15 Gluten Free Brownies To Rock Your World

15 Gluten Free Brownies To Rock Your World

Gluten free brownies can be made almost any texture imaginable. Whether your favorite type of rich chocolate brownie is fudgy or cakey, healthy or just plain decadent, it’s right here, in these 15 recipes to rock your world.

15 Ways to Make Gluten Free Brownies, from fudgey to cakey, flourless double chocolate, peanut butter, avocado, black bean, vegan and protein-packed. There’s a brownie recipe in here to rock your world!

There may be two dozen recipes for gluten free brownies alone here on this website. But there’s also a whole world wide web out there, and some seriously talented gluten free bloggers (and conventional bloggers, too, who know how to get gluten free done). They have developed some amazing brownie recipes that I just had to share with you.

Rich and fudgy Gluten Free Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. They taste just like the "real" thing!

Gluten Free Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. Straight out of the pages of Gluten Free Classic Snacks, these are the rich, fudgy brownies that would never ever be mistaken for chocolate cake. They taste just like the “real” thing. As with most fudgy brownies, just be sure not to overbake them.

Healthy flourless chocolate fudge protein brownies from The Big Man's World.

Healthy flourless fudge brownies. Thank you, Arman, for bringing these crazy healthy gluten free, grain free treats into the world! These brownies are made with bananas, almond butter and cocoa powder (that’s it!), and the protein-packed frosting is a sight to see. I can’t wait to give them a try.

Chocolate Peppermint Silk Brownie Bars—from Gourmande in the Kitchen

Chocolate peppermint silk brownie bars. Sylvie’s gorgeous creations are nothing short of amazing, and these peppermint silk brownies are all over Pinterest, for good reason.

Made with pecans, cocoa powder, dates, maple syrup and vanilla, they take flourless brownies to a new level. The cool peppermint mousse and chocolate ganache seal the deal.

These rich and fudgy Paleo Brownies are made with almond flour, honey, eggs and cocoa powder and dark chocolate. The perfect healthy treat!

Super fudgy Paleo brownies. When I first posted these on the blog, they absolutely exploded with popularity. They are, indeed, super fudgy, made with a base of blanched almond flour and a touch of coconut flour for stability.

Easy vegan gluten free brownies from Minimalist Baker

Easy vegan gluten free brownies. Minimalist Baker really knocked it out of the park, making gluten free brownies without any eggs.

How did she do that? Flax eggs, that’s how. Chia eggs are generally my favorite way to go egg-free, but I’m tempted to try Dana’s way, at least once.

Wholesome epic gluten free brownies. From Truffles and Trends.

Wholesome epic gluten free brownies. I can’t stop staring at these brownies. They are epic. Leah made these grain-free brownies without refined sugars, without grains, and she still made them epic.

These naturally gluten free flourless brownies are rich and fudgy, with a Paleo option, too. Made simply, with melted chocolate and cocoa powder, and topped with chocolate ganache.

Fudgy Flourless brownies. Truly flourless, these rich, fudgy brownies are my current personal favorite. They’re so rich, that you might want to slice them into small pieces.

A little goes a long, long way. There’s a Paleo option, too. Made simply, with melted chocolate and cocoa powder, and topped with chocolate ganache.

Rich fudgy flourless brownies from Life Made Simple

Rich fudgy flourless brownies. Natalie from Life Made Simple describes these beautiful brownies as “thick, chewy and incredibly rich.” Sounds good to me!

I love the crackly top, too, which is pretty amazing with no flour (she adds less than 1/4 cup of cornstarch, but I think you could probably replace that with some of my gum-free gluten free flour blend, or maybe even arrowroot).

Gluten free two bite brownies are the perfect mix of decadent brownie and rich chocolate cake. Just like the kind in the tub—but these are gluten free!

Two Bite Gluten Free Brownies. They’re the perfect mix of decadent brownie and rich chocolate cake. Just like the kind in the tub at Whole Foods—but these are gluten free. My chocolate-loving brother declares them “one bite brownies,” and I see his point.

