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Gluten Free Flatbreads

Gluten Free Flatbreads

**ETA: GFOAS Bakes Bread is out now, and there’s a whole chapter on Flatbreads (Chapter 7)!

Now I don’t mean to hit you over head with this straight away, but you really should pre-order Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it’s gonna be BIG, and I want you to be in on it (more horn-tooting here). In the meanwhile, I give you 8 fabulous gluten free bread recipes all in one of my favorite blog toys (clickable collage!). And it’s still summer (still?), so most of these recipes are stovetop flatbread recipes. Plus, you could totally make even the deep-dish gluten free pizza on the grill (I bet). I care about your kitchen, and not making it too hot. We’re all happier when we’re comfortable. Am I right?

[If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know the drill with the clickable collage, but just in case—hover over each photo for the recipe title, then click the picture to open a new window with that post and the entire recipe][pinit]Gluten Free Flatbreads


Here’s a 10¢ tour of these easy recipes for gluten free flatbreads (remember – the links are all above):

Gluten Free Deep Dish Chicago-Style Pizza: I’m going to try making this family favorite on the grill. Try to stop me. Will report back. Unless you stop me.

Grilled Gluten Free Pizza: I did make this gluten free pizza on the grill, and you did not stop me. Except I used the recipe from Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread (now reprinted here on the blog!).

Gluten Free Won Ton Wrappers: Won ton wrappers are dead simple to make, and no one sells a gluten free version of them for us to just buy in the refrigerated section or anything. Curses! Do they not love us? Well, we will have to love ourselves. And then make some dumplings.

Gluten Free Naan Bread: Don’t heat up the kitchen just because you want some gluten free bread! Make naan in a skillet. Make it a bit thinner, and then make a gyro.

Homemade Gluten Free Corn Tortillas: I am admittedly a little obsessed with corn tortillas. They are so simple to make, and kick the store-bought ones to the curb. I know. I did a scientific study comparing the two. In my own kitchen. Without any scientific training at all. True story.

Gluten Free Whole Grain Flour Tortillas: Corn tortillas are one thing, and flour tortillas are another thing entirely. These whole grain flour tortillas are a little chewy and a lot bendy. They don’t break when you actually use them as wraps. And they don’t cost a million bucks like the ones you can buy. Make some! And then wrap something, like a burrito. ETA: The recipe for Gluten Free Flour Tortillas from GFOAS Bakes Bread is reprinted on the blog now! 

Traditional Gluten Free Crepes: Light as a feather, these are the perfect gluten free crepes. And you can even make them, freeze them and defrost easily when you’re ready to rock and roll. So delicious, couldn’t be easier.

Gluten Free Buckwheat Crepes: Buckwheat crepes are like a nuttier, earthier super healthy version of traditional crepes. I even tell you where I find gluten free buckwheat. Important info. Great crepes.


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  • Bobbie Jo Murphy

    ty Nicole, without you gf would seem too impossible. :)

  • Donia Robinson

    I could tell there was something different about you. The kid thing explains it. We all get a little delirious (just delirious and deliriously happy) with our kids away!

  • Katie

    Just pre-ordered it! SO excited!

  • Erin

    Your deep dish pizza recipe saved me from a deep pit of despair. I’ve always wondered about grilling it, but have never tried it. I found another recipe for a thin crust GF pizza that is great on the grill, so I use that when I want grilled pizza, but my FAVORITE is your deep dish version. I had made so many gross GF pizzas and has just about given up when I decided to try that recipe and it was such a happy surprise!! Now we eat it in front of a movie about twice a month during our family nights. Thank you!

  • Roberta

    The pictures look beautiful and make my mouth water.
    Unfortunately, I have to be grain free. Can I convert any of these recipes?

    • Donia Robinson

      Hi Roberta, I’m grain free as well (but the rest of my family is just gluten free, so I make grain containing recipes for them). I don’t think Nicole’s recipes can be converted. I have found multiple recipes for grain-free flatbreads online, but they are all quite different in make-up. Most contain coconut flour, which behaves very, very different from any other grains. They also tend to contain a lot of eggs or egg whites. I would encourage you to look to other web sites for those, but stick around here because she does post a fair number of grain free recipes! Just not flatbreads. ;)

      • Roberta


  • rnorth

    is there any way to make Naan bread dairy free ??

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  • Stephanie Walp

    I just want to thank you so much for your recipes. Although many in my opinion are not cheap to make since GF flours are so expensive it has given me power back in the kitchen. I love that I know exactly what is in my celiac teenagers food. I have greatly missed baking for my family and you have helped bring back that joy

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