Bakes Bread BIG & BIGGER Giveaway!

**UPDATE**This giveaway has closed! BIG Giveaway winners will be notified shortly. And GOOD NEWS! We reached the 500 order threshold, and the BIGGER Giveaway winner will also be notified by … more »

**UPDATE**This giveaway has closed! BIG Giveaway winners will be notified shortly. And GOOD NEWS! We reached the 500 order threshold, and the BIGGER Giveaway winner will also be notified by email shortly! Thank you so much for playing along and for all your amazing support of the new book! LOVE YOU!

Bake Gluten Free Bread with Me!

Welcome to the Bakes Bread BIG & BIGGER Giveaway! BIG is the 6-quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer and the Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer and Yogurt Maker that you can enter to win today if you have either pre-ordered my new bread book or are seriously considering it (details below) (you don’t have to pre-order to win, but I really hope you do!).

Now for BIGGER: Help me reach 500 orders between now and the official publication date of Bakes Bread (December 10, 2013), and I’ll give away a day of baking with me in your kitchen!! I’ll pull the winner from these same giveaway entries. But this BIGGER giveaway (of me!) will only be triggered if there are 500 new orders placed for the bread book by 11:59 pm EST December 10, 2013. So if you haven’t pre-ordered, now is the time!! Tell your friends who are on the fence, or your relatives who are getting you the book for Christmas to go for it now instead! I’ll take planes, trains and automobiles to get to you (well, in the U.S. and Canada), and be at your disposal all day long. We’ll pick a mutually convenient day, and we can spend it baking whatever you’d like to bake from the new book! Want to invite 25 of your closest friends? Pack ‘em in! You’d rather an intimate, chatty day together? It’ll be our secret. Just promise me one thing: you’ll make some bread dough at least a few days ahead of time and have at least some of it proofing in the refrigerator before I get there. That way, we’ll at least be able to finish some bread during the day. If you want, we can stock your refrig with buckets and buckets more dough when I’m at your crib. Oh, and I’ll bring you some of my very own 1-year-old Gluten Free Wild Yeast Sourdough Mother Starter from Chapter 5 of the new bread book for you to raise as your very own!

Enter to win a 6-quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

Now for the BIG giveaway details. This part is a sure thing: enter now to win a 6-quart KitchenAid mixer and a Brod & Taylor folding proofer and yogurt maker by leaving a comment below now. Tell me that you have either already pre-ordered a copy of Bakes Bread, or are at least seriously considering it (you don’t have to order to enter, but I sure hope you will!), and tell me your BIG Bread Plans (details below). Even if you already entered the Bread Memories Giveaway (that one closes tomorrow) enter this one too! The same order qualifies you to enter every giveaway.

That mixer above? It’s the KitchenAid stand mixer of my dreams. For the time being, for me it exists only in my dreams. Since you do need a machine with a dough hook to create the smooth and stretchy dough that is a cornerstone of the Gluten Free Bread Revolution, I reached out to KitchenAid and asked if they would be willing to give away a stand mixer here. I’m not above begging for some graft for my peeps, you know? This crazy awesome stand mixer has a monstrous capacity, and the dough hook that gives all other dough hooks envy (size does matter). From the KitchenAid website: “The Professional 600™Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is perfect for heavy, dense mixtures. Burnished metal flat beater, PowerKnead™ Spiral Dough Hook and 6-wire whisk will help you mix, knead and whip ingredients into culinary masterpieces quickly and easily.” Masterpieces. Masterpieces!

Enter to win a Brod and Taylor folding bread proofer and yogurt maker!

Now for the proofer. I first wrote about the Brod & Taylor Proofer back in 2011. I was a pretty early tester, and I fell in love immediately. Head over heels. This is just what the gluten free community needed for gluten free bread. A sure thing! With Brod & Taylor’s carefully controlled temperature and humidity, you just can’t lose. Especially for creating the wild yeast sourdough starter in Chapter 5 of Bakes Bread, you almost can’t live without it. And although I don’t do this nearly enough, the proofer is also a yogurt-maker! Since you can modify the temperature in the proofer during the process, you can create a smoother, more stable yogurt than you can with a machine that only allows for a single, constant temperature. Plus, you can see above how the proofer folds flat for easy storage. I keep it tucked away on the side of a cabinet, and never hesitate to set it up whenever I have the need.

So enter today in the BIG giveaway to win the mixer and proofer, and help me reach 500 orders between now and December 10, 2013 (the official publication date of the new book!) and the BIGGER giveaway will be triggered!

Prep time: a few minutes       Cook time: none!

Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread Pre-Order

Proof of purchase (or pinky swear that you pre-ordered or are at least seriously considering it)

BIG Bread Plans: What will you make first? (see below)

Blog Comment about bread plans

  • Place a pre-order for your copy of Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread (Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore pre-orders are great too!), or at least review the description and seriously consider it. Enter here even if you already entered the Bread Memories Giveaway!

  • Post your order number, or just a pinky swear that you pre-ordered or are seriously considering pre-ordering the book in the comment section on this blog post. And, in the same comment, tell us about your BIG Bread Plans (defined in next step). Multiple pre-ordered copies will qualify you for more than one entry. Just post multiple Bread Plans! Please note that if you don’t at least promise promise promise that you are at least thinking about ordering a copy of the new bread book, your entry in the contest won’t count! You don’t have to order a copy to enter, but I sure hope you will!

  • Your BIG Bread Plans should be the gluten free bread recipe from the new book that you plan to make first! See the Table of Contents for the book here. Tell us your plans, along with your proof of purchase (or pinky-swear that you pre-ordered or are considering it), and you’ll be entered into this, the BIG Bread Plans Giveaway. Be sure to include a valid email address in the email field so that we can contact you to let you know that you have won!

  • Prizes! The Grand Prize Package will be awarded to one (1) lucky winner. It includes the 6-quart KitchenAid mixer pictured above, courtesy of KitchenAid, the Brod & Taylor bread proofer and yogurt maker pictured above, courtesy of Brod & Taylor, plus a signed copy of Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread. Three (3) more winners will be selected to receive a free copy of Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread.

  • Terms and Disclosures! The BIG giveaway will close at 11:59 pm EST December 10, 2013. Random winners will be selected soon thereafter through and will be notified by email. One entry per pre-order. The grand prize may be awarded to a resident of the USA ONLY (sorry – not Canada, and not my rules!). My publisher is supplying the cookbooks free of charge, though, and will mail the 3 second-prize winners’ book directly to them in the USA and Canada. KitchenAid is providing the mixer directly to the winner free of charge, and Brod & Taylor is providing the proofer to the winner free of charge.

  • BIGGER Giveaway: If, according to numbers provided to me by my publisher, there are 500 pre-orders placed for (and purchases made of) Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread between now and the end of the day EST December 10, 2013, I will draw another random winner from the same entries on this post. I will come visit that winner at his or her home on a mutually agreed upon date in the USA or Canada, and we will spend the day baking gluten free bread together from the new book! The winner can pack in as many friends and relatives as she likes to join us (or go it alone, that’s okay too), but must agree to prepare some gluten free bread dough ahead of time to have rising in the refrigerator for us to bake on our Day of Baking. I will also bring some of my 1-year-old gluten free wild yeast Mother Starter from the book for you to keep and grow as your very own!



P.S. This is all so very exciting, every last bit of it. But my personal most favorite part? The BIGGER giveaway! I can’t wait to bake with you, so please help me reach 500 copies sold over the next couple weeks! We can do it!!

  • Gluten free x3

    Can’t wait to try the cinnamon rolls, they are a big holiday favorite for us for Christmas and new years mornings! With 3 gluten free in the house I have been scratching my head about how to make them, I ordered my copy back in October.

  • Emily Mailliard

    Several things here, including Bakes Bread, are on my wish list :)

  • ann

    I pre-ordered the book weeks ago. So, so ready for soft white sandwich bread. I missed a whole summer of tomato sandwiches because I couldn’t find decent gf sandwich bread that didn’t disintegrate under the onslaught of a juicy tomato.

  • Wendy

    Seriously considering ordering!

  • Carol Sampson

    I pinky swear that I preordered back in August! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the book and once I do I’ll have a hard time choosing which recipe to try first . I’ll either try them in order or close my eyes and touch the book to choose the first one. I’m also hosting the family at Christmas, and I predict there will be LOTS of bread on the table for folks to choose from, even the gluten eaters.

  • Jenn Compton

    Ordering my book today! Our family lives on your recipes!!!

  • Lauren F

    I am a law student living on a very low budget. I live off of loans and
    am over a hundred thousand in debt already. I cannot afford to buy the
    book BUT I have only asked for two things for Christmas this year (so
    far) and this is one. Or, if I get money for Christmas I will buy this
    book. I absolutely love to bake. In the stress of law school it truly is
    a great stress relief. I do not have a mixer or a bread maker. I plan to make Cinnamon Sticky Buns. The thing I miss most before being gluten free is my aunt’s Extreme Cinnamon Orange Zest Swirl Bread. I absolutely love it toasted with melted butter. Mmm. I would love to make this myself at home with this bread maker and bread recipe book! I would be absolutely thrilled if I won this and I am seriously considering buying this book! I would love to have a mixer so I can continue my baking :)

  • Linda

    I have told everyone in my family that I want this book for Christmas! If I don’t get it as a gift I will absolutely be buying it!

  • Janet Morrissey

    I’ll have to pinky swear that it was pre-ordered from Amazon. I’m too scared to chance putting personal info up for everyone to see. It was pre-ordered from Amazon.

  • Linda Vanderbaan

    I think I’m going for pizza – but I like Carol’s idea of picking randomly!
    Order # 702-3444071-1101014
    I have the whey protein and the Expandex tapioca – just need time… :)
    ps oooh, Ann – yum, tomato sandwiches…

  • Linda

    My BIG Plans…oh my! Thick crust pizza…cream puffs… cinnamon sugar french toast…my mouth is watering just thinking about all the goodness!

  • Codi

    I really want this book and I plan to make the cinnamon swirl bread first thing! I think it would make great French toast, which I have been sorely missing since being diagnosed with celiac disease!

  • Michelle K

    I do promise promise promise that I’m planning on ordering the book because I want to make focaccia! We Lived in Italy for 2 years and I fell in love with the focaccia that we would buy from one of the restaurants.

  • Laurel

    Nicole, you have been our savior since our son was diagnosed at age 6! Thanks to you and your first two books, he has homemade GF pizza and cupcakes for every birthday party and yummy GF pumpkin pie and apple crisp at Thanksgiving, and we can’t wait to add more yummy breads to the list we already make (I am a huge fan of your brown bread!). Of course I have pre-ordered a copy of your new book for our house and one for my mother as well!

  • Candice

    So exciting!!!! So glad I preordered! My info is in the previous giveaway:)
    My first big bread plan is to make soft hot dog buns for my little GF girl who wants her hot dog to have a bun that’s soft like her sister’s. Second would be the soft hamburger buns because those frozen ones just don’t cut it!!

    I hope you get to travel to someone’s home! What a treat for all of us to hear about your day together and for you to meet a fan and enjoy the day with someone who’s life you’ve affected!

  • Amy

    My 11 year old celiac daughter misses good bread more than anything! We’ve tried to make several gf breads over the last couple of years and none have been that great. I’ll be ordering your new gf bread book! :)

  • Kristin Earl Lyman

    So looking forward to everything in this book but especially the cinnamon rolls!! Just sent the link to Santa with a note that says, “Order this today!” Hopefully he will get the hint :) Thanks for all you do for the gluten-frees of the world!!

  • Jennifer

    *Super Pinky Swear* your book is the first order that comes with my next paycheck! I plan to make some amazing hamburger buns that aren’t so crumbly and dry they fall apart at the first bite :)

  • Jess Ica D

    I’m new to your blog and I already love it! It’s our family’s choice to be a little more gluten free in our lives and you totally help with that. I have not pre-ordered your book yet but gosh darn I will. I LOVE bread and now I’ll be able to make it gluten free! So excited. I think the first thing I’d make would be the chocolate bread. MMM so tasty!

  • LeAnn

    I will be preordering.I had it in my wishlist. I think it is the time to move it. I love bread. And before going gluten free that is what I was known for. I can’t wait to try the recipes.

  • Jean E.

    Order #106-5708947-3924224
    Hot cross buns! I had never tried them until I was married and my mother in law makes bread that is to die for-especially hot cross buns! My whole family would enjoy them and maybe we could play a little song….

  • KarenW

    I am really considering buying this cookbook but I first want to put it at the top of my xmas list and see if Santa delivers! Your recipes look yummy!!

  • Jen Jennings Shaud

    I pinky swear to order it. I love Ciabatta! I think the pizza crust and focaccia also sound amazing !

  • Alexis Salerno

    Hi Nicole! I pre-ordered back in May. Bread plans — I have so many. I might start with ciabatta and then Panettone for Christmas, both of which I have missed for 5 1/2 years! I can’t wait to get my book. :-)

  • Sarah

    I’ve pre-ordered the book (Amazon #107-5404882-7115411) and have Expandex on the way and looking for a smaller (and cheaper) package of whey protein isolate. Then I’ll be set. First thing – lean crusty whole grain bread (page 55). We used almost an entire loaf of store-bought GF bread on grilled cheese this weekend and it’s way too expensive (even with coupons and sales). Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jamie V

    I am planning on ordering the book after I get paid on the first of the month. I have been experimenting with gluten free cooking for a while and have many, many recipes that I want to try with a new mixer!!! My family is getting better with my gluten free recipes and actually complimenting me on them!

  • Amy P

    Ordered months ago on Amazon-they keep delaying the shipment-Aghh! Can’t wait to get it and try some new bread recipes!! I’ve tried to do sourdough starter a couple times, and it has molded each time. Maybe the bread proofer would help with that :)

  • Kimberly Kipp

    I am most definitely pre ordering the book. We are a family of 6 (3 g-free) and the food budget is tight. To save money and bake healthier I make 99% from scratch. “Gluten free on a Shoestring” is my go to book. The “quick and Easy” one should get here today. I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Katie

    I preordered!
    Amazon Order #104-7991853-1405012
    Placed on Saturday, November 16, 2013

    I have been gluten free for 2 years but never made gluten free bread so I am excited about all the recipes. I also picked up your first cookbook so I am excited to use that pizza dough recipe this weekend.

  • Becky de Domingo

    I love your books and pinky swear to think about buying this one too. All if your recipes are SOOO yummy!

  • Dot

    Hi Nicole, I’m definitely doing the pumpernickel bread! I ordered the whey protein isolate and the Expandex just arrived yesterday! Now just waiting for the book to arrive pre-ordered from Amazon (pinky swear!)

  • Amy Letzkus

    I have baught all of your books … just waiting for this payday to pre-order this one too! LOVE LOVE LOVE every recipe I have tried of yours and swear by them when ANYONE asks how I made it takes “normal” LOL Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to all of your recipes … here on the blog AND in your books!!!!

  • Melissa Williams Hoskins

    Planning to order soon. Since youngest had to go g-free, I miss bread most of all. And she snubs her nose at most of the bread off the shelves at the grocery store.

  • Lauren

    On my Christmas list, and if I do not receive it I pinky promise I will buy it for myself! Can’t wait to make pretzel bread and bagels :) Thank you for all that you do!

