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Domino’s Doesn’t Owe Me A Thing

Domino’s Doesn’t Owe Me A Thing

Does it seem ridiculous that Domino’s Pizza started offering “gluten-free pizza crust” that isn’t safe for anyone with a real problem with gluten?

Yeah. It does.

Does Domino’s owe me safe gluten-free pizza made in a safely gluten-free environment?

Nope. It doesn’t. Domino’s doesn’t owe me a thing.

Am I going to vote with my feet, and stay away? I sure am. No way I’d take a chance with my son’s health.

Am I mad at Domino’s because they cheated me out of some sort of constitutional right to safe gluten-free pizza?

Nope. I’m really really not mad at Domino’s. It’s a business. They make business decisions.

Some are mad that the it’s-not-really-gluten-free-disclaimer isn’t prominent enough. But if we’re serious about staying gluten-free, we don’t take anything at face value. We read labels. We read fine print. We ask questions before you place an order, just to be sure. That’s our responsibility.

There’s a restaurant that my family and I go to sometimes. It’s mostly gluten-free, but they also have a regular menu. And I trust them, and feel comfortable there. Yet every single time we go there, I double and triple check with the waitress that all of our meals will, in fact, be gluten-free, since they also serve gluten-containing food.

I know how easy it is to mix things up in a busy kitchen. Staying safe is my responsibility.

Like we talked about last week, I’m not mad at people in my life who don’t know how to cook and bake food that is safe for my son in a safely gluten-free environment. And I’m not mad at Domino’s. I’m not offended, or hurt. I’m just sort of scratching my head that they would be so foolish as to think that they’d be celebrated for this attempt to exploit the gluten-free market.

But their business decisions are none of my business. I’d rather just make my own gluten-free pizza at home anyway. If memory serves, Domino’s makes some nasty pizza.


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