I’ve been teaching how to make gluten free food since 2009. With this brand new gluten free recipe video series, I can finally show you in my own kitchen, with my own two hands and my own voice. But I need your help to make it a reality.

Please join our Kickstarter project! You can read more details over on our Kickstarter page, or let me tell you about it right here, and then hop over there to donate or just comment, share and spread the love!

I’ve been teaching how to make GF food since 2009. With this brand new gluten free recipe video series, I can finally show you in my own kitchen. Join me!

What is this video series?

This professionally produced video series is the next step after blogging, cookbooks and training courses. Let me explain.

I started this blog way back in 2009. My first cookbook followed in 2011 and has been around long enough that we’ve published the second edition! I love blogging, and I love writing cookbooks.

But my greatest joy, by far, has been connecting with the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world who have embraced gluten free diets. Though your the reasons for going gluten free may vary, one fact remains. Each of us in this amazing community is dedicated to helping each other learn how to live our best gluten free lives.

Now that I’m firmly established in the blogging and publishing worlds, I want to connect with you even further by producing an ongoing digital video series for both newcomers and old hands alike, teaching all the tricks I’ve learned over the years.

Even the hands-in-pans recipe videos that I’ve done for the blog over the last couple years (which number over 150!) just don’t cut it. We want to produce a series of ongoing learning videos, each focused on a specific gluten free recipe.

The biggest ask I get from the community is always a version of “Why is this or that step in a recipe necessary?” or “I wish I could learn to make [x].” With this video series, I can finally dive deep into the ‘why‘ and not just the ‘how‘ for everything I do.

This series goes beyond the recipe, where the real learning is. I’ve always known that each recipe assumes a certain amount of underlying knowledge that I’ve never before been able to convey. Now, I finally can!

I’ve been teaching how to make GF food since 2009. With this brand new gluten free recipe video series, I can finally show you in my own kitchen. Join me!

Who is this video series for?

I want everyone whose life touches gluten free living in any way to share my enthusiasm for gluten free food. I want to prove that, if something is “good, for gluten free,” it’s just not good enough.

This video series is for everyone and anyone, no matter your level of gluten free cooking and baking experience. If you’re a total beginner, then we need to spend some time together! I’ll convince you that you can do amazing things in the kitchen.

I often get emails from readers who tell me that they are extremely accomplished gluten free bakers but had trouble with a recipe I’ve published. I don’t doubt their experience, but I cook and bake gluten free food all day every day—and I’ve done it for nearly the last 10 years.

I still have tons to learn, but let me teach you what I’ve learned so far. Then stick with me, and I’ll continue to teach you what else I learn along the way!

I’ve been teaching how to make GF food since 2009. With this brand new gluten free recipe video series, I can finally show you in my own kitchen. Join me!

Why raise funds through Kickstarter?

My amazing team and I met a few years ago and worked together on a project for The TODAY Show. We knew we had something special, so we kept in touch. We started this series with our own money, but you’d be amazed at how much time these videos take.

Planning, prepping, shooting, editing all takes tons of time. And that’s time that we can’t spend on our other projects. The money we’re raising amounts to about $2500 per video for the series, or $10,000 a month, plus a little extra to cover all of Kickstarter’s fees and those of the credit card processing companies.

This $10,000 covers all the operating costs involved, some including ingredients, camera equipment, lighting, transportation, editing and other standard production costs. We are severely underselling our own services, but that’s our contribution to this project that we believe in so, so deeply.

If we reach our goal, we will begin rolling out the videos at the beginning of September 2018! One video will be released each week, usually Sunday morning, for either three months (the main goal) or six months (the stretch goal).  My hope is that this is the start of this ongoing series, and we’ll be able to continue it as a regular part of your learning experience moving forward.

This Kickstarter project enables us to bring these videos out to the world. Having them (and having you watch and share them) opens new ways for us to keep them going for years to come. Who knows what can happen after that.

How to help make the Kickstarter a success

We really need your support to help us make that a reality by launching them now for all to see. We can’t wait to show the world how gluten free is done, and we really can’t do it without you!

Of course, we’d love it if you would donate to help support the Kickstarter campaign. And of course there are tons of amazing rewards available for donating, even including a day cooking and baking together with me in New York City.

But even if you just don’t have any extra funds to donate, you can help by sharing this post and the Kickstarter page on social media and in emails and texts to friends and family. Most projects like ours that get funded rely upon donations by fewer than 1,000 people. That sounds very do-able, doesn’t it? But only if we work together.

I’ve been making gluten free everything since 2009. With this brand new video series, I get to show you the techniques I’ve perfected over the years for my family and invite you to cook with me in my kitchen. I can’t wait for us to get started!

Low risk, high reward

Most projects on Kickstarter are much more theoretical than this project. We’ve already created the first episode, and you can watch it right here, below. We also have two more episodes in the can plus others in progress.

The campaign is only 15 days, because we need to get started editing the additional episodes that are ready for editing and shooting others as soon as humanly possible.

Push play ▶ to watch this pilot episode

The recipe featured in our pilot episode (just below) is gluten free chocolate chip zucchini bread. It’s always been a super popular blog recipe, especially in the summertime, but this video goes beyond the recipe. It’s not even 5 minutes long, so be sure to have a look!

And please visit our Kickstarter campaign page. Donate, share, talk to people in the grocery store, and bring this community together, like you do. Let’s make this happen!

What’s next?

Now go on and check out those amazing rewards on Kickstarter. Be sure to check back on that Kickstarter page for updates on how the project is progressing.

And please ask any questions on Kickstarter about anything at all, and I’ll respond. Of course, feel free to ask questions in the comment section here, and I’ll respond here, too.

With love and gratitude,
Nicole ❤

I’ve been teaching how to make GF food since 2009. With this brand new gluten free recipe video series, I can finally show you in my own kitchen. Join me! #glutenfree #zucchinibread #learntocook #video