  • Richard A Schmitt

    108-1324564-5913008 is my order number that I placed when it first was able to hit Amazon! Really looking forward to making some English Muffins from page 118 and the cherished Thanksgiving side item of Crescent Rolls from page 162
    I have Prime, so I am hoping to receive it before Thanksgiving! I do have whey isolate but I don’t believe it is a proper type and definitely need Expandex. Thank you truly Nicole for all that you do, your blog has been very insightful for me, and believe me when I say that your hard work is truly appreciated !

  • Anneke

    Preorder already done (fancy screen shot is on the other giveaway!) and I’ll make sure my peeps get their preorders in soon, too! Very excited about No Rye Rye, but will probably jump on the English Muffin Bread first. My mom always made that when I was growing up, and I love it!

    • Jennifer Sasse

      yes – I love English muffin bread!

  • Sara Fink

    I am super excited for your new book…just pre-ordered. (002-7615866-6645050)
    3 of my children were diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 2 years ago and your blog and books have been a go-to for great recipes. Everyone that I have tried has been a great success! My big bread plans? EVERYTHING in the book. LOL I would probably start with the buns. Hot dog buns and hamburger buns have been one of the big things “missing” for my kids. I have yet to recreate an acceptable replacement. Thanks so much for all of your help (recipes, tips, etc.) and for this awesome giveaway!

  • AmandaM

    Order #102-5700788-7214667 through Amazon. I ordered back on September 1st. Have to say, I’m looking forward to the tortilla and naan recipes because I haven’t had these items for almost 3 years. My prior attempts have failed miserably. Considering that they are regulars in my family, I would just like to sit at the table again and feel normal.

  • Heather Tunison

    I already have your first two books and am begging my family for the latest one for Christmas, so I pinky swear that if I don’t get it as a Christmas gift, I will go out and buy it right after! :) Ohh my bread plans…Hmmm the dreams are endless! Pitas, oh how I love Greek food. I can’t remember the last time that I ate a pita! Ohh and what is the sweet potato bread? You have me intrigued. It sounds absolutely perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner. While I would absolutely love having the kitchenaid (who wouldn’t) having you in my home with me cooking amazing recipes would be a dream come true! Crossing my fingers for this one! And thanks so much for offering!!

  • Angela Stone

    Order# 002-4071190-4471443 from Amazon…I pre-ordered in July! I’m dreaming of yummy tasting GF/DF and preferably egg free loaves of bread. I can make rolls but I want loaves. Perfect and beautiful loaves which I struggle to get right. I have great hope here. I know I should go get those bun pans b/c man that would be nice too. I’m excited to make your bread flour recipe and see how it is different. So sandwich bread, that is my big dream!

  • Cinji

    Already preordered and own all of your books. My bread making goal is to make a decent loaf of “real” bread. I have failed over and over again. I would like to eat a piece of bread that tastes like bread.

  • Sasha Farnsworth

    I ordered already! Order number is 113-4764734-9240215.
    I’m looking forward to making cream puffs, crepes and cresent rolls!

  • Emily Sweet

    I’m definitely going to pre-order your book! Pinky swear! The table of contents is jam-packed full of so many things that I’m dying to make. My 6-year-old has been saying lately that he’d love for me to make meatball subs someday, so your meatball subs will be the first thing I’ll make.

  • April

    Love your recipes & cookbooks!

  • Robin M.

    Hi! I definitely plan to order your book, and then give it to my mom to have her give back to me for the holidays. :) I am new to the whole gluten-free lifestyle (month and a half gluten (and dairy) free), and while I do like a particular brand of bread from the store, I would love to learn how to make my own. Based on the recipes in the book, there are so many to choose from! I think the basic sourdough would be first, followed by the pumpernickel bagels and the sweet potato bread. But they all sound so delish!

  • TwinMama+1

    I pre-ordered it as a Christmas gift to our whole family. I’m tired of buying GF bread and missing out on pastry in the morning!! order # on amazon 109-7181384-7547439. I can’t wait to make Monkey Bread!!!!!

  • Lindsay S

    Hi! I ordered your book a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to get it and start making the bread. I am intolerant to gluten, have been for three year, and I miss real bread. Anything I have made has been very tasty. I can’t wait to make a baguette and bagels! Thanks for creating this book!

  • ErikaR

    So excited! My order is: Order# 115-6007638-8160234. The big plans I have involve cinnamon. 1)cinnamon sticky buns 2) cinnamon rolls 3) cinnamon swirl bread. My grandparents used to make cinnamon rolls every Saturday morning with their church friends and they were Heavenly!!!
    Confession time: my bread skills are somewhat nonexistent so I will be helped quite a bit by a visit from you, Nicole. I have asked for a food scale for Christmas. Yay!

  • Lisa W

    Woo hoo, placed my order back in April from Amazon.
    (order# 112-1405946-8401856)

  • Carol Hewitt Sears

    I will be ordering your book, I promise. I definitely need a bread recipe that I can say I love. Just some good sandwich bread would have me smiling. I smile just thinking about good bread.

  • Linda

    I just pre-ordered on Amazon, order #116-7355038-9501868.

    My plans are endless…..but I will probably start with a baguette. My 11 year old Celiac daughter (gf since April ’13) misses chicken noodles soup with a baguette at Panera most of all. The soup I can do, but my first attempt at a baguette was a total flop. I could have competed with Ellie Mae Clampett’s biscuits! I would ADORE the really big prize – please come cook with me and my gf friends!

  • Cheryl Thomas

    I will be pre-ordering my copy at my local BAM this weekend. I can’t wait to unwrap it for Christmas (a gift to my self that I might not actually wrap, LOL). I’ll probably try the basic sourdough bread first but the brown butter sage cornbread muffins sound delish as does everything else. Count me in, I can’t wait to did deeper into the Gluten-Free baking and this book looks like the best place to start!

  • Stephanie Walker

    I have your first cookbook and LOVE it. I am really going to order the bread cookbook. I was not a baker before going gf and baking gf scares me. My daughter has a scale (I see you recommend weighing flours) I would love any surprise from you. I appreciate all you do.

  • Cynthia Coulter

    Order Number: 115-1909485-5021856
    Estimated delivery: Dec. 12, 2013
    My birthday is on December 10 so I’ll consider this a birthday present to me. I plan to retire next year and look forward to baking bread. I love breads with chewy crusts and soft insides, so French bread and baguettes would come first, but you won’t stop me once I get started. We will also move to a new house next year with a wonderful kitchen and I’ll have room to bake!!!!!

  • Jennica

    Hi Nicole! I went to pre-order, but Barnes and Noble doesn’t offer as a Nook Book yet, so I requested it from your publisher, does that count? I hope so! I’ll keep an eye out for it in Nook format, and if it’s not there or under my tree at Christmas, I will have to order the paperback version. You had me at Philly Cheesesteaks and raised donuts though- I haven’t had either in several years, and have been craving both lately! But then again, the cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls would be divine as well. Oh the decisions! Thank you for all that you do for the GF community, I love your recipes!

  • Erin Lowery Baerwaldt

    Order #103-3636868-8022640…. The Olive Garden style breadsticks are for sure on my big bread plans. Gosh i miss those soft, warm, buttery and garlicky little sticks of heaven! I can’t wait for the book to get here!!!! There are so many things i want to try!

  • Sandy Smith

    Baking Gluten Free Bread from scratch is something that I have putting off since I started eating gluten free, and ironically, it is the one thing I love and crave the most! I look forward to learning how with your new cookbook and a new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer would be a wonderful help!

  • Sarah

    Amazon order number #113-4752689-4532256

    My first recipe will definitely be the THICK crust pizza or sourdough bread. I have been missing my fluffy pizza since being GF. And sourdough… that was my favorite sandwich bread and I am very excited to be able to make GF version. But really…. pick any one of the recipes and I would be a happy girl!

  • Sarah L.M.

    I don’t have an order number because I’ve asked for the Bakes Bread book for Christmas as I’ve just finished my master’s and money is short – but I know my mother will deliver :)
    My Big Bread Plans are as follows: olive bread first, as that one is an old favourite of my partner who agreed to go gluten free when he moved in with me, followed by potato bread, for the same reason. My favourite part of baking gluten free is sharing and seeing his face when he loves it and doesn’t miss the gluten at all!

    In case it doesn’t come through, my email is [email protected] :)

  • Donia Robinson

    Buns. Must have buns!

    • Jennifer Sasse

      and more buns! :)

  • Melissa Welty

    Order #104-1538076-5613807. Hey Nicole! I really just want to make sandwich bread so my boy can eat sandwiches like every other kid at school, but that Chicago Style Pizza Crust looks good too!That Kitchen Aid makes me drool. I have one that has been with me for about 10 years, it’s the smaller version.

  • Patricia U.

    I pinky swear that my Christmas gift to myself will be to order your book. The timing just isn’t great since I have to save for the kids Christmas gifts first, but as soon as I am done their shopping, this is the first thing I am buying for myself.
    My big bread plans…..everything cinnamon!!! Cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, cinnamon french toast….

  • Tricia

    I cannot wait to receive the cookbook! It’s been pre-ordered for a while now and am anxiously waiting for the shipment from Amazon. I cannot wait to make bagels and pretzel bread. These are some of the things I miss most since going GF.

  • Tammy

    I pre-ordered my cookbook last week at Amazon and am looking forward to the release date. I have had so many issues with baking gluten free bread and am hoping this is the revolution I am searching for!

  • Laura

    Grilled cheese panini….it’s the simple things!! And garlic knots-yum!!!!

  • K. Shaw

    I’ve already pre-ordered your book and I plan to pre-order another for my sister. I can’t wait until it arrives! I’m really excited to bake oatmeal bread and bagels first, but I kind of want to try everything. I’ve been GF since 1991 and I’m so happy that it’s gotten so much easier to bake gluten free, ingredients are much more available now than they were in the past. Thanks for the book, can’t wait to start baking!!

  • SueBee2

    I need help finding a good tasting gf bread. So far yuck. I am new to gf since May, so I can still remember the taste of the real thing.

  • Deverie

    I pinky promise I pre-ordered on Amazon…order # ***-*******-1377805. First couple of recipes on my bread plan are bagels and Hawaiian sweet bread! Can’t wait!! Please contact via facebook message if I win. Deverie N Jerry Gallegos

  • Mary

    After looking at the table of contents, I will request this as my Christmas present from my niece! My goodness, what a great lineup. I’m looking forward to seeing it under the tree.

    I am especially interested in the sourdough loaves as those are one thing that I really really miss in the 13 years since I was diagnosed with celiac sprue.

  • Joan

    If Santa does not bring me the book, Mrs. Claus will :) Hands down on baking agenda, Hawaiian rolls!!!!!

  • John

    I have already entered for the other prize, but would be crazy not to enter for this one. I have already pre ordered my copy from amazon and the shipping date has been changed twice. Oh, how I wait. Would love to win the prizes. Then I could make twice as much bread at one time.

    • John

      update: have the book, now I am just waiting for the expandex and protein isolate to arrive.

  • Maryann Jordan

    Your book is on my Amazon wish list! The first thing I will make is bagels, followed closely by bialys. I miss my New York breakfast breads sooooooo much!

  • Miranda_Echo

    Can’t wait to try the recipe for thick crust pizza!! So many gluten free crusts are meant for a thinner, cracker crust. Can’t wait to try this one! (And everything else in this book, feels like I’ve been waiting forever!)

  • Kate Willson

    My mother, a retired English teacher, asks for lists from family members for what they want for the holidays; the rule is there must be a handful of books at the top of the list! I have submitted my request for your book and am most excited to turn to page 246 first and try the Irish soda bread first! It’s one of the things I miss most from my pre-GF days and one that has been hardest to find done well since. Thanks for putting the book out and for doing such great giveaways!

  • Melanie Turner

    Hey Nicole, I have already added your new book to my Amazon shopping cart … just waiting for a couple more items before I hit the “send” button … I can’t wait to get this book!

  • Dee Fedor

    I would so love to make your Monkey Bread for Christmas morning. I Love your recipes, and have made and pinned many. I really want your newest cookbook!

  • Elizabeth

    It’s the top of my Christmas list and I am lusting after it… is that enough? After my ham soup story from my bread memories the first things I would try would be the Pain au Levain or the rolls so I could share them with my hubby while eating the soup. Oh I really, really hope I win!!!

  • Jennica

    Popped this book into my cart! My three children, as well as myself, are all celiac…….making bread is a must! A teenage boy and a preteen boy are eating us out of house and home!!

  • Michelle Beck

    Hi Nicole! I pre-ordered my book a few months ago, and can’t wait to get it! I think the first thing I will make is the cinnamon swirl bread, but I may add some raisins because I miss having Sunmaid’s bread this time of year. I am also really looking forward to the sandwich rolls, pizza crust and English muffins you have been teasing us with!

    • Linda Vanderbaan

      Ooh – yes, I loved that cinnamon raisin bread too! Thanks for reminding me..

  • gulabjamen

    Order number 102-1101638-9105029 and I can’t wait to make the olive bread! or maybe the chocolate bread . . . . can’t decide :-) Might just have to make both at the same time!

  • Jennifer Sasse

    Here is my proof that came in the latest update email: the order you placed on May 13, 2013 (Order# 108-6179994-9575445). Did you see that – MAY !! :)
    I plan on making the lean crusty white bread and the lean crusty whole grain bread – because I think I for surely asked for the whole grain stuff – so also the whole grain baguettes. I’m also dying for naan and want to try the new bagel recipe.
    So excited for all of this and excited for you! Great job kiddo!

  • Janet M

    I would love to have ALL your cookbooks, not just the bread book. I currently only have a 25 year old stand mixer, so I need (knead) the Kitchen Aid mixer in order to make bread.

  • Viola

    Cinnamon rolls! My family’s Christmas traditions include cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and now that I’m gluten-free I get left out :( So I’ll make yours, and trick them into joining me :)

    I have two of your books on my shelf already; looks like it’s time for 3!

    • Jennifer Sasse

      make the pumpkin ones that were posted a few weeks ago – they are TO DIE FOR!

  • Christy

    I have your other cookbooks and planned to pre-order this one, but my husband made me swear to let him buy it as Christmas gift. He promised that it’s been ordered already.

    I want to try the potato bread or the yeast raised donuts first, but I might have to go with one of the sourdough breads, like hawaiian rolls. On top of my gluten intolerance, my daughter has severe fructose malabsorption so we have to modify many recipes for her. Sourdough breads tend to be easier for FM kids.

  • Laurie Henderson

    Hi, you gluten-free doll, you! When I found you on the ole’net I immediately ordered all of your books (I’m an all-in kind of gal!). I’ve been looking forward to receiving my pre-ordered copy of your latest book! Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 8 years ago I’ve spent more time just being resolved to do without in most cases. After all, all I had to do to stay healthy was to not put something in my mouth and, voila!, I was well. Hoping to still enjoy things like bread, tortillas, cake, etc. became a thing of the past. I put on my “big-girl” panties and just dealt with it. Finding your blog changed quite a lot of things for me. Suddenly, I was baking again (something my family will be eternally grateful to you for facilitating!)
    When my #6 blessing (of 7…not a typo!) was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease (at least he got my long eyelashes, too!) I realized that I had to get back into the kitchen. I mean, it’s one thing for me to do without but a 10 year old?!? No way. Not on my watch. Searching for recipes to help make his new life closer to normal, I came across your blog. Your humor, dedication, and delicious recipes won me over. I ordered everything you had (or had in production!) and got back on the saddle/in the kitchen. Suddenly, my efforts matched with your brilliance and research made for one happy 10-year-old. The smile on his face when I presented him with “our” creations was priceless. (I shamelessly work for smiles and hugs!) Thank you for sharing your talent and dedication with us. You are a treasure!