This is the treat I make when one of my children wants me to bring “something” for them to share with their friends on a special day, like a birthday. Everyone loves them, even people who don’t love super rich chocolate desserts.

Healthy Avocado Brownies from The Healthy Maven

Healthy avocado brownies. Davida from The Healthy Maven partnered with avocado people to bring us these healthy chocolate treats. The flour-style base is coconut flour, and if you’ve ever worked with coconut flour you know how hard it is to get it just right.

Davida clearly got the job done here. I can’t wait to try her version of avocado brownies. In case you’re interested, I have my own version of avocado brownies made with a bit of gluten free flour, too.

Gluten free crunch brownies are the perfect mix of cocoa rice krispie treat and thick, rich brownie. So good!

Gluten Free Crunch Brownies. Gluten free crunch brownies are the perfect mix of cocoa rice krispie treat and thick, rich brownie. So good! Try making the rice krispie layer with Erewhon cocoa crisp rice cereal for extra chocolate flavor.

Ultimate Gluten Free Fudge Brownies. From Bakerita.

Ultimate gluten free fudge brownies. I have long admired Rachel, the Bakerita, for the amazing ways she finds to bake with protein powders. But these fudge brownies get their healthy boost from dark chocolate, almond flour and coconut oil. Just look at that fudgy texture and tell me you don’t want to grab one right off the screen!

Black bean brownies are a special kind of flourless gluten free brownie, and this amazing recipe doesn’t taste at ALL like beans. Really! Tasting is believing.

Black bean brownies. Yeah, I went there. And I’m not sorry I did! These gluten free brownies are a special kind of flourless brownie, where black beans replace any flour or powdered starch.

This amazing recipe doesn’t taste at ALL like beans. Really! Tasting is believing. And in case you’re a visual learner, I’ve created this how-to video for black bean brownies:

Coconut flour brownies from Taste and Tell Blog

Coconut flour brownies. Moist, dense and fudgy is how Deborah from Taste and Tell blog describes these special brownies from the book “Everyday Grain-Free Baking.”

I’ve been dying to try a brownie recipe that uses only coconut flour, without almond flour, and this one doesn’t even rely upon a ton of eggs like most coconut flour recipes usually do. Must try!

Flourless double chocolate brownies. From Running with Spoons

Flourless double chocolate brownies. Finally, Amanda from Running With Spoons made flourless brownies without beans, avocados or dates. Come find out how she did it. Because, um, look at that picture!

All photographs shared with permission!

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  • karen_303
    June 8, 2016 at 1:19 PM

    where to start, where to start…………… they all look amazing, i’m going to try the black bean ones first

  • Patricia
    October 25, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    These look great! I’m new to the Gluten Free world after just recently finding out I have a gluten intolerance. I have suffered with tummy aches and all the other “fun” things that come with it. Now that I have cut down on gluten I have been feeling so much better, I even have more energy and less anxiety. I would like the power to make my own gluten free things at home rather than buying gluten free products as they are hard to come by here in Alberta, Canada, and honestly some of them are not that good and cost a lot. I come from two very strong European cultures and they demand a lot of bread and pasta, etc.! So I am hoping I can get this under control and bake and make my own gluten free things. Did I mention that I’m a great cook but really suck at baking? Hah! I look forward to seeing your posts and getting your book. Quick question, are there essentials that I need in the kitchen for gluten free baking? Like common flours, etc. Any help will be appreciated, I’m surrounded by people who believe that this is just a fad, not an actual allergy, so I don’t have too much support :(

    • Donia Robinson
      October 25, 2013 at 4:31 PM

      My daughter has celiac disease, and we still don’t have much support. But trust me, this blog is very supportive. We’re here for you! best of luck in your new diet!

  • October 25, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    I’m just gonna go ahead and veto that FB veto. I LOVE pumpkin and am so glad you shared these recipes today. I know what I’m doing this weekend! :)

  • Jennifer Sasse
    October 25, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    Yummy yum yum! thanks! :)

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