, which attracts too much heat and tends to cause burning. Is that the question?

  10. Shelley says

    When I douse it in booze every other day, etc, is it 1 Tbsp on the top and 1 Tbsp on the bottom every time?
    Do I wrap it in plastic and store it in the pan also, or just the plastic?
    Thanks! I’m excited to try this!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Shelly, yup, 1 tablespoon on top, one on the bottom, wrap in plastic and store it in a clean pan. It helps keep the liquid close to the cake surface so it absorbs.

  11. JUDY HAMMOND says

    We’re somewhat Health Nuts in our family! From your notes I wasn’t certain as to whether you could substitute dried fruit for the candied fruit. What is your opinion on that??
    By the way, we have two family members that are GF and as you know, that means we all are! Your recipes are just over the top. We absolutely love your breads, the Brown Bread & the Cheese Bread are huge hits, as well as your Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Cake.
    Thank you so very much for all the effort you put into this. We appreciate it!
    … Judy

    • Nicole Hunn says

      You’re so welcome, Judy. Happy you’re enjoying the recipes. I haven’t tried the recipe with all dried fruits, but I think it would be fine. I would recommend that you at least rinse the dried fruits, though, to hydrate them a bit, first.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Terri, that’s a great question! I think it would travel really well. Just wrap it very tightly, and I’d actually freeze it first so it at least starts out solid. Pack it in as small a box as you can, and surround it with crumpled paper. Wrap tightly, and send away! This time of year, unless you’re sending it to the Bahamas, you should be good with weather.

  12. Liz says

    Thank you. I remember my mother making these every Christmas when I was young. Although not the glutEn free version. Lost her recipe. Will definitely plan to make it this year.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      You’re so welcome, Liz. It feels a tiny bit early to share this recipe, but fruit cake does take some planning!

  13. Anne F says

    Love this recipe, thanks Nicole. But in the notes of the ingredients, imitation vanilla is not gluten free. If using vanilla, always use pure!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      That’s not true at all, Anne. I’m sure there is some imitation vanilla that isn’t gluten free, but there certainly is plenty that is.

  14. Faye Petron says

    I love the dark fruitcake. I have my mother’s old recipe. Instead of converting it to gluten free, I tried a different method. I bought a gluten free slice cake mix, then added the fruit, raisins, nuts, and dates, all chopped to an accepted size in the amount her recipe called for. It’s worked just fine. I usually don’t ad the booze. Have not had much luck with that. I make it about the last week of October or when I can find the candied fruit In the store. I wrap it in foil and freeze it until the middle of December. Since I am the only one in my family who likes it I just slice a couple of pieces at a time and it goes back in the freezer. It makes two loaf pans. Love your recipes and cook books.

  15. Carole says

    Always made my fruitcake in mini muffin pans . Do you think this would be ok done that way? It sure looks pretty . And the ingredients are very similar to what I used except I used orange juice in it. Thought we would never have fruitcake again. My husbands going to love it and maybe it will help him gain some weight.

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Carole, I’m honestly not sure about mini muffin pans, which are a very very different size and shape. I think you could absolutely make these as miniature loaves, in mini loaf pans, and just cut back on the baking time.

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