  • Lacey

    I pre-ordered my book in October (Order #106-0837973-3390642). Cinnamon Sticky Buns and Garlic Knots are on my list of what to bake first. I am very excited for my book to arrive!

  • Debknits

    Pre-ordered my book
    June 19, 2013 order # 105-5041022-3324201. Love Cinnamon Sticky buns! Cannot wait for the book. Big Bread Plans: Wild Yeast Sourdough! I am asking my niece who lives in San Francisco to do this for me in hopes of capturing some of those unique SF year beats.

  • Adaptagirl

    Thank you, Nicole for yet another exciting giveaway. That’s the mixer of my dreams as well. And the Brod & Taylor proofer would be such a help. I honestly don’t have a lot of kitchen stuff as I am on SSI and live in subsidized housing, so I’m doing gluten-free on a very short shoe string at the moment.

    My order number is 108-7192773-1300224 and I look forward to getting my copy of the book

    My Big Bread Plans
    I am torn between two, and a lot depends on the timing of when I receive my order. As I posted in the Bread Memories entry, I was known for my oatmeal bread (yeast bread), so when I saw that your book contains a recipe for Oatmeal Bread on page 67, I thought that would be a no-brainer that this must be the first. And then I saw that you have a recipe in there for Cinnamon Rolls on page 166. And cinnamon rolls are a tradition for Christmas morning in our family, So that is very tempting, too. Hm… decisions decisions.

  • Tracy S.

    I pre orderd my book:) Order place October 31, 2013, Order #112-5352883-8240248:) I have the first two books and cant wait for this one. There are so may items I want to make at once but the one I truly want first is the soft style olive garden butter bread sticks! As soon as I heard that was in the book I was sold! After that the cinnamon sticky buns:) Cant wait!!!!

  • Kimmy Dawn Cox Wright

    So I haven’t pre-ordered the book do to promising my husband I would wait till after Christmas in case he “decides” to get it for me for Christmas. I hope I can wait that long. My first plan is to make the cinnamon rolls. I LOVE cinnamon rolls and worked at a bakery before I was diagnosed with Celiac making them. I have tried a few times to make them since, but the results have been disappointing. I can’t wait to introduce my 2 celiac kids to the love of baking that I use to have. We have started with your first 2 cookbooks, but nothing replaces the smell of fresh bread!

  • Wendy Castleman

    I just preordered your new book, and love the other ones! My favorite previous recipe is the flour tortillas, because I had missed them so much!
    My big bread plans are for the soft white sandwich bread and the sourdough bread, although that makes me nervous!! I spend WAY too much on storebought gf bread and need to transition to making my own. My preorder number is 107-5266536-0441865.

  • Lynn A. Decker

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE this combo – I was just telling my sister that she desperately needs a stand mixer, and I’ve been planning on when I’ll have some room in my budget. My dream is to attempt a real loaf of yeast bread. I’ve always been a little intimidated by yeast bread. And then English muffins. And then… the WORLD! :) My pre-order number is 108-5530071-4263409.

  • flyingrayson

    I have totally pre-ordered by book and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival!!!
    (p.s. – I put the wrong order number in my last post, sorry about that)
    My amazon order number is 114-8363097-6353040

    My very first recipe will be the sourdough starter. I remember back when I was very young my father and I had a sourdough starter that we maintained for several years. It was our special tradition, however, once I was diagnosed with Celiac we let it die. He has since passed away but I know that this holiday that getting the tradition going again will be very special for the rest of my family.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win all sorts of fun stuff, but most importantly for all the time, effort, and love that you clearly put into the blog and the books. It is deeply appreciated!

  • Emily Howe

    Nicole – long time follower, pre-orderer of bread book, and very challenged baker. Today’s BIGGER giveaway fills me with hope. I have been celiac for 5 years (silent celiac even, I don’t get any noticeable benefits to eating this way!) and I am a bread lover. Not a bread connoisseur, just a lover of soft fluffy white sandwich bread. BC (Before Celiac) I used to eat almost a loaf a day. Not kidding. Toast, sandwiches, reasons to get my favorites spreads into my belly. I miss that kind of bread so much it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the comfort I’m missing out on. Then I find you. Hallelujah!!!! And I do everything you say. Better Batter. Brod & Taylor Proofer. Everything thing I can get my Canadian hands on to mimic everything you use. But alas, there is no rise. :( I am left with a brick, club, pucks, you name it each week I attempt to make bread. I don’t know how many different types of yeast I’ve tried, flour blends, types of room temp (all the different rooms in my house!) ingredients, microwave proofing tricks, ice cubes in the oven tricks. Now I know what I’m missing… it’s YOU!! If I get the chance to have you come to my humble abode, you will be treated with royalty like the Bread Queen you are! Together I hope we can put to rest the tears, pain, and shame of bread baking I have attempted up to this point. And if I don’t get the chance, I’m CERTAIN your new book will have amazing tidbits of information that will blow my mind and lead me in a bread baking revolution!

  • Megan Maclean

    So exciting! The book is at the top of my christmas list with instructions not to move down the list until the first thing is crossed off. I’m looking forward to the sandwich bread and buns for my little guy :) and the whole grain bread too.

  • Mischa Koster

    I just preordered my book! #103-2389460-9821861! I can’t wait! I am so excited to get to baking breads… but what I’m really looking forward to are SOFT PRETZELS!!! with melted cheese… no salt. yummy!!! :) then onto the wonderfully soft breads that are just hard to find… and not nearly as good as homemade! so super excited about this book! i hope i get the other ones for christmas!!! :)

  • Nichole Boyd

    I have asked for your book for Christmas so hopefully my husband has preordered! Either way I will be getting a copy! I cannot wait to try the crescent rolls! This is our first year of gluten free and I can’t imagine Christmas dinner without crescent rolls.

  • Michal Gerard

    I pre-ordered my book over the weekend, and can’t wait to receive it. Love the blog – you make me smile every day, Nicole. Thank you!

  • Christy Byrd

    I am so eager to pre-order this book. I did send an email question, just waiting on an answer before I order. My 11 year old and myself were just celiac diagnosed. My mom has had it for years. School lunches are the worst, and we don’t like any of the bread in stores in Mississippi. She and I cook all the time together out of your two previous cookbooks and anxiously await this one. Sooo excited. There is a digital cooking scale on my Christmas list.

  • Laura

    I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon!! Can’t wait to get it. I love your cookbooks, and I have recommended them to my GF friends and family members on my GF Facebook page!! Can’t wait to get baking!! Thanks for all you do!! :)

  • Jane Vaughn Paul Spies

    I pre-ordered your new Bakes Bread cookbook many months ago. I already have your other 2 cookbooks and I love them!

  • penflorida

    If I entered last time you posted the contest, am I still in? Or do I need to enter again?

  • Jo Jo Elizabeth Bakewell

    Omgosh! I have to win this! The book is on my Christmas list, but I may have to order ahead of time! Taking care of my folks, and just recently realized we’re gluten sensitive! This would absolutely make my whole year! :’)

    • Lori Nevers

      Jo Jo, hi dear heart! I wish you a positive and happy outcome! In other words…I HOPE YOU WIN! YIPPY!!!!! ((( ;
      GODSPEED!!! ♥♥♥
      Love ya!
      Lori Nevers

  • rhonda creasser

    I do not have the book yet but it is on my wish list. I have your other two books and love them. I would have to try sour dough bread and cinnamon rolls.

  • Stephanie

    I haven’t preordered your latest book yet because it’s on my christmas list and my husband PROMISES that he is ordering it for me for christmas. The first thing I want to make is english muffins. I LOVE eggs benedict, and haven’t had the whole dish since going gluten free. My hubby got me english muffin rings last year and i have yet to use them (having adopted a newborn has put a damper on my baking the past 18 months) – so this will be my first endeavor after christmas!!

  • Cathleen Preslar- Hawks

    I pre-ordered back in August! Can’t wait to see all those great new recipes.

  • Autumn

    I pre-ordered you book already, and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. There are so many wonderful recipes in it, I don’t know what I will make first! Some of the firsts will be Parker House Rolls, Pizza, and the Soft Olive Garden-Style garlic Butter Breadsticks. I am very excited about having fresh baked bread that tastes like it is from a delicious bakery. I plan on going through and making each recipe in the cookbook, Julia style. I have my fingers crossed that we win the wonderful mixer, because our 20+ year old plastic one is… retired. We will definitely get a lot of use out of it making monster batches of everything. So excited!!

  • Marshall Kraft

    I’m definitely interested in learning more about these breads! I’m Gluten allergic, and often struggle to find affordable solutions in the stores near me. Learning how to make my own breads would definitely save me a lot of hassle, plus I already love to cook and am always on the lookout for new cookbooks and that mixer would be a great addition to my meager kitchen.

  • Laurie Knuever

    I will be preordering today on Amazon. I want to make your no rye rye bread. If I win the Grand prize will you ship to Hawaii?

  • Robyn F

    The absolute first thing I will do once the book is out of it’s packaging is pre-heat the oven and turn to page 153 to make Preztel Rolls!! The one roll/baked good I struggle to ignore whenever at the bakery, I have never had one before and can. not. wait. to make a batch for myself! A close second are the garlic knots – I may go a little wild and make those the first day too :)

  • Cindy

    I pinky swear I preordered the book as soon as you told us we could. No contest as to what I’m going to make first – the soft hamburger buns! I can’t wait to have fresh buns again. By the way, I got a notice from Amazon that my book won’t be shipping until mid-Dec.

  • Emily Chin

    Nicole your blog has been a real lifesaver as I am unfortunatel so allergic to gluten there are almost zilch places I can safely eat. I am so excited to be able to use your recipes and this new book to help start my own happy and safe to eat home as i marry my best friend in life. We look forward to the grand meals we will share thanks to you.

  • missmj

    I will surely be buying your new book as i have all the others because they are the absolute best…also because you taught me about better batter flour which changed my gf life! I also live in yhe boondocks in northern Canada where gf options require taking out a mortgage to afford!

  • Margaret Schultz

    Order #109-4167903-3974637, I have already made a few of your yummy breads but I cannot wait to experiment further. I’d love to create a successful kid-friendly bread that I can use for sandwiches (like the soft white bread) and I can’t wait to try to the pizza dough. While I’m at it, tortillas…we make lots of burritos (saves so much time). I dream of that big standing mixer. It is a machine of incredible beauty. And if I had a proofer along with your recipes, my bread would be a dream.

  • Regina

    Book pre-ordered! Still need a sandwich bread my daughter will eat daily. Can’t wait.

  • JoEllen

    Oh my! That’s all I can say! I so wish I have already pre-ordered your book, but alas, the budget has been pretty tight with much upheaval these last few months. I have insistently made it known to family and friends that this is my one wish for a Christmas gift (and even promised to make them something from it! – every bit of bribery helps! ) :) I have been an Internet thief, lurking silently on your site, picking up every bit of freebies I can get my hands on! :)

  • Patricia Hartsock
  • Linda

    I will buy a copy as soon as I am able. I look forward to baking again!

  • Priscilla Lane

    I really want to pre-order. I am more than considering it! As for my big bread plans, the first thing I would make are yeasted doughnuts. Because DOUGHNUTS. I miss yeasted doughnuts so much. They might be my favorite treat.

  • Jessica Benavides

    I just preordered my copy of Gluten Free Bakes Bread! My order number is #109-0365906-8255441. I plan on making some chiabatta bread because that used to be one of my favorite breads before I went gluten free!

  • Stacy Lane

    I definitely want to order your book, and I can’t wait to make the Parker House Rolls!

  • Wendy

    I preordered a few days ago!!!! I definitely want to make your pumpernickel bread first (my boys would prefer I make the glazed, yeast-raised doughnuts and the soft Olive Garden style butter garlic breadsticks!!). For you Bigger giveaway, I would definitely promise to make some dough to put in the refrigerator for your day here…but I won’t promise it will be successful :/ I seem to be yeast-challenged and I am hoping your new book will change that!

  • Kate S

    Pinky swear I preordered (pic is on first giveaway). I’d put proof up again if I weren’t stuck in bed with the stomach flu :-( poor poor me!!! I would go right for the olive garden style bread sticks!!!!!!! We went to olive garden a few weeks ago and it was horrible watching people eat those… that used to be THE reason I ever went to The Olive Garden.. CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR BOOK!! For those who haven’t ordered yet, its not even $15… give up a few indulgences and BUY THE BOOK!! I would do anything to win the day of baking with Nicole and I already know some people I’d invite!!

    • Kate S

      And Hawaiian rolls for Christmas dinner I’m hosting…. and potato bread for delicious french toast… and sour dough bread… so many wonderful things in that glorious table of contents..

  • Cathy D.

    We are looking forward to getting the newest copy of your book. We have the other two and love them. We subscribe to your email and can’t live without some of your recipes. Of course we will get this book too.
    My son is the GF person in our family by necessity and we all followed suit–just so much easier. Our family has a tradition of making “Monkey Bread” on holidays and he misses it so much. We are hopeful to find a winner in your recipe in the new book. Fingers crossed!

  • Wilson

    I’ve got your new book saved in my cart. But with a chance to win a mixer and then have you in my kitchen?-I’m going to go buy your book RIGHT NOW!

  • Suzann

    I preordered last week. No screen shot though. I would do one of the first four bread loaves in chapter four. I’m leaning strongly towards the brioche because I so want to make my pumpkin bread pudding with caramel anglaise and orange flavored whip topping. I believe it is orange. Doesn’t sound good, but it is heaven!

  • S. Harris

    Wow, I mean, WOW. Coolest giveaway E-V-E-R! I would cry if you got to come to my house (and I’d probably try to kidnap you too…….you know, just for a day or two longer, I’ll make you yummy GF food! I joke, I kid, totally not trying to be creepy). ANYWAY, I’ve bought the book, and am patiently waiting…….I want to make the sourdough soft pretzels first, but I won’t be able to wait that long to get the starter going, so my second choice is the Japanese milk bread. I am like 100-exclamation-point-worthy excited about this bread. I LOVE it (the [evil] gluten filled version, that is). Love. Love, love, love. It is so SOFT and perfect for fried Japanese and Chinese appetizers (you know, those little shrimp toasts?) and makes the best sandwich bread. I mean, who doesn’t want pillow soft bread? WHO? Speaking of pillows, Japanese milk bread would make a GREAT pillow……you know, like, if your in a jam, need a nap, and all you have is a loaf of this bread…..everyone would be in that situation at least once in their lives, right??? Zzzzz, chomp, Zzzzz, chomp, Mmmmmm! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Felicia

    Ordering so i can make some RYE bread to make some Hanky Panky’s YUM and some Reubens.. Oh my…. thank you for this book and all the other great ideas…..

