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Dr. Steve is a Giant. Dr. Ruth is Not.

Dr. Steve is a Giant. Dr. Ruth is Not.

I have a crush on Dr. Steve Salvatore. Of the Dr. Steve Show. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall. And he is not interested in me.

Dr. Ruth is 4 feet 7 inches. And a dynamo.

It seems that I miss the 70’s.
Dr. Steve is “not interested” in me. It’s not stopping me, though. Just look at him.

Dr. Steve is interested in cooking gluten free together with me and my good friend Dom Alcocer this Sunday, October 30, 2011.

If you want to eat what Dr. Steve eats, the recipes are Deep Dish Pizza, Lemon Bars, and Egg in the Hole, which suddenly sounds dirty, but isn’t.

Here’s where and when to watch:

New York PIX11 Sun 6:30PM

Los Angeles KTLA Sun 1:00PM

Chicago WGN Sun 11:00AM CLTV Sun 2:00PM

Philadelphia PHL17 Sat 12:30PM

Dallas KDAF Sun 10:30AM

DC DC50 Sun 12:00PM

Houston KIAH Sun 9:00AM

Seattle KZJO (JOEtv) Sun 1:00PM

Miami WSFL Sun 1:30PM

Sacramento KTXL Sun 4:00AM

Portland KRCW Sun 1:00PM

Indianapolis WXIN Sun 5:30AM

San Diego KSWB Sat 4:30AM (Sat 1am repeat)

Hartford WCCT Sun 11:30AM

Harrisburg WPMT Sat 5:00AM

Grand Rapids WXMI Sun 4:30AM

New Orleans WNOL Sat 4:00PM

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  • I posted this on my face book page and also sent it to my celiac group. I brought your book with to the celiac meeting so they could look at it and see how great it is. but our speaker did not show so the leader asked me to talk about your book.

  • They were a little mad that I raved about the devil snack cake but i did not make it ha ha it’s a tough crowd I will be making it for the nov. meeting. Your book has helped me so much!!!

  • It does sound like a tough crowd! Glad you made it through. You sound totally empowered. That makes me so happy, you have no idea. :)

  • Peggy

    Thanks for the info…I have set my DVR to record as it will be on at 4:00 AM on Sunday in Sacramento & I plan to be sleeping at that time! Right now I’m in the process of making the Bacon Cheese Biscuits! Dough is chilling! Oven is on & heated, just waiting for my pan of biscuits!

    • Nicole

      Hi, Peggy,
      It’s always nice to hear from you. I tend to picture you knitting and baking for your grandchildren … all the time.
      Mmmm bacon biscuits. Those are so fragrant. I need to have bacon fat in my refrigerator at all times. I really hope you enjoy them.
      Yeah – the Dr. Steve Show is only recently broadcast nationally, so some of the air times are a little wacky. Don’t know what I’d do without my DVR! I hope you like the segment. I think it might be the last segment on the episode, but I’m not entirely sure, since they recorded all sorts of segments that night to have “in the can.” How do you like my TV lingo? ;)
      xoxo Nicole

      • Peggy

        Nicole, I just finished baking the bacon cheese biscuits! I inhaled 2 before they even had time to cool! So excited…SUCCESS!!! I’m taking some to the BBQ we are having for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday tomorrow IF I have any left!!!
        Looking forward to seeing you on the Dr. Steve Show! I know I will enjoy it! I was chuckling over the TV lingo!

        • Nicole

          I love how you got the first round all to yourself, Peggy! Sweet success. Happy 3rd birthday to your granddaughter! My youngest is now 6, and 3 sounds like way more than 3 years ago. So much happens in those early years. Have a great time! And you’ll have to tell me what you think of Dr. Steve. :)
          xoxo Nicole

          • Peggy

            Thank you! If he sounds as good as he looks, you may find some drooling on my message. lol

  • Darlene

    Nicole, don’t believe for a moment that Dr. Steve isn’t interested in you. He probably feared that you’d break his hearts. Giants have feelings too, you know. :)

    • Nicole

      I guess hope springs eternal, right, Darlene? And it don’t cost a thing. ;)
      xoxo Nicole

  • Hey! You did a great job on the show. Thanks for getting the word out there that GF can be easy and taste great too. I want people to like what I make and not be pulling “the face” when I say something is gluten free. Your recipes have given me the push to try so many different things. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      Hey, Stephanie,
      I hate “the face.” I am on a nonstop campaign against the face! Thanks for watching. Somehow, that makes it all a bit less embarrassing. ;)
      xoxo Nicole

  • Meridith

    My cable froze in the middle of the show. Stupid Cablevision!!! It was stuck on Kevin Sorbo for 15 minutes. Any way I can view the segment online?

    • Nicole

      Hi, Meridith,
      That’s a whole lotta Kevin Sorbo. Sounds super frustrating — and more than a little creep-tactic. Definitely you can watch the segment online. WPIX is going to post it on the Dr. Steve Show site. As soon as they do, I will embed it right here on the blog – or at the very least link to it. You deserve some Dr. Steve. He’s the antidote for an overdose of Vitamin Sorbo. ;)
      xoxo Nicole

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