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Gluten Free Tortillas: Make Your Own or Buy Them?

Gluten Free Tortillas: Make Your Own or Buy Them?

*ETA: I’ve reprinted the Gluten Free Flour Tortillas recipe from page 203 of my bread book, GFOAS Bakes Bread, right here on the blog! Get ready to make the best flour tortillas of your life—gluten or no gluten.

Gluten free tortillas are something I consider to be pret-ty important (wraps! burritos! quesadillas!). I been waiting to try the packaged gluten free tortillas available now, but I couldn’t find them in stores anywhere. Which means I had to order them online. Such a production! But I soldiered on, and now they’re the latest installment in our Make It Or Buy It blog series. Can you stand the suspense?![pinit]gluten free tortillas

The homemade gluten free flour tortilla I used is the version from my first cookbook (page 120). I considered it so essential to a proper gluten free life that I repeated it as a ‘bonus’ recipe in my second cookbook (page 80).

gluten free tortillas

Clearly, I dig this recipe. Don’t be mad that you have to have one of my cookbooks to get it! There’s also a recipe for whole grain gluten free flour tortillas right here on the blog.

gluten free tortillas

I use these tortillas for everything. They’re tender and even a little chewy, and they are perfect with just a little butter right out of the skillet (never had them like that? it’s reason enough to make this recipe and I know it sounds really ho-hum but that’s only because you’ve never tried it). This time, I made simple chicken fajitas with some pico de gallo. And it was glorious!

gluten free tortillas

The “buy it” version was Rudi’s plain gluten free flour tortillas. Rudi’s really got the texture just right: tender and flexible, they bend without breaking even before you heat them. Well done, Rudi. You buy them frozen, like most packaged gluten free breads, and then defrost them in the refrigerator. A quick spin in a hot cast iron skillet, and they’re good to go.

gluten free tortillas

The taste of the packaged tortillas was … pretty good. Not great, and definitely not at all bad. 8.5 about sums it up. But the cost was out of control (seriously), and the ease was, well, anything but easy. If I could find them for a better price and in a grocery store near my home, I would actually like to keep some on hand, mostly because they’re really very flexible and you can actually make a real burrito with them. But not only did I have to order them online (not uncommon for gluten free packaged products), I had to order them frozen, which meant that I had to pay crazy extra amounts for shipping. Which also meant that I felt ridiculous ordering 1 package of tortillas in a whole cooler pack. And since I couldn’t recall (or find out again without going through the entire ordering process) how much shipping was, the price below per ounce doesn’t even include the shipping cost! So the cost is a deal-breaker for me for now. If you can find these closer to you, and maybe for a better price, I say you might want to give them a try. At least they’re better than those bizarre “tortillas” they sell in Trader Joe’s that are made from 1 ingredient: rice.

gluten free tortillas

Up next in the Make It Or Buy It blog series is gluten free granola. Any other packaged gluten free products you’d like me to try and compare to the homemade version? Let me know in the comments!



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