  • Debi Robarts

    I have preorder already – I attached a screenshot on a previous contest post. :) I can’t wait for the English muffins!!!!!!!!!

  • He Mar

    I am new to the gluten-free lifestyle and I’m thankful that I have a go to place to get the information I need; thank you! Now you also have these giveaways too and I get to pick your brain in my own home, I’m speechless!

  • Katie Heyward

    I preordered from Amazon months ago and anxiously await my copy any day now. I am dying to make a decent bagel!!!

  • Aimee Roth

    Ordered my copy back in July… can’t wait to receive it! I am sooo drooling over that mixer! Since I grew up in San Francisco one of the things I miss most is delicious sourdough bread, so I can say with certainty that my BIG Bread Plan is to make the Wild Yeast Starter and Pain au Levain! I’ve had some success with GF Sourdough in the past, but it’s been a while and I’m so excited to try your version! Thank you so much, Nicole, for all your hard work in creating this book!

  • Michelle Morton Stringham

    Hi Nicole. I preordered last week (#102-4961064-7273857). Very anxious to bake yummy breads again. The first one I’m going to try is Cinnamon Swirl bread or Sweet Potato bread, or wait.. maybe English Muffins or Pizza dough. Oooh … focaccia.. I am making myself hungry. Love, Love, Love all of your recipes and your blog. I feel like I’m sitting in your kitchen with you. Or you in mine but with you doing all of the work. :-)

  • reformeddem

    On the 4th of July weekend a 250 year old tree fell on my kitchen during a thunderstorm. There went my kitchen and cookbooks. A service came in the next day and has moved everything into storage while house is being re-built but all my flours were stored in the freezer and all has been lost. So at this time
    I have not bought any cookbooks nor have I been able to cook or bake (this is killing me) but two of your books are on my list to get at Christmas time. I won’t be replacing anything until they put my kitchen back in, which has been promised to be complete by Christmas. But until I see cabinets & appliances coming through the door I am holding off ordering any of my supplies. What a great treat that mixer and proofer would be.

  • Heather

    I would love to win. I am new to gluten free it’s very stressful. I have many recipes that call for a stand mixer and want to try to make my own bread! The store bought is dreadful.

  • Linda Sanders

    Hey Nicole…I preordered my copy on July 11! #002-7833562-3813864. Anxiously awaiting its arrival. Haven’t decided yet what to make first. Probably, pizza. Is that recipe for cannolis coming soon?

  • Marjan Crabtree

    Oh :( not in the US or Canada….

  • Jane James

    Hi, I’m considering purchasing your books, they look great, may put it on my Xmas list ;) xx

  • Brad G

    I pre-ordered at Amazon. Can’t wait to make the cheese bread or the Pannetone – or BOTH!!!!

  • Lisa Dearen

    I pre-ordered the book in October and am excited to bake for the holidays! English Muffins will be at the top of my list, although I really, really miss sourdough, being a native San Francisco gal.

  • Mare Masterson

    Pick me, pick me – oh please pick me!! I want you to come to my house so I can hug you, bow to you, and kiss your feet – and, oh yeah, so you can teach me because I am PETRIFIED to even try to bake bread. That is why I cannot wait for your book — I am hoping it will give me the bravado to attempt. The Kitchen Aid of your dreams is the one of my dreams too, and it would be amazing to have! Amazon emailed me the other day saying it is going to be delayed :( However, I am preparing in the hopes of being able to do this. I just got some Better Batter delivered because I just do not have it in me (yet) to make my own blends. I have other GF flours in the house, but am going on your prior use of BB. Being a newbie, I need the comfort that I am already starting with a good GF flour blend (and the figuring the percentages scares me – I am a paralegal because I was not good at math or science). I even found bulk whey protein isolate at Sprouts! Have yet to purchase the yeast. I need all the help I can get, Nicole! Ordering the Expandex. Is 1 good to start? Please come help me! I can’t choose what I want first! No rye rye or onion bialys? I think it will have to be the onion bialys — I miss bialys big time! The no rye rye will have to be 2nd.

    We’re writing about the order you placed on September 06, 2013 (Order#
    106-6516118-2579438). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed
    below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based
    on the new release date:

    Hunn, Nicole “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels,
    Buns, and More)”
    Estimated arrival date: December 13, 2013 – December 17, 2013

    saying it is going to be delayed :(

  • Clare

    As soon as I get my birthday money from grandma – I know, I will be 30 years old – I’m scooping up a copy of your new book. Can’t wait to try the soft white sandwich bread and cinnamon, too!

  • Notjustwaiting

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this book! I can’t afford to preorder right now, but I plan to buy it as soon as I can! If I had a copy in front of me right now, what would I make first??? It would be a toss up between cinnamon rolls, yeast raised glazed doughnuts, or thick crust pizza…comfort foods :-) I know they will all be amazing, just like every recipe of yours I’ve tried!

  • Judy Morin

    I hope this doesn’t disqualify me, but I had to cancel the first order of the book as my church has a charitable gift contract with Amazon and in order to get the donation the book has to be ordered from the “smile” site. So it’s pre-ordered (again) and the info is:
    Order placed
    November 19, 2013
    Order Details | Invoice
    Order #112-3609723-4537053
    Recipient Judy Morin
    Delivery Address:
    Judy Morin

    Total $14.78
    Supporting: Trinity Lutheran Church & School
    As to the first bread I want to make—pumpernickel, rye, a bread strong enough to hold the sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds from my favorite “crunchy, grainy” bread that we loved before G-F – any of these will do.

  • Nicole

    It’s totally on my wish list. I would definitely make the pretzel rolls :)

  • Monika

    I preordered from Amazon, I hope that counts!!

    I honestly cannot wait to make the no-rye rye bread! I’m Polish, and rye bread is central to our food. I obviously haven’t had any in such a long time, so the idea of making fresh rye bread to have with some delicious deli meats makes me drool :P

    I’ve been so excited waiting for your book to come out, it can’t get here soon enough!!

  • Katherine Chapman Colbert

    Yes, I pre-ordered.(109-1163555-9533020
    ) I’m planning to make the potato bread first for me then follow up with tortillas for the kids. I enjoy your recipes and banter. I know how very difficult banter is without hearing any replies.

  • Gail

    Order Number: 112-8035761-3554648

    There are so many things I would love to make, the cream puffs and cast iron skillet pizza look really good. Can’t wait to try them when I get the book!!

  • Kiley Petersen

    My family is new to the gluten free world and your website gives me hope that I can still make yummy food. All of your books are in my Amazon cart! I think I will have to try cinnamon rolls first because that is what I miss the most!

  • Julie

    I can’t wait to try the cinnamon rolls…my son LOVES cinnamon rolls! If you came here, I would invite all my GF friends over for a day of fun baking!

  • Mare Masterson

    Oh please please please pick me! I want you to come to my house so I can hug you and bow to you and kiss your feet — and also for you to teach me because I am PETRIFIED to bake bread. Heck I even have an unused bread maker because I was afraid of even doing bread in that (prior to gluten intolerance even)! I am hoping your book gives me some bravado. I have even begun to purchase things needed, such as Better Batter (have other GF flours in the house because of ease of purchasing in store), and found bulk whey protein in Sprouts! Have yet to bring yeast into the house though. Having trouble getting the Expandex stuff. You want me to choose 1 thing that I would make first? I so miss rye bread and bialys, so it is a toss up between the no rye rye and the onion bialys. I LOVE bialys more than bagels. I think the onion bialys win hands down! I am envisioning the day that I can bake away without fear and my family will beg for it, even though it is GF. It will happen, I know – they just asked me for your banana pancake muffins, which they loved when I made them.

    Your dream mixer is my dream mixer. I need all the help I can get to make it as fool proof as possible, so the proofer is a must! That is why you HAVE to pick me!

    I got an email from Amazon on the 14th that it will be delayed again :( I will shout from my mountain tops for all to purchase your book! Heck I tell people about you daily! I NEED you to come and help me!!!!

    We’re writing about the order you placed on September 06, 2013 (Order#
    106-6516118-2579438). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed
    below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    Hunn, Nicole “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels,
    Buns, and More)” Estimated arrival date: December 13, 2013 – December 17, 2013

  • Tammy

    I can’t wait to do Sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls– everything! Listen, your website is the ONLY one I go to for Gluten -Free Goodness! There’s no one else– I swear it!! If I could count the times I’ve told my friends about your website…well, let’s just say its at least 2-3times a week!

    I cannot wait for the book– but the pushing back of the publication date is Killing Me!! Tell “them” whomever “they” are to stop it!! ;).

    Thanks so much for the generous opportunity!

  • Tammya

    So excited for a chance to win the mixer and proofer. GF living has given me a new joy for cooking that I never had before. I will be preordering this weekend for my family, 4 books.

  • Charlotte Moore

    I want to get your book for our grand daughter in law. She seems to be gluten intolerate since her baby was born. I have made her several thing from almond flour, coconut flour, brown rice, teff, etc. I have never made a loaf of bread and would really like to know how.

    Oh how I would love to win that mixer and proof box. My mom always used a Kitchen Aid but I have never had one.

    I do not want to pay shipping so I will get it at the book store.


  • VotersRights

    I pre-ordered on Amazon back on November 3rd and can’t wait for it to be released. I have family and friends I’ve told about your other books and their interest perked up when I said the new book is GF breads. They’re eager to see it as well (and hopefully get off their butts then and buy one themselves!) Order number 110-2815361-1399454

  • Kris Angelo

    Hi Nicole, I have preordered and here is my Amazon ORDER #107-3402847-2563410.
    Being from the San Francisco Bay Area and Italian, since being gluten free I have been mourning the loss of sourdough bread and Pannetone. I will be making these two first! I have really enjoyed having your other cookbooks and am so excited about this one. I think when you get the news about a gluten intolerance, the thing you miss the most is good bread. Thank you for filling a huge need for us :)
    Kris Angelo – [email protected]

  • Betsy Ryan

    I already pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to cook some great things with your recipes!

  • Jenny Bella

    this book is on my wish list! i am currently gluten free and trying to convert my family. since my daughter’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes this summer, she is now being tested for celiac, and we are definitely on a shoestring! the thought of you coming here and sharing your knowledge of making GF bread is making me salivate! thank you :)

  • anna

    I pre-ordered my copy of Bakes Bread as soon as you announced Amazon had it up! I cannot wait for it to arrive. I agree with what a previous commenter said, the publication date pushbacks are killing me! The first thing i am going to do is try to master – or at least make an acceptable batch of – GF sourdough… Mmmm… Soudough! SOURDOUGH! I get all hyper excited just thinking about it! Thank you, once again, for all you do for us!

  • Tucson Mama

    Of course I have pre-ordered! Who in their right gluten-free mind wouldn’t? We are going to start with English Muffins for breakfast, Cinnamon Rolls for mid morning snack and buckwheat bread for lunchtime sandwiches. If we have any room for dinner we will have pizza. What could be better? I would be such a big girl with my own dough hook and we know things don’t get better than Kitchen Aid. With your help I will overcome all of the gluten free bread making obstacles and have 100% success. Until then, my family graciously puts up with me and my gluten free bread baking disasters. Crossing my fingers for better bread baking days.

  • Cristina

    Hi I can’t wait for the book to show up at my door step to make some challah!!!
    ORDER #116-3343140-3261865

  • Shelly S. Cantrell

    Lean Crusty White Sandwich bread is on my radar! :) I can hardly wait to get the book… pre-ordered it on Amazon last week!!!

    November 12, 2013

    Order Details | Invoice

    Order #106-1531497-2198624

  • Tasha Matthewman

    This is definitely something I need to and have to get. It’s only been a few short months since my daughter has been diagnosed and we ate still finding the changes challenging. My mum has been a fantastic help and makes her bread every week for me and her mix master died about a week ago whilst making Chloe’s lunch rolls. So to have some fantastic tasty recipes for my l11yr old along with the equipment to make them would bring a smile to everyone’s face !!

  • Lori

    I pre-ordered your God-send bread book as soon as it appeared on Amazon!! I’ve been counting the days…..and counting the days….!! My adult “children” have finally accepted the realization that they have inherited their gluten sensitivity from their mother :-(. When the happy day arrives with the delivery of your Bread book, I am going to show them it won’t be so difficult doing without gluten, by making your whole grain baguettes and on to PIZZA DOUGH!!! ………and counting the days!

  • Becky Kiessling

    Order #108-0084613-6133020
    I preordered your new book as soon as I saw that it was available on Amazon. I have your other books and I just love them I was at a Celiac Awareness Tour over the weekend, and I recommended them to some of the people that I met. I cannot wait to see the new book!

  • Cori

    I pinky swear I’ve got a copy pre-ordered, though I don’t have a confirmation number to give you (birthday present from my mom and she hasn’t forwarded it to me). I’m SO torn between the Cinnamon-swirl (since that was actually one of my favorite gluten breads to make way back when), and the Hoagie Rolls (I used to LOVE a fabulous meatball sub, and the thought of getting one again makes me DROOL). One of the two will be made probably the day I open that Amazon box! :)

  • Heather Waite

    I can’t wait! This book is at the top of my Christmas list. I ADORE bread, I grew up eating thick slices of honey whole wheat bread with butter and sharp cheddar–that was lunch everyday for my grandparents.Then I worked in a bakery before I was diagnosed, and was in charge of the Artisan bread. I literally dream of bread, and I can’t wait for your book!!!!!! If I don’t get it for Christmas, I’m definitely buying it on my own. (Just don’t tell my husband, K?)

  • alicia lewis

    i am absolutely seriously considering purchasing your book.i have had celiac for a year and a half and i have not had the chance to have homemade bread yet:( i miss it so very much lol i just do not have the correct equipment(bread pans,mixers and such) to make bread yet.i have been in and out of the hospital for most of this past year with other major medical issues so all our money at this time goes towards medications and paying off that debt .once i get those things i need to bake i will be ordering your book to help me through the homemade bread process:)

    • alicia lewis

      oops oh and i am sooo excited about the sourdough bread and the pizza dough yummm i can almost taste the sourdough:)

  • Elizabeth Shoop

    Nov 19, 2013
    Order #
    Order total
    $15.56 (1 item)

    I preordered and wIsh to enter the giveaway.

    When I was in college, I worked at a bagel bakery. I pretty much lived on day-old bagels for 2 years. Little did I know that my steady diet of beer, bagels, and mac and cheese was making me miserable! I sure miss a good bagel. I haven’t been able to create or find a decent GF bagel substitute. I am hoping your book will remedy that for me.


    I am very new to gluten free living & would love your book & to win this mixer so I could make gf bread & goodies for me & my kiddletts. We all get very sore tummies & headaches & get cranky on gluten, & gf products are expensive to buy & hard to get a good range so if I had the know how (your book) & the items to bake it with (the mixer) life would be much easier

  • LyttleO

    I’m looking forward to reading the section on Troubleshooting Gluten-Free Bread Baking. Actually it would be really helpful if you did a post or put up a permanent section explaining common problems such as: If you have too much/too less liquid then your baked good will turn out like this; if you have too less/too much fat then, etc. That would definitely help me decipher what could have gone wrong!
    ORDER #xxx-xxxxxxx-7938613

  • Sandy S

    I ordered back on Oct. 25 — 112-2221562-0838669 — and will probably start with the Herb Focaccia but reserve the right to change my mind!

