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  1. tiffany says

    Can I use mashed RIPE bananas instead of applesauce, and omit the sugar?

    Please let me know, thank you so much!!

  2. Sally says

    5 stars
    I substituted fresh cranberries for the blueberries and added orange zest and substituted orange juice for the vanilla they are very tasty.

  3. Connie says

    4 stars
    In the written instructions, you do not mention adding the baking powder, baking soda and salt… Most of us know to add them into the dry ingredients before the wet ingredients but you might want to add that between steps 2 and 3 (would you put them in the blender or in the bowl? I added mine to the bowl before the applesauce. [By the way, I substituted banana for applesauce and they came out great].

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Oh my gosh, Connie, thank you so much for pointing that out! I’ve added those ingredients to the instructions just where you said. Thank you again!

  4. Karen says

    I made these for the second time–only this time i lost my mind and forgot to add yogurt. Surprisingly, they were still amazing!! Thank heavens as I just made a double batch!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Now that’s surprising, Karen! I mean, I like my recipes to be solid enough as to be relatively flexible, but that’s quite a difference!

  5. Naomi says

    Oh how I want some of these muffins! One question first, though: did you use sweetened or unsweetened applesauce, or does it matter?

    • Nicole Hunn says

      I always use unsweetened smooth applesauce, Naomi! You can of course use sweetened, but there’s no need. :)

  6. Nancy says

    Thank you for this recipe, Nicole. These muffins are delicious! For years I have been searching for a recipe for blueberry muffins that aren’t like cake, but taste good. This is it! I am no longer gluten free (after a year to see if my Chronic Fatigue symptoms could be misdiagnosed Celiac), but still using your recipes. Really, thank you. My husband loved them too!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      That’s exactly what this recipe is, Nancy! Muffins that aren’t cake in disguise, and actually taste good. So glad you and your husband are enjoying them—and sticking around after no longer needing to be GF. :)

  7. Milvi says

    As a greek yogurt substitution (trying to switch to plant based of late), I tried vegan mayonnaise (1:1) and aquafaba (6 tbsp of reduced af) for the egg substitution. End result was super moist muffin that was delicious! It didn’t puff up much, so next time I’ll try to whip those ‘eggs’ up a bit first. Great recipe, as always!!

  8. Diane says

    My husband is very critical. His usual comments are “I’ve had worse” or “not terrible.” But for these, as he’s stuffing another one in his mouth, “these muffins are really good!” I agree ;) Easy to make and YUMMY! Thanks again!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      That’s absolutely hysterical, Diane! That sounds like it might just be the best compliment we (together) ever got!!

  9. GF Mum says

    Hi Nicole,
    We made your banana oat muffins last week, so we had to make these to try them out. Delicious! Everyone loved them. I really appreciate a healthy muffin recipe!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Patsy, please see the ingredients and substitutions section for all the information I have on sugar replacements and other ingredients!

  10. Vivian Howard says

    Hello, Looking forward to making these. Can I use Quick Cooking Oats instead of Old Fashioned Oats?
    Or maybe oat flour since I do have some of that. If so, how much?

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Hi, Vivian, sure you can use any sort of oats, since you need them processed into a flour anyway. Just measure by weight!

  11. Heather Storey says

    Thanks for the great sounding recipe blueberry is my all time fave. I do have a challenge though as down here in Australia there is no such thing as gluten free oats – could I substitute brown rice flour or another combination? I feel that we miss out on such a lot of nice sounding American recipes. I have 3 of your recipe books and I think they’re great.

  12. Rebecca S. says

    I just made these. I didn’t have ANY blueberries, so I used chocolate chips instead. But with a healthy batter like this? I didn’t mind the added sugar. My kids loved them. Thanks for such an easy recipe. And in the blender! Mind blown.

  13. roastedroot says

    These muffins look fabulous! I feel like muffins > cupcakes any ol day, and when they’re actually healthy? Even better. I’m fantasizing about enjoying these while drinking tea on the porch…perfection!

    • Nicole Hunn says

      Yvonne, you can’t use almond milk in place of yogurt. It’s just too thin. If you need a dairy free option, try straining coconut milk yogurt until it’s the consistency of sour cream.

      • yvonne says

        Thanks. I will probably not be able to make this recipe. Somehow, no matter what kind of yogurt (coconut, almond, etc) I try , I super sensitive GI track can’t tolerate them. Still, bunches of thanks for your prompt reply. I might just use additional applesauce knowing that the taste will not be as good, but I can still make my ” quasi” goodies ;)

        • Rebecca S. says

          What about coconut milk from the can, after refrigerating overnight, grab the hardened part and then add bits of the liquid part until it’s the consistency of yogurt?

        • yvonne says

          You are so sweet to think of an alternative. the canned coconut is not tolerated. But, really THANKS!

        • Claire says

          You could try low fat cottage cheese as odd as that sounds. My aunt has trouble with fat content and she’s been using that for >15years. You’d probably have to mix it with some more applesauce to ensure the moisture content is the same or almond milk. Though cottage cheese is pretty moist.
          Hopefully you can try this alternative

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