Solutions for Gluten-Free Food Storage

Solutions for Gluten-Free Food Storage

Solution for gluten-free food storage diagram

I get a lot of questions about how I store gluten-free food and ingredients. Here are a few of my favorite food storage products. These are all at work, right now, in my very own kitchen. And not a one of them is a site sponsor (although there are some affiliate links):

1. Ball Freezer Jars: great for freezing liquids, for preserving flours and for all-around cold and room-temperature food storage.

2. Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers: sturdy and stain-resistant (love it!), these containers will last for years and years, and even though they don’t brag about it, Rubbermaid has a-mazing customer service and will replace their products in the blink of an eye if they break.

3. Snapware 29-cup storage container: the perfect size for storing gluten-free flour blends, bought or made in bulk (3 containers together hold a 25 pound bag of flour). I have also bought a similar container from Kohl’s made by The Food Network brand, but that one’s more expensive, so … Snapware it is.

4. freeze-tite plastic freezer wrap: This is the sort of plastic wrap that they use in delis to keep those buttered rolls fresh all morning even when they’ve been sitting around for a few hours. Look at the amazon reviews, and you’ll order it straight away!



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