  • Kendra Mitchell

    Pre-ordered ages ago Amazon order # 107-7103410-1540239.
    I want to bake lots of things, but I really want to make the sourdough soft pretzels, yum!

  • Krista

    I pre ordered back in July….. I am looking forward to starting at the front and work my way through the book :-)

  • Kendra Mitchell

    Pre-ordered a second copy for a friend. Amazon order # 107-5065346-4325009. For this second entry, I say I want most to bake the basic Baguette. Golly, I miss a good baguette with some brie or Camembert!

  • Karen Tobin Cole

    I pre-ordered back in October, I’m so excited to get this book! The first thing I plan to make is the basic baguette recipe. I miss baguettes so much and I keep attempting various GF recipes and they never turn out the way I hope.

  • Shannon Brown Kirkwood

    I pre-ordered back in July – when I purchased the other two books. I plan on dedicating the month after it comes to perfecting any and all of the bagels. I have missed a real, honest to goodness bagel.

  • Guest

    To make gluten free bread that my family will eat of course! Preordered thru Amazon but have no idea where the code is. Thanks!

  • Angelica Steinmeier

    To make gluten free bread that my family will eat of course! Preordered thru Amazon but have no idea where the code is. Thanks :)

  • Ali

    I’m looking forward to getting your book!

  • SDC

    I pre ordered from Amazon last week. My plans are to learn to make gluten free bread that is wonderful!

  • Sher

    I just preordered the bread book. I have no idea what to try first. I would choose the bagels or cinnamon swirl bread but my teen daughter is the
    one allergic to wheat so I will let her decide.

  • MargaretG

    I preordered on Amazon in October. I can’t wait to make the Hawaiian rolls!

  • gloria

    I am asking for the bread book as a Christmas/birhday gift.(since both dates are so close together) My big bread plan is to make small loafs of cinnamon swirl and pass them out as party favors for my upcoming baby shower. I want my friends and family to know that gluten free can be tasty AND healthy!!

  • Jessica Herrington

    I plan to get the book as soon as I can afford it. I’m hoping I’ll get it as a Christmas present. I’m torn between wanting to make the glazed donuts or the crescent rolls first. Compromise, I’ll just make both.

  • Marie

    I pre-ordered the book on July 6 Order #108-1174666-5085069 when you first began to talk about it on your blog. I am anxious to try out the sourdough recipe (s) and to read more about the starter. I have been making your sourdough bread recipe from your first cookbook since last March. I make it and freeze it sliced for us (husband and me) and then bake for my daughters and especially my 20 month old granddaughter using my old small donut pan. I didn’t imagine that I would love the bread so much, that I don’t buy or make any other kind. Two friends have come over to my house to find out more about the sourdough bread I bake. In preparing for a fall trip to see my family, I baked as many as 3 loaves a day (with the 4 hours in between) to freeze and bring to leave for my Mom. I proof my bread in my microwave oven but the proofer you mention looks like a great idea, but any of the giveaway gifts would be wonderful.

  • Sheilah Miller

    I preordered months again and can’t wait for it to arrive. As for what to make first I really don’t know. Maybe some sourdough especially if I win this proofer. :)

  • cindy f

    I have it on my Christmas list so Christmas can’t come soon enough! I have always wanted a stand mixer. I made bread the other day with my poor hand held mixer, didn’t work so well!!

  • Melissa J

    Pinky swear I pre ordered! And I can’t wait! I think I’ll be making sour dough bread first. So excited to try the sour dough bagels and pretzels too. Sounds so YUM!

  • Heather

    I just pre-ordered your book from Amazon (Order Number: 116-0690810-7668266). I can’t wait to get it and try making your gluten-free Hawaiian Rolls!!!! I am originally from the islands and I miss the bread like you wouldn’t believe! What a wonderful surprise to find the recipe included in your new book. :) I am also really looking forward to making some great GF sourdough bread!!! I will probably bake bread every day for a week when the book arrives. Can’t wait!!!

  • Amanda

    Oooo…..definitely getting that book! (pinky swear) I really haven’t ventured into the world of gluten free breadmaking much, so I’m super excited just to make any bread! Rolls are definitely a must, as well as pretzels. And donuts!!

  • Maite Crawford-Evangelista

    Putting this on my wish list. I want to make the Soft, White sandwich bread. Having difficulty getting my kids to eat gf bread. I also want to make the Cinnamon Sticky buns and the Hawaiian rolls.

  • Susan

    Given that I already have your first two books, I’ll definitely be looking to get my hands on a copy of your new one. I mean, I’m already a fan of your JUMBO cinnamon rolls and panettone, so acquiring Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread is a no-brainer. My plans? The Basic Baguettes.

    • Nicole Hunn

      Love the photo, Susan!! Thanks so much for posting that. :)

  • Shelly

    I have requested this on my Christmas list :)

    I hope to make your monkey bread recipe and also your soft sandwich bread. Its my son, me and my brother so I do lots of baking. Thank you for your time in creating these recipes!!

  • ruralroutelupiac

    I’ve switched almost all of my recipes to digital format and want the kindle version of this book…but I also want to read the book soon so I can practice with this new dough a few times before the holidays next month. Since you said amazon will ship pre-orders next week I went ahead and ordered the hard copy.

    I still want it in digital though so I’ll probably order that when it’s available and do a blog giveaway with the hard copy.

    If we were to cook together we would do Pannetone for sure. It’s a tradition in our family to have Pannatone French toast for either Christmas day brunch or New Years Eve brunch. This will be the first year I’ll have to attempt making my own. Also I’d have you demo the shaping instructions for the dough in the book. I’m sure it’s extremely simple but reading the shaping instructions on the Hawaiian roll recipe…I just can’t picture it in my mind.

  • Angela Shira

    I’m waiting on bday money to get the book!! I already have the other 2. ♥♥
    I reeally want to make the monkey bread!

  • cebbysdtr

    Looking forward to getting your new cookbook!

  • kathleen

    I pre-ordered your book when I entered the Bread Memories giveaway. I’m anxious for it to arrive. I’m new to gluten free baking but the cinnamon swirl bread and the crusty whole grain bread will be two of the first ones I plan to try. Good bread is that one gluten free item you can’t buy….. just have to make it yourself!

  • Kathi

    Pinky swear–it’s on my Christmas list and I’m fairly sure of getting it (my kids like the “under $20″ options best!) I don’t even know what to try first–maybe cinnamon rolls or cinnamon swirl bread? I miss donuts a lot, too…

  • gkleing3

    I posted my “proof” (like proofing bread, get it? ;-) ) for the first contest. I pinky swear that I’m getting the book the moment it’s published! I can’t wait to get baking!

  • Emily Scribner

    It looks like something that would come in very handy. Im interested in attempting to make a pumpkin bread for the first time GF.

  • Nancy L

    I preordered from Amazon #103-0916248-3615463 I’m definitely making the extra-flaky buttermilk biscuits.

  • Char

    Hi Nicole. Put the book on my Xmas List. Would have to try the Pannetone since we are Italian and hard to pass up Pannetone @ Xmas. Being GF & on a low carb diet is hard but would have to make an exception for the new bread recipes!! Would love a GF bagel next!!

  • Michele Miller


    I have fantazied about Hawaiian Sweet Rolls for over four years. I can’t wait to get the book and make these. Put a slice of leftover ham sliced with a smear of butter! Sweet, rich, salty and soft. It is almost here! (She giggle like a little school girl).

  • Victoria

    I would seriously consider ordering your new book because I bought your other two books last week week!!!! Last night I made a batch of the chocolate granola and the masa crackers, loved them! I can’t wait to try your brioche recipe in the new book, such a wonderful and delicate bread! I am new to your blog and your recipes and I can’t stop!!!!! I don’t have a stand mixer yet so please consider me for this giveaway, I will need it to prepare all your wonderful recipes!!!! Gracias Nicole!

  • Heather

    November 03, 2013 (Order# 108-6851090-4023403 i think im obsessed with brioche bread, brioche buns and all bread

  • Hillary

    I am putting this on my Christmas list. I would love to make the pretzel rolls.

  • Kim Millholland

    My friend ordered the cookbook for me a couple of weeks ago (same time we ordered your first book, which I love and cooked a ton out of this weekend to stock my freeze – daughter loved the mac and cheese)

    I would try the monkey bread first, probably. I am still struggling with any type of bread recipe.

    thank you so much – enjoying my choc chip cookies this week from your first book as well!!

  • Nicole Kohn

    I most certainly will be ordering this book soon. It is so hard to find decent bread and at a somewhat reasonble price. The thing I am most looking forward to making is bread rolls, of any shape or form, for any use that I can think of at the time :) Burgers, lunch rolls, snacks. Though I feel just starting at the front of the book and working my way through might be the best option :)

    • Nicole Kohn

      And I just went onto Book Depository and pre-ordered. Bread baking Christmas here I come.

  • amy wilkinson

    would love the chance to win this prize! i’ve preordered, already have your other two books and ordered the extra ingredients to start making your bread. thanks nicole, you are the best!

  • GClark

    I’m patiently waiting!! I pre-ordered on April 29th! From Amazon, order #103-7105807-7515444.

    I’m wanting to bake bread without xanthan and guar gums, so the first 2 things I want to make (hopefully the recipes can be adapted) is a loaf of Soft White Sandwich Bread and some Soft Hamburger Buns using the Basic Gum-Free Gluten-Free Flour! I am also excited to try the Hawaiian Rolls and Parmesan Cornmeal Crackers!

  • karen

    Yes, I ordered and am anxiously awaiting my book! Here is my order number
    ORDER #109-4534103-9629064

  • karen

    I would love to make my own puff pastry -that is probably one thing I have fantasized about…..along with the million other yeasty bread things I have longed for the past 8 years!

  • KimDonavan

    This will definitely become a part of my kitchen library…and mom would be so happy if I were to win this mexer….then I wouldn’t have to keep borrowing hers! Hellllllo, Santa!

  • Amber Henry

    I think I will be trying the cinnamon rolls around Christmas time! It was tradition to have rolls as we opened presents until the celiacs diagnosis!

  • Tracy

    I think I will be trying the cinnamon sticky buns for Christmas. Sounds yummy! I can’t wait to receive it! I just preordered on Amazon: Order Number: 116-8177448-7921030

  • disqus_g8BVGRFOEF

    I think winning those items would greatly help me make these gluten free goodies! Going to preorder the book now! Was gonna wait till it was out but why wait! Your recipes have been great, thank you!

  • disqus_g8BVGRFOEF

    My bread plans….omg I just miss warm fresh bread! Pretzels too!!! I haven’t decided first item yet! I feel like a kid night before Santa comes! I’ve been gf for two years. No fresh bread that long. I most certainly need the tools. It’s on my Christmas wish list! Starts with me pre-ordering your book! Amazon here I come!

  • Jennifer Green

    I preordered the book on Amazon. Order number 106-0504264-1870651. Not sure what i want to make first…

  • zenja hyde

    I can’t wait to get my paws on your newest book. The timing of it’s release couldn’t be more perfect. As a newbie (less than a year) to gluten free living i have been in research & test mode in the kitchen, but i have recently become obsessed with baking breads. And by the way, i already owe a HUGE THANK YOU! for all that i have learned thus far…so THANK YOU. Ok so my big bread plans are first English Muffins (i even pre-ordered the rings), Crescent Rolls, Cinnamon rolls, Pretzel Rolls & Bagels. i’m so excited. can barely wait!
    ORDER #105-1474610-4469029

  • Sharon Syska Kilada

    I pre-ordered on 10-31 (order Order# 111-0823778-7970629). We can’t decide what to make first, it’s a tie between Cinnamon Swirl Bread and Hot Cross Buns, although pita and sweet potato bread also top the list! So excited to read the tips on handling, shaping, storing and troubleshooting gluten free baking! My son was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, going GF was so much harder than expected. Your blog and first 2 books are invaluable- kids LOVE your macaroni & cheese recipe. Can’t wait for Bakes Bread!

  • April

    I have asked for all your books for Christmas. I just can’t wait to make cinnamon rolls.

  • Dana Tischler

    I’m definitely planning on buying your book! I can’t wait to make some bagels…I’ve been craving them lately, and would love to try this recipe! I don’t have a stand mixer, and always wish I had registered for one back when I got married years ago. Would love to start a new adventure with your book and a beautiful stand mixer!!

  • Carrie

    Just preordered from B&N (685425900). Maybe I can get the son to eat something besides my gluten free macaroni and cheese.

  • Danyelle

    I just preordered my copy from Amazon! 112-5716881-7915416
    I can’t wait to make english muffins and bagels!

  • Marci Morey

    ORDER #116-2366161-8779455 – The first thing I’m going to make is Oatmeal Bread… or maybe Cinnamon Rolls… or Pretzel Rolls… or… I’m going to have tons of fun baking GF bread!

  • Marcy

    I pre-ordered your book on Amazon ages ago (Order# 109-9219391-2997061) and am really looking forward to reading all your wisdom! I’m definitely going to try all the basic bread recipes but chocolate bread sounds super yummy right now :)

  • Amy Joynes

    I have all your other books and I will be getting this one for sure! So excited!

  • Madeline Spencer

    I am definitely buying this book!! I miss warm crusty bread since I went gluten free a couple years ago. Despite my best attempts, nothing has really come close to what I miss.. I have been dreaming of making a crusty baguette. And the sourdough bagels just sound perfect. Really, i’d love to bake my way through the table of contents- they all sound divine. Can’t wait until the book comes out to make all the bread i have been missing!

  • Rita

    I preordered from Amazon in July #107-0672630-89648. The first I’m going to make is Cinnamon Rolls and then Cream Puffs!

  • Mary Wikle

    I am definitely ordering this book! My plan is to try the sourdough bread recipes… My favorite type of bread. And I would so love some of your starter!!!

  • Kathie S

    This is a fabulous gift book for my niece who requires a gluten free diet. The book and a mixer would be just the thing for her.

  • Elizabeth Roach

    I have it on very very very very good authority (my sister) that my mother has or is pre-ordering this book as one of my Christmas gifts. There are so many things to choose from it’s hard to know where to start… But I think making Challah will be my first adventure!

  • Linda Conzett

    I pre-ordered your book right away. Order #105-8564812-5877011. So many fabulous chioces to pick from but I think the Cinnamon Swirl Bread would be a hit to start with in my family!

  • Kelly

    Ordered in Oct 103-4280724-4792224, my Big Bread Plans will include sourdough, monkey bread and hamburger buns! Thank you for doing the giveaways!

  • Donna
  • Amy K

    My first will be the naan, quickly followed by the hamburger buns. We’re huge fans of veggie and quinoa burgers, and need a fantastic bun to go with them! I’ve not pre-ordered, due to the fact that I know my 9yo baking partner is intent on giving me this book for Christmas. So I know it WILL be purchased soon!

    • Nicole Hunn

      That is super sweet, Amy! A sad fact of doing what I do for a living means that I, paradoxically, am not really able to bake much at all with my kids. I love that you are teaching your 9 year old to bake gluten free!

  • K. Shaw

    I just preordered a book for my sister from amazon. I know she’s going to love it. I’m excited to make monkey bread, I haven’t had that in years and my kids have never had it! Can’t wait to start baking!

