I’ve pulled out 6 cookie recipes from the past year that are perfect for the holiday season. Not all of them are great for packing and shipping, but they all are festive and perfect for impressing friends and family around the holidays. Because let’s face it: we bake cookies for other people so they think we’re awesome. Oh, kidding! (not really) Kidding (am I?).

Now these cookie recipes are pulled from the last year, but do not include our latest and greatest gluten free cookie recipes. They do not include our copycat Girl Scout Cookies

  More Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Here’s the 10¢ tour of these 6 recipes for gluten free Christmas cookies and why I love each of them:

The Crispiest Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: The name says it all, right? Wrong. These are so easy it’s almost shameful to take credit for them. But do it anyway! These also make the perfect cookies for crushing and pressing into a no-bake pie crust.

Gluten Free Rocky Road Cake Mix Cookies: They start with a cake mix, and finish with freeze-dried marshmallows (which are totally worth the purchase since they are a dream in your hot chocolate all winter long). Rocky road in a cookie! Serve them over melty vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm….

Gluten Free Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies: There are two amazing things about these cookies: 1. They are a dead ringer for Mrs. Fields classic chocolate chip cookies, all in a gluten free copycat recipe; and 2. No one threatened legal action against me for writing about them (it happens more than one might think these days when I do copycat recipes). Amazing!

Gluten Free Vanilla Wafer Sandwich Cookies: These are a personal favorite of mine. Thick filling in between two snappy little vanilla cookies makes me so happy.

Gluten Free Speculoos Cookies (Speculaas? Biscoff?): These weren’t a thing I even knew about, these cinnamony, snappy little vegan (No eggs! No butter!) cookies. But they had my attention when I learned that you could make them into cookie butter. What?! And they ship clear across the country perfectly.

Gluten Free Linzer Cookies: These are delicate little flowers of a cookie. Do not ship these. If you go through the trouble of making them, and making them gorgeous, invite your friends and family to come to your house, and serve them with some hot tea. But they are really authentic, and really worth it.