  • Bill Maloy

    I pre-ordered in July and already ordered the whey Protein & expandex.. A hamburger bun is what I need to master… I do BBQ competitions and I make sure everything I turn in is safe for my 9 year daughter and I want to me able to win a people choice contest with GF bun and beat everyone else using Gluten buns..

    • Nicole Hunn

      Oh that is a particularly worthy goal, Bill! I would absolutely love to know how the next competition with a “Bakes Bread” gluten free bun goes!!

      • Bill Maloy

        Will do, I have the winter to practice my way threw the cook book…

  • Chelsi Shultz
  • Bryna Bear

    My order number is 654159826 at B&N. I pre-ordered 9/6/13 and can’t wait to try baking some crusty baguettes and rich crescent rolls. The cover photo looks so enticing.

  • Deborah Brown

    Have pre-ordered from Amazon and while was at it bought Quick and Easy. I’m probably your number one sales person. Whenever I talk to any about gluten free cooking, always recommend your books and recipes. Grandson was recently forced to go gluten free and he has really been missing his bread. I bake for him and take it to him every time I go.

  • AllieBoBallie

    I have pre-ordered Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread. I did that within seconds of learning I could. I’ve enjoyed your previous cookbooks and the blog so much that there was no hesitation or even consideration about it. It was a brainstem level reaction, like flinching away after touching a hot pan. (Which I do a lot. Accidentally. I swear. I’ve been told I have asbestos fingers.)

    So my big bread plans for when the book arrives? Hard to say, really, since I’ve not investigated all that is in it. (I like a pleasant surprise, like a my yearly kiss from my dog or a ::fingers crossed:: gluten-free challah recipe.) Truth be told, my goal is simple, and I will bake every recipe in the book until I achieve it: a gluten-free bread that stands on its own as buttered toast. Sure, I love and desire a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that doesn’t make me sad and a grilled cheese sandwich that doesn’t fall spectacularly to pieces when I brush the bread with melted butter and grill it. I don’t care about meat-based sandwiches, though my grilled cheese occasionally gets some prosciutto or bacon. I don’t care about bread puddings or french toasts or croissants. My heart has moved on. (And by my heart, I mean my intestines.) The simple pleasure of buttery toast and a cup of hot Irish breakfast tea with milk and honey. Preferably on a chilly to down-right cold morning with above-mentioned, not at all small dog who withholds her kisses sitting by me with her head on my knee. This is what I long for.

    Well, that, and rubbing the delicious creations in the faces of everyone who has ever said that gluten-free means deliciousness-free. I’ve already disproven this opinion in regards to cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. It’s time to conquer bread and prove the naysayers wrong once and for all, and I’m stoked to do it with your help! Allons-y!

  • Juli

    Ordered on the 11th, Order # 102-6247926-0453818. I am going to start with the extra flaky buttermilk biscuits (because my kids love biscuits), then move on to brioche, sourdough, stromboli & calzones. Actually, the very first thing I’m going to do is get the sourdough starter going, but while the starter is doing it’s thing, I’ll bake all sorts of other things to help make the wait easier. :)

  • beamer84

    I’m so excited to try the crusty whole grain bread (with homemade soup) and I adore scones, so I’ll definitely be making them as one of my “firsts” from the cookbook! I’m preordering my copy as I write this.. The cinnamon swirl bread would be so good at Christmas time, after a day of skating/skiing!

  • Lisa Stone Hardt

    I preordered (Amazon 111-4281413-0482616) and I can’t wait to start baking. It would be even more fun to bake with you, but my kitchen is so teeny tiny I’m not sure we’d fit. (Even so, I’m willing to try!) Thank you so much for your blog and your books. I’m so glad they exist!

  • Teresa Cooper

    I am really going to consider it after the holidays, 3 boys and one in a wheelchair doesn’t leave me much money this time of year but for gifts. I have been gluten free for 5 years and I still CAN’T make bread. it is always hard as a rock or not done in the center. I need major HELP!! I just don’t eat it cause to much to buy, but crave egg sandwiches. So I guess my BIG BREAD PLANS would be to get a recipe I can actually eat. :)

  • Jennifer Murtagh Hagwood

    hello nicole,
    i’ve preordered the book, Amazon order # 111-6482343-2449053. I first plan to try your new pizza dough recipes, I’ve make your quick one in your other books but want to try the new ones! also the Buckwheat bread and white bread. My daughters love your white sandwich bread from your first book, but I’m trying to slip in there more whole grains and not just ‘white bread’ . I make bread for their lunches twice a week and your books and advice have been invaluable! thank you.

  • April Brumfield

    Hi, I pre-ordered the book on Amazon; order #115-3097145-7499437. I plan to try out the different pizza dough recipes first. I am especially interested in the thick-crust and deep dish doughs. I have both of your other GF on a Shoestring books and I love them!

  • Katie

    I am seriously considering ordering your book! I first stumbled upon your blog about a year and a half ago when I went gluten free and love trying so many of the recipes you post!

  • Margaret

    My order number is 109-9770527-0528267. I have your other 2 books and they are looking very dog-eared but that’s because they are so well used! And now you want me to make a decision? That’s hard! But I am going to start with the Soft White Sandwich Bread. I know that doesn’t sound very interesting. But it is basic. And starting basic seems like a good idea to me. I make great pie crust (your recipe), wonderful white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (your recipe), fantastic angel food cake (your recipe). But just a plain loaf of sandwich bread seems to elude me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. All the elements seem to be the same but consistency is my problem. So I have high hopes that your Soft White Sandwich Bread (and maybe a new mixer and first time ever proofer) will make the difference!

  • Laurie Widrick

    I already pre-ordered (Order #002-2059006-6605068) and am so looking forward to getting in the mail. I love bread and my most fond wheat bread memory is of when I lived in France. My dad would get up early and go to the bakery to buy a fresh loaf of French bread. It was still warm when he brought it home and when would eat it with butter and jelly for breakfast. Yum! I haven’t attempted making GF bread yet but I am ready to try it. :-)

  • Kimberly S

    I want to make the Parkerhouse Rolls first!! I am seriously considering buying this! I own The Gluten Free on a Shoestring cookbook and I LOVE it!! Thank you for all the amazing recipes!

  • pnester

    I preordered 2 copies of the book just now – I have both your other cookbooks and LOVE them. My first adventure will be to make the croissants. I miss them so much.

  • pnester

    This is my second entry since I preordered 2 copies of the book. I plan to make croissants first!

  • Carol

    I asked my personal Santa Claus for this book for Christmas. He promised it would be under my tree. I hope that counts! I really want to make the tortillas, croissants, etc. I want to become awesome at this!

  • Diana S

    Bread…I grew up watching my mom make fresh baked bread every single week, she would do the real work but I truly helped, I was in charge of making sure the pans were prepped for the dough and after she would braid the strands of dough and put them into the pan, I was in charge of covering them with the kitchen towels. She would always make a tray of buns and they hold special memories for me, when they’d come out of the oven she’d take a stick of butter and rub it over the tops. If I close my eyes and go there, I can still smell the delicious aroma. It really was our favorite night of the week because we always insisted on having a hot fresh roll with a slice of cheese on it for our dinner. Looking back it was a very simple meal but sometimes simple meals are the best meals. I haven’t been able to make bread since needing to go gluten free because I don’t have a mixer. I’ve asked Santa to bring me one for Christmas but I’ve also asked for a copy of your book too :) Who knows, maybe my home can smell like wonderous dreamy childhood again.

  • Lisa Noonan

    I’ve ordered 2 books, so here’s #1:
    the recipe I’m most looking forward to is Brioche. I’ve seen some amazing recipes that use Brioche and can’t wait to try them!
    And even though I am in Canada, I have relatives in the US for shipping!

  • Lisa Noonan

    Now for #2:
    I’m torn between the sourdough and the croissants. I so miss really good versions of both! But if I had to choose one, it would be croissants because of my sandwich I miss most!

  • Julia27

    I am going to order this book in the very near future! I’m a student so my money is stretched thin, but I am so excited for this book! The first thing on my list are one of those delicious bagels. Mmmmmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. Bagels are my glutinous Achilles heal and I miss them so much! I would love to make a gluten free bagel that doesn’t taste gross like some frozen varieties that I’ve tried.

  • Got2bFree

    wheres my comment? :(

  • Robin

    Just happened upon your site… so new at all of this! My youngest son has Vitiligo and we’re trying a gluten-free diet. It’s all so overwhelming! Anyway, I’d love to order your book and would also love the mixer. So far we’ve bought all the pre-made GF breads (like Udi, etc) but could probably save a great deal of money if we made them ourselves. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jonathan

    Just pre-ordered on Amazon (you can thank Brian). Looking forward to a full exploration … working through both Celiac and a legume allergy in our house so anything that’s delicious and safe for everyone is a huge win!

  • Amy P

    Anxiously awaiting Amazon order! My bread loving GF 7 year old boy wants me to make one of everything. :) I love that your recipes don’t cost a fortune to make, and always turn out just right. I would LOVE for you to come bake with me for a day in Oklahoma City!!!

  • Stephanie M

    Order #109-6259860-6617058
    Placed on Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    My Big Bread plans are to start the sourdough wild yeast starter and systematically bake all of the recipes in section 5. I will probably start with the basic baguettes. I am so excited! Sourdough is what I miss the most from my gluten eating days!

  • Betsy M

    Hi, I actually have not ordered it yet but it is on the list for my husband to buy me for Christmas. (He is such a good guy.) The very idea of sourdough bread sounds exciting. I’m curious if you have any recipes in the book without xanthum gum? That is a pretty big hurdle here towards bread baking. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Nicole Hunn

      Yes, there are recipes in the book that don’t call for xanthan gum, but none of them are the yeast bread recipes, Betsy. They all absolutely require at least a small amount of xanthan gum.

      • Christy Peterson

        Nicole, I use psyllium husks instead of xanthan gum. Will that work with your recipes? The book looks wonderful.

        • Nicole Hunn

          Hi, Christy, No, I’m afraid psyllium husk will not work in the recipes in the book. It requires the presence of a lot more liquid than these recipes have, and will not work.

          • Christy

            Thanks! Guess who’s going to buy xanthan gum tomorrow. I’m thinking ciabatta. :-)

        • Betsy M

          Yes, that is what I have been doing or using ground chia seed works at times too. I HAVE to make yeast bread as I have 5 kids who all love bread but do not have th

  • Jennyjsj

    Loving these giveaways! (See attached invoice) And my big plans include mastering the Soft White Sandwich Bread. I know that sounds so basic but I’m so sick of bread that is so dense and crappy that I might as well use it as a door stop. I dream of light fluffy, airy white bread! Oh, if only I could eat some. Also, if I could learn from you….many would benefit ;) I have a brother in law, niece and two friends that are GF. The dry air and altitude in Utah make it a challenge. Thank you for all your dedication, keep up the good work!

  • Sarah Skinner

    My mom has ordered our copies (one for me and one for her) through Amazon, I do not know the order number. I can not wait to try the ritz-style crackers and to read your tips and tricks for bread baking. I have tried to make your white sandwich bread in your other cookbook but I think I am just yeast challenged!!

  • Got2bFree

    Order #106-7570171-7387443
    Placed on Wednesday, November 20, 2013Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels, Buns, and More)
    Hunn, Nicole; Paperback
    Sold by LLC

  • Got2bFree

    My order receipt is below…as for my bread memory…its Italian Bread…delicious fresh bakery Italian bread…waiting for Sunday sauce , we would break off the heel (end) scoop out the dough and fill with a spoonful of simmering sauce, sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan cheese, and stuff in a slice of fresh milky mozzarella…mmmm…I miss Italian bread.

  • tebooker

    The book has been on order since it was first announced. I can’t wait to receive it and try out the various recipes.

  • anniehuffy

    Hi Nicole: Will I be buying a copy of your newest book…..of course! I can’t wait to get to the US next week to buy it. I didn’t order it in case it was delivered while I was away and I don’t want to miss getting it. I plan on making a good old loaf of white bread; I have been so missing actually having a sandwich. I know that sounds really weird, but my husband has an egg salad sandwich, with lettuce, green onions, sob, sob, I drool. I just hope I can find the new ingredients your are using to bake breads, while I am in the USA.
    My email address is [email protected]. I have been drolling over owning my own proofer ever since you mentioned it, back in 2011.

  • Naomi Scribner Drake
  • Brittany McCrigler

    I already pre-ordered (double pinky promise!), I am just deciding how many more copies I need to order for gifts! Bread plans: sourdough pretzels (that is day one!), garlic knots, and ricotta bread–also Panettone, just like my mama makes for Christmas morning, there is no way I am being left out this year!

  • Lynne

    Ordered! Order #107-4307088-6875445 from Amazon :) My BIG bread plan is to make some wonderful rolls. I miss the taste of a soft wheat roll. Can’t wait to give that yummy to my little boy. Anxiously waiting to get my book and start trying some new recipes!

  • xseannax

    I’m planning on ordering next Friday, when I can blame it on the need to shop on Black Friday but being too lazy to fight the crowds. My big plan is to get that sourdough starter going so I can bake away in Chapter 5. While I’m waiting for the starter to develop I plan on making enough potato bread so I can eat at least 3 pb&j sandwiches a day with it. For the last 6 years I’ve had to make due with smelling my husband’s potato bread and dreaming of a time when I could eat it again.

  • Mary Hall

    Of COURSE I’ve preordered the book! (Order #109-2810341-3110637) I preordered it July 29! I can’t wait to make the soft white sandwich bread.

  • Ann Meitzen

    Pinky swear I just ordered it. Can’t wait!! Although I am GF DF & egg free I am now able to use baker’s yeast in moderation. Your recipes are always the best! I would live a bread proofer!!!

  • Lisa Sherrington

    pinky swear – I pre ordered two copies from Amazon for myself and my daughter. We are all gluten free and bread making is something I struggle with. Would love to find a recipe that tastes as good as Udi bread or better! Thank you!

  • Dee Dee

    I ordered a copy back on August 12. Order #
    Order #112-8574835-1229000 Anxiously awaiting the book, but it looks like I am going to need a few things on my Christmas wish list because my kitchen doesn’t have a scale or fancy mixer, or proofer. What I really miss since going gluten free is the sourdough bread I used to dip in my clam chowder (okay so maybe it wasn’t good manners but ….Mmmmm). Hoping that there is a good sour dough recipe that even I could make.

  • Laura

    Pinky swear. I ordered months ago! For some reason I’m having trouble searching amazon for my order history. I fear yeast, but with your help, I’m going to overcome that fear! Love all you do for us, Nicole. Xo

  • Melissa

    Pinky swear I’m pre-ordering a copy of the book for a friend and I am buying the ebook for myself as soon as it becomes available. The recipe I’m most looking forward to is the Hawaiian bread recipe. It was printed on another site, so I don’t have to wait!!! After finals are over, I plan on enjoying some sweet, Hawaiian bread goodness!!! I also can’t wait for the new pizza dough recipe and the new pretzel roll recipe. :)

  • Jennifer Custer

    My favorite bread memory is stopping on my way home from work to pick up a donut for my 8 year old daughter. When you’re 8 a blueberry glazed donut just seems to make the world a better place….until you’re diagnosed with Celiac.

    We found out that our baby has Celiac almost one year ago. We set out gluten free date and we asked her what she wanted for her last “wheat eat”…it was simple, a donut from the local shop. I went in and through teary eyes ordered her donut. I barely uttered the word blueberry and began to sob. I apologized to the lady and explained to her that this was my daughters favorite treat, and the last time she could ever have it. She cried and gave me those on the house.

    Almost one year later my daughter and I have made breads, cakes, cupcakes, some amazing Gluten Free on a Shoestring Mrs. fields cookies and even donuts together. My favorite bread memory I guess is really the time I get to share with my girl…and donuts!
    Jennifer Custer
    [email protected]

  • Alexis

    We have been gluten free for about 4 years now, mainly because of my daughter’s allergy. The thing I miss most is sourdough bread. I’ve tried other recipes, but have failed. (badly). But, all your recipes have always turned out for me. (To pick my favorite bread so far would be the Japanese milk bread). So I am ready to try sourdough again! I have my book preordered!

  • LM

    This would be awesome. I have ordered 3 books.

  • Caisey

    My husband pre-ordered Bakes Bread for Christmas for me, no worries about spoiling the since surprise he told me! So first will be Cream Puffs for my doesn’t have to be gluten free spouse. He has been such a trooper through all of my cooking and baking experiments the last 4 yrs since my diagnosis with Celiac. I love to cook but especially to bake and have had lots of success with the recipes in your first 2 cookbooks. I really can’t wait to have great bread products!!! #10687645193006663

  • Edna Rodriguez

    I will definitely be ordering soon. So many choices, I don’t know what will be first, probably sandwich bread or tortillas.

  • Chris Stephan

    I pre-ordered your bread book waaayyyyy back in August! Wow, that seems like an eternity ago. Can’t wait to get it and get started baking. I’m looking forward to starting some gluten free sourdough. I loved making the evil wheat version, but since I’ve stopped eating wheat, it’s been missing from my kitchen.

    • Chris Stephan

      By the way, I just started work in a grocery store as cashier. Whenever people come through my line with gluten free products, I always tell them about your blog and your new bread book. You’re welcome! :-)

  • Shannon

    Ordering this weekend! I would definitely be making the Ritz style crackers!

  • Ciapastrygrad

    For me, it’s going to be the Cinnamon Rolls on page 166. But then I also saw the Chocolate Bread on page 65. I used to make a yeasted chocolate bread that had chocolate chips in it. It was soooooo good with mascarpone cheese on it. I miss that :( I wonder if you version is similar??? I hope so!!!

  • Autumn

    I pinky promise I pre-ordered your book on October 11th and am so very excited to get it and put it to delicious use right away. The first thing I will make is the cinnamon swirl bread because I used to make an amazing cinnamon bread that my family absolutely loved. Then I would make the hot dog buns for my youngest son, who has only been begging me to make them for like a year now. I told him I was going to buy him a hot dog bun pan for Christmas so I could make them but for some reason he didn’t find that very funny. ;) Then I will make the hoagie rolls so I can enjoy a hot meatball sub with melted mozzarella cheese and a crazy amount of sauce for dinner. And that’s only the first day of owning the book. :) Thanks for making my gluten free life just a little bit easier. Order # from Amazon 103-2118226-2272207

  • Rachel Bertagnoli

    I am going to order the book but have yet to do so yet. I promise I am going to though. I have all your other books and use them weekly. My favorite recipes open up to pages that I use the most. However I would make the pita or focaccia bread. I remember how these two breads tasted but I have yet to make them as good as I remember. Honestly it was hard to pick which one I would want to start with since they all sound so wonderful!

  • Lizz Albany

    I would love to order your book to complete my GFOAS collection and make all sorts of bread – for long lost fancy sandwiches, rolls, desserts, and my former weakness, french bread….but being a recent college grad, I don’t have the money to afford a decent mixer or other such appliances to make things like bread right now, so I have to hold off until I can scrape together the money, or something miraculous happens, like say…winning one in a giveaway contest?

  • WendyC

    I pinky promise I have just placed my order for your new book! Too bad I missed the other giveaway by a smidgen, but I would have bought your book anyway. Loved your past 2 books. I really hope to make the cinnamon swirl bread first, and next on the priority list is a nice sandwich bread. Can’t wait to get the new book…!

  • RachelVK

    I ordered the book pretty much as soon as you could order it my order # from amazon is (104-5076318-5246627).
    I cant wait to make the bagels I am soooo tired of paying over a dollar a bagel for the frozen ones in the store……………cant wait ; )

  • Rose K.

    With five GF children, we basically live and breathe your cookbooks here! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law just recently also went GF, so we’re bringing garlic parmesan breadsticks for Thanksgiving. (Quick & Easy indeed)
    I haven’t pre-ordered the book yet because on every Christmas gift wish list people have asked for has – in big bold letters – GLUTEN FREE ON A SHOESTRING BAKES BREAD PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE. If, somehow, no one gets the hint, I pinky-swear it goes in my Amazon cart the morning after Christmas. Because this California girl is dying to make sourdough.

  • Amy Fischer

    I love to make bread zucchini bread banana bread strawberry bread this would broaden my baking abilities beyond belief

  • Jenni

    I am definitely considering preordering. This book should also be in every public library! I want to make the sweet potato bread, or the cinnamon swirl bread… or …

  • Meagan

    Of course I am seriously considering preordering! I follow you on Pinterest as well as go directly to your blog! You have the best gluten free recipes!! I would love to be able to make bread at home rather than buying 2 separate breads! One for my husband who is not GF and doesn’t want to eat my GF bread since it’s so pricey, and then my GF bread! Oh my goodness we could so use this wonderful giveaway!!! My husband loves Eggs Benedict and I would be able to make us both this breakfast with the English Muffin recipe! I could make nutritious Whole Grain bread for us to eat, make french toast..the bread possibilities are endless!! I miss delicious bread and cinnamon rolls, english muffins you name it and i miss it!

  • Danielle F

    Just ordered mine amazon order number 103-8559328-1707405!! Can’t wait to explore all if my new bread options!!

  • Elizabeth Wilkinson

    What a fantastic giveaway! I already preordered (Amazon
    ORDER #108-0065375-4701861) and I’m dying for the Dec 12 delivery date). I’m definitely going to try the Cinnamon Sticky Buns as soon as humanly possible after receiving the book!

  • Emily Clark

    I am definitely, seriously, assuredly going to preorder the book this weekend! Pinky swear. It looks so fantastic and I’ve been waiting for it for months :) It’s so hard to decide… but I think I’m going to make the Sweet Potato Bread first and then since everyone else seems to be doing it, I’ll make the Cinnamon Buns! And then I’ll keep baking until I’ve tried everything. YUM!

  • Jennifer Custer
  • Jane

    My delivery date is Dec. 12th and I am looking forward to trying MANY of your recipes! Have been GZ only since January… I haven’t missed to many things of the past e x c e p t… my mom’s homemade bread. S I g h h h … Your new book gives me hope! Cinnamon rolls will be the 1st I try! Then I will conquer the rest :) (I am SO looking forward to the smell of bread baking!!!) Thank you for doing what you do and sharing with the rest of us!

  • Megan

    Thanks to Amazon Prime, I preordered the book a looong time ago, and am on (rolling) pins and (dough) hooks. I cannot wait to try the Garlic Knots, because it’s the perfect mix of my mother’s homemade rolls and all the garlic bread I’ve been missing.

  • Alisha

    Just ordered your book last night! I’m a newlywed and looking to make recipes that my gluten eating husband and I can enjoy together…without sacrificing the taste. He’s been so nice to eat the overly priced, ok tasting stuff I buy at the store but it would be awesome to have homemade pizza, pita chips, crackers, or even a sandwich on ciabatta bread. Can’t wait to try all of your recipes!!!

  • Elisabeth

    My sister pre-ordered the book for my birthday–back in August! I can’t wait to get my birthday present.
    I think the first bread recipe will be the hawaiian rolls. I feel so envious of my husband whenever he eats the prepackaged kind and I want to have some of my own that is even better. It would be so awesome to meet and bake with you!!!

  • Margaret DeVore

    Someone actually pre-ordered this book for me! And while I will probably just go through and try one of everything, I think I will attempt the Challah first.

  • Patty

    I preordered at the beginning of November (5545712-8628241). I think I’ll try the monkey bread recipe first (though I’m going to make the ritz crackers today!). Thank you for all your incredibly awesome recipes!!! Patty

  • Chris

    I stuck it on my wish list a long time ago; thanks for the reminder that I need to pull the trigger! I know I’ll have to make everything…so I’m thinking it will be best to start at the beginning and simply work my way through the pages! That way I won’t have to decide! I do really miss my grilled Swiss cheese on sourdough though….. CAN’T WAIT!


    I just pre-ordered it on Amazon! I can’t wait to make the Crusty White Sandwhich bread! We just found out about a month ago that my 2 1/2 year old is gluten-intolerant and I have yet to find a really good sandwhich bread recipe! I’m so excited to make this for him! Thank you so much for writing this book!!

  • katharine

    So excited to pre-order the book!! I am going to make soft white sandwich bread so I can have some leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches. woohoo!

  • Cathie Austin

    Book is preordered! Waiting impatiently, foot tapping for the new recipes!! :)
    My plan is to tackle Pannetone first! We miss it every Christmas!
    Maybe the challah bread next, then the Hawaiian, …. Mmm bread. Can’t wait!

  • Need A Nap

    I’m seriously seriously thinking about ordering. I’m really intimidated by trying to make gf bread (the proofer would be awesome!). We’re going gf in Jan (whole family) and my husband will be doing it for at least 3 months due to food allergy testing results (he can’t have rice either so a lot of pre-made gf mixes won’t work). I’d like to try Monkey Bread!

  • Kat Kat

    Just ordered 2 books for myself and my cousin. My mother has long passed away but she becomes front and center when I smell Popovers. There is something primal about popovers in fall, with any savory dinner fixings. Mom would bring out her cast iron well used popover pan and we knew a treat was in the works. Nobody was late for dinner on those heady days!

    In my Amazon cart is a brand new cast iron popover pan to go with the book. I’ve been a Celiac for 20 years now and I have to admit, my food life has been easier because of writers like you. Re-inventing recipes for GF. I can admit to making more bread bricks than I can count over the years…Thank you for what you do!

  • Gayle Moeller

    Ok, my order prook is right below this…I don’t know why it’s so tiny, but it’s there!
    First project? Levain Boule! Prior to diagnoses I was an accomplished sourdough baker and had a 110 year old starter culture and a 5 year old motherdough. I have very high hopes for Nicole’s method!
    Now to wait patiently for the book to ship, sigh.

  • Melissa Higbee

    I ordered a while back and my family is probably tired of me giving the countdown to delivery. (Only a couple more weeks, right?!?!?) Order #105-3839493-5073846
    Garlic knots, tiger rolls and bagels! Oh my!

  • Melissa Mena

    I have this on my amazon wishlist and have been dropping hints like crazy to my family! I will probably break down and order it myself, Christmas is just too far away. The first thing I would make, Challah for sure!

  • Wendy Annal

    I pinky swear! Right now, I am new to gluten-free, and my doc is considering testing me for intolerance or celiac. I have felt so much healthier since coming off gluten a month ago, however, so whatever the result of testing, I would definitely bake gluten free bread. Something crusty – like the crusty white bread would be my first go-to recipe. Then definitely naan bread as I eat a lot of Indian food. You need naan to mop up all those delicious sauces!
    [email protected]

  • Carole

    I pre-ordered my book and I received this email this morning from amazon…

    We have received new release date information related to the order you
    placed on October 14, 2013 (Order# 112-9735914-7211445). The item(s)
    listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based
    on the new release date:

    Hunn, Nicole “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels, Buns, and More)”
    Previous estimated arrival date: December 12, 2013
    New estimated arrival date: November 30, 2013

    Do you know what this means? I will be baking bread sooner than I thought. Woo Hoo!! I can not wait to see this book.

    Come spend the day with me! We would have such a good time. What a fun contest.

  • Tamara Henry

    I pre-ordered this book AGES ago. Wholegrain bagels will be the first order of business. I used to practically live on wood-fired oven baked bagels from the Eau Claire Market in Calgary. It’s been 15 years since I’ve had one of those and 4 years since I’ve had a bagel of any description. I can’t wait. Would love to win a stand mixer to help with all these recipes : )

  • Amy Oliver

    This cookbook and website are amazing, going to order from amazon asap to start baking gluten free breads with character and top secret tips from YOU, Nicole. In my previous life I was a pastry chef and made awesome sourdoughs, but since a diagnosis of Celiac after my daughter was born I’ve quit trying to make “real” bread, just too disappointing, but your book in the mail is giving me hope…
    thank you!

  • Amy2

    I do promise to order the book at B&N when I go there to do my gift shopping. My first order of business will be cinnamon rolls. I drool when my sister makes them (with gluten) and really miss them from my gluten days!

  • Robert Ryan

    I ordered your gluten free bread book on June 17, 2013 from Amazon – a LONG time ago! I have been an artisan bread baker for years – sourdoughs, whole grain hearth breads, ciabattas, and many, many other wonderful breads. My wife’s gluten intolerance, and my own recent wheat allergy have really put a crimp in our diet! I really look forward to seeing how you approach baking bread without wheat. My first bread will be your Levain Boule, I can hardly wait for the book to arrive. According to Amazon, that will be on November 30. Bread rules, and so do you!
    ORDER #102-1213070-4594611.

  • Cristina Garcia

    HI Nicole. I ordered your book back over the summer. I plan on being a complete fatty and making the Monkey bread the moment I get the book in the mail. Im sure it will be amazing

  • Kimber

    I haven’t ordered yet, but I will!!!! I’m pretty sick of paying $6/loaf for mediocre frozen grocery store gluten-free bread and have been planning to start making my own. Everything sounds great, but I think I’ll start with the sourdough! :-)

  • Maria

    Hi Nicole, I pre-ordered your book from Amazon order # 116-1324925-5224228
    I would like to make the Cinnamon Swirl Bread first i think. I’m hoping that you don’t have to have that proofer you are giving away to make the recipes in this new book. I have to tell I’ve been making the Gluten Free Pumpkin Pecan Bread and everyone has loved it. Friends and family. I’ve made 4 loaves and will baking a couple for Thanksgiving. It is a Keeper!!!

  • Katy

    I pre-ordered – pinky swear! I will be making hot dog and hamburger buns first.

  • Tammy Burnes-Manning

    Ever since buying your first book and the essentials you need in your kitchen….I have been asking for this mixer. I am buying this book and I would love this tool to make the best breads. I am celiac x1year and have 5 Family members that are also we have had to learn to cook…..I so want!!!!

  • Kathleen

    I love baking and when my husband found out he was a severe ciliac I
    thought my baking days were over. I found this sight and bought you
    first book and am sooo happy I did. I love better batter and I bake for
    my family and friends all the time and no one would even know it was
    gluten free. Now when it comes to bread I have still yet to master it. I
    will definitely be buying this book and hope I can finally make some
    edible bread lol.

  • Deborah

    I pre-ordered your bread book! (Amazon order #002-3037505-7990652). I will be making either pita or bagels first, or maybe both!

  • Hurley

    I have the book in my amazon wishlist {along with all your other books!} in hopes for a christmas surprise from a family member. If not, then I’ll be ordering after the holidays! I am hoping to try to make something I’ve never made before, like GF croissants or GF pie crust!

  • Patricia Mitts

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book since August! Can’t wait to try the ricotta bread and find tips for making bread that doesn’t sink in the middle after it’s baked. I bake for my co-workers, many which are celiac or prefer to be gluten free.. I can always use a kitchen aide mixer to make this easier.

  • Debrah

    I just ordered it! Order Number: 106-6706645-9597061
    The first thing I’m going to make is Panettone!! And then Cinnamon Swirl bread and then bagels!

  • Summar Ann Evans

    Here’s a screen cap of my order! I’m so excited! This giveaway looks awesome! I didn’t look at the table of contents yet but those Olive Garden breadsticks are awfully tempting! I just made two recipes of the pie crust you recently posted. One vegan & one not. I’m interested to see if they are very different. Can’t wait til thanksgiving! :)

  • Susanne

    Just pre-ordered! Order#: 104-8580163-8813838 with amazon.
    My best friend is gluten intolerant and always looks at my “normal” bread with almost tears in her eyes. I tried to bake her bread with the of the shelf gluten free mixes…but as a bread baker that is just no fun. So I did some research and found out about your book and this giveaway. The first recipe I want to try is the Levain Boule Bread, because that seems to be the closest to the sourdough bread I am baking and then show her that it is not only possible but yummy to bake gluten free! If I win the baking with you, I will give the honors to my friend!

  • LooseCard

    As I am just getting into this for our friend has found she is intolerant, I don’t have any cookbooks dedicated to GF-life *yet….
    But a win like this, would require me to get all 3, to justify the equipment!
    (going to try the Spoonbread for her, for T-day!)

  • Gayle Moeller

    Nicole! You’re Number One, You’re Number One!!!
    Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels, Buns, and More) by Nicole Hunn (Dec 10, 2013)
    $18.99 $14.78 Paperback
    In stock on November 27, 2013
    More Buying Choices – Paperback
    $11.37 new (5 offers)
    $11.38 used (3 offers)
    #1 Best Seller in Biscuit, Muffin & Scone Baking
    FREE Shipping on orders over $35
    Books: See all 11 items

  • Denise

    I ordered the book on November 18th (107-6905018-8951437) from Amazon and I’m looking forward to it. I found out I was GF just 6 weeks ago and I am thrilled to have discovered your web site (at the recommendation of a GF friend). If I can get good at baking bread, it will really help adjust to living this way. Thanks!

  • Denise

    Oops! I forgot to say my Bread Plan is for a Whole Grain Boule, first. Then Oatmeal Bread.

  • stef

    My pre-order is in my Amazon cart and ready to click once I complete today’s shopping. I’m hoping to get back to making our household bread again and am counting on your recipes to make lovely, tasty, tender loaves to please my husband (a Bread Fanatic) and keep us away from the wheat/glutens that make me feel ill (crohn’s disease). My first try will probably be something to have with our coffee in the morning. Toast slathered with butter (from grass-fed, organic) melting with honey. Man, do I miss this! This mixer and breadproofer!?! Heaven! I so want them. I will be delighted for the winner – and hope to be her :D

    • stef

      Have been reading more about this proofer. . . I’ve always had a problem with consistently well-risen dough. And now that we’re going GF, I’m really scared that things just won’t work for me. This isn’t just a want. It’s a need!

  • Jennifer Lomax Wu

    I am putting your book on my holiday wish list. A big huge hint will be going to my husband. If the hubby doesn’t come through I will purchase the book on my own. I desperately want to try the monkey bread, flour tortillas, and soft pretzels to start. I have missed so many of my childhood favorites but still make them for my kids with wheat flour.

  • Hilma

    Hi, I’m Anneke’s mom and I just ordered 2 copies of your new bread book. The first thing I plan to make is French bread. Thanks for your good books.

  • Hilma

    Here’s my 2nd entry because I ordered two books. I’ll make English muffins.

  • espuma-del-mar

    it is on my list. my hubs is def ordering it for me bc he KNOWS all about your delicious recipes and my love of recipe books.

    soft pretzels, here i come.

  • LM

    I have ordered 3 books and can’t wait to get them. The first thing I want to make is pizza which is what I miss the most.

  • Heather Ordover

    Whoo hoo! Amazon Order Number: 110-3567207-4668208! Thank you for making life bearable. I have a number of friends who are GF or have spouses or kids who are (or, ahem, need to be). Whooo hook! Yay You!!!

  • Shelby Ane Hawkes

    Putting the book on my Christmas wishlist!!!! I want to try my hand at whole wheat bread! I’m just beginning here :)

  • Danielle

    i have celiac and am always on the lookout for new books on GF cooking and i really enjoy your blog!! I’m DEFINITELY considering a preorder when I get paid next week! I’m an adamant corn tortilla cook, but I’d love to try your whole grain flour recipe!

  • PSW

    On my list for the hubby ;) Along with the normal breads – want to try some international varieties as well!!

  • Suranna Wallace Michael

    I have been wanting to start making my own bread and this would be an awesome book to start with.

  • Lisa Mullen Armiento

    I am seriously considering ordering your book, as more and more of my friends and family require gluten free foods and I am always on the lookout for recipes I can share with them from my kitchen, as baking is one of my better hobbies!

  • Katy Arteaga

    Adding book to my X-mas wish list! I’m sure it will be great!! Can’t wait to try the recipes! :)

  • marind

    This is on my Christmas wish list for my husband and my sister (who drew my name in the family present drawing). I am hard to buy for so to actually have something on my list other than a gift card, this should make it under my tree. I want to try the pita bread. Yum!

  • Sari C

    Your book looks fabulous. It looks like it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for myself and all of my bread making friends.

  • Chantelle

    I will be ordering the book after the holidays when we move into our new home; currently sitting in an empty house, haha. I do all my bread by hand as I have no stand mixer. I would love to win this and give my hands a break. I have had my eye on it for awhile. I would make first thing, loafs of different oat breads and then muffins.

  • Dorian Taylor

    I will seriously pre-order your book. I would love to be able to make homemade bread for my family. It would be a whole lot cheaper for me to make bread instead of buying bread 3 days a week.

  • akhawsy

    I’m definitely seriously considering ordering this awesome cookbook! Gluten-free is HUGE right now and I have friends asking me all the time if I can whip up something GF for them! I’ve been mostly into cakes and cookies but I want to attempt something in the world of bread…maybe some fluffy irresistible biscuits! :)

  • Tori Bee

    I’m DEFINITELY going to order a couple books for gifts for my family! We’ve been on the hunt for solid GF bread recipes! I can’t wait to try the Japanese Milk Bread!

  • Marilyn Hansen

    This book has now been added to my stocking stuffer list from my hubbie! I can’t wait to see and pit it to good use, of course the mixer and bread proofer would make my baking a lot easier!

  • Cristy Elzinga

    I am definitely going to consider getting this book! Our family is currently in the process of going Gluten Free. I really want to make some of the “special” things like english muffins and bagels!

  • Robin

    I’m new to your blog, but glad I found you. I’ll seriously consider ordering the cookbook. The first thing I’d make is the easiest bread recipe I could find!

  • Penni

    Seriously considering ordering Bakes Bread!

  • victorial1210

    This book is DEFINITELY on my Christmas list. And if Santa doesn’t bring it, I’ll definitely be ordering myself. With my mom’s chronic fibromyalgia, they recommended that she eat gluten free, but the bread is just so hard to make without a mixer! I hope that I win this amazing prize, especially considering the contest ends on my birthday! I could make chocolate bread that ALL of my family could enjoy (instead of a cake that my mom has to skip)!

  • Bridget

    Seriously considering ordering Bread Bakes…I’m new to GF and have discovered the benefits for me!

  • Heidi Stone – Pebblechaser

    This is on my Christmas list with big stars!!! Although, I will probably buy it for myself!! As a family recently diagnosed with wheat sensitivities, a family history of celiac, I am doing all I can to keep us eating good food that doesn’t hurt!!!! And this mixer… I’m feeling the love! PIck me!!! Pick Me!!! :)

  • Tammy

    This book is now on my Christmas wish list.

  • Whitney S.

    I am definitely considering getting this book! My mom is gluten free and visiting soon. I really want to make her anything so that her AND my husband can enjoy the same meals I prepare!

  • Deborah Vargas

    Definitely interested in getting this book. I would definitely do the Soft Olive Garden-Style breadsticks. My husband adores those breadsticks ^___^

  • Gail Murphy

    Cant wait to try the Ciabatta bread…just love it, and love your recipes!!!

  • mom’s finest

    I can’t wait to make the English Muffin bread on pg 74! and my holiday list has been amended to included Bread Bakes. It will make a gift that will be appreciated, too.

  • Leslie

    I haven’t pre-ordered this yet, but I will. My mom actually showed me your website recently and I’ve been hooked. I would definitely be going for sourdough bread! My mom would probably go for the ricotta cheese bread.

  • Kali Curlee

    Hi Nicole,
    I came across your giveaway on the KitchenAid Facebook page. I would only be able to make the recipes in your book if I win the Mixer and dough hook. I have always wanted one, but haven’t put the money into it. I would love to buy the book and the first recipe I would make is the cinnamon rolls! They are my husband’s favorite (and the rest of us would gobble them up, too). Thank you for this awesome opportunity! (P.S.) I have four kids, so I would get so much use out of the book and the mixer!

  • Patricia

    Wow. This is exciting. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  • Angelica

    I am definitely considering pre-ordering the book! Maybe even two, I have someone in mind that would love it also!

  • Randy Goss

    Thank you so much!! I pinky swear that I am going to buy your book!! i just finished Wheat Belly and I am transforming my families food and diet….and the kids are not so happy… :( I stumbled upon your website and I think it is the hope that I have been searching for.

    I can’t wait to try the soft white sandwich bread…I think this is what the kids will miss the most.

    In the end, I think we will all be winners with your cookbook…it would be nice to win the prizes too!!!!

  • Rebecca Green

    How could I possibly only pick one recipe?! The first recipe I would try is the brioche. I’m currently going to culinary school, studying baking and pastry, and want to learn as much as I can about gluten free baking. I’ve got a few friends who are dedicated to living gluten free and would like to be able to make them delicious bread that they can enjoy. This book is on my wishlist for my birthday this year, it’ll be my present to myself.

  • Dez

    I pre-ordered it, the book looks amazing! I always loved making bread, it was one of my favorite things to do.. I think my grandmother had something to do with it. But since I was diagnosed with Celiac’s diease, I haven’t done much of that. I’m excited to make some gluten-free delicious bread..and punch it it, too. :)

  • Debbie Somers Johnson

    I never heard of a proofer. I’m a bread baking grasshopper

  • Kevin Pollack

    This book looks great. I think I have a present for my wife this Christmas now.
    But because of her, I think the first recipe I’d have to try is the naan bread. She’d flip if I could make that.

  • Barbara Gibbs

    Love making bread for the family. This cookbook would be perfect! There are so many recipies I want to try, I can’t pick the one I’d make first. The mixer would also be put to great use :)

  • Sarah Dellinger

    The book looks amazing! Going to pre-order after hubby’s next paycheck as part of christmas for me :)

  • Kelcey

    I am seriously considering buying the book as a gift for a family member who has been gluten free for years! I would love to try making the cinnamon swirl bread!

  • Sarah

    Pre-ordered on Amazon! I’m looking forward to trying my hand on the sandwich bread . . . my family lives on paninis during Saturdays in the winter and I want to see if my husband will notice the difference if I make a GF bread!

  • Annette

    Thinking about the book for my sister and for me, she is gluten free and for health reason I am cutting the gluten out of my diet, I love the way fresh bread smells when it is baking in the oven.

  • Lisa

    Will definitely be ordering this book as a Christmas gift for my sister who had to start a gluten free diet. She’s struggled to find good recipes for breads. It will be fun to bake up some bread with her and my nieces. :)

  • Erica Hudson

    I love baking and have so many friends who are gf and would love some recipes for them! I am going to Amazon now to pre-order.

  • amanda ayala

    I am seriously seriously SERIOUSLY considering buying your book. My husband and I collect cook books all the time and they vary in all topics and interests. This would be an amazing addition to the collection. What would I make you ask? Japanese milk bread sounds amazing! We’re crazy bakers and cooks in the kitchen. This would be wonderful to own!

  • Desirae T.

    I would absolutly buy you beautiful book if I had a decent mixer. Mine is a hand held 25 year old yellow (was once white) dinosaur.

  • Margery Jones

    I am SERIOUSLY Considering ordering your book. I would love to make the potato bread. It would be a welcome addition to my cookbook collection!

  • Gisele McMullen Oakes

    Just ordered through B&N, #687832314. Haven’t made bread in ages, can’t wait to try some of your GF recipes, maybe olive bread!

  • Kim Wood

    I’m seriously considering getting your book. BIG Bread Plans to make lots of bread, love homemade bread especially those wonderful bread baking smells.

  • linda tanzini

    Going to order book tomorrow from amazon, already have the other two

  • Tanya Petersheim

    Thinking about this book – my daughter is quite the bread maker!

  • tweetyscute

    I am SERIOUSLY Considering ordering your book for my sister I think she will share. My bread plan is to start with the sourdough soft pretzel

  • Jennafer White

    I pre-ordered my book on Amazon! I can not wait to make sourdough pancakes. I grew up eating gluten filled sourdough everyday. I miss it so much!

  • Kelly Spinks

    We just have gone GF in the last 6 months, my daughter was diagnosed with Celiacs. Yours is the only cookbook that I have purchased. I have your first book already, kindle version. But am really just now getting into all the baking from scratch, realizing that we can afford all the premade stuff and that your recipes are just much better than most of the store bought stuff for a fraction of the cost. I will definately be purchasing the new bread book, once I have some spare money, things are very tight right now, which is why my breads from your book requiring a paddle attachment and a bowl mixer are not turning out perfectly. I have wanted a bowl/stand mixer for a long time, just can’t afford one. I can’t wait to try the pumpernickle bread, my favorite, or the crescent rolls, which my whole family has been craving since going GF.

  • Kathryn Borg

    I would love to have that for cooking and baking! I live with 2 men who love my cooking and I would LOVE to have one! The book however is on order from the library.

  • Gailard

    I am SERIOUSLY Considering ordering your book when I am finished remodeling my kitchen.

  • Tamar Frankel

    Just found your blog and so glad I did! After checking out the table of contents, I SERIOUSLY plan to buy your book! I think the first recipe I will try will be the braided challah, because I used to make challah by scratch all the time before going GF. Definitely will have to also give garlic knots and cheese bread a try too!

  • terry

    I am seriously loving your table of contents and you book is on my ‘to purchase’ list! The first recipe that I would make is the Cinnamon bread, but that wouldn’t be the last!

  • Debi H.

    I seriously want this book!! I have tried many different gluten free bread recipes with mixed results…most of them not good. It is going on my “wish list” for Christmas!! I promise, promise, promise that I am seriously considering purchasing it…or should I say my husband will be purchasing it :) The first recipe that I want to try is Whole Grain Bagels.

  • Jessica

    I’m considering your book & would love to win the prize! I’m all about pizza dough, so if you have a good recipe, that’d be my go to! Also, sandwich bread for my kids.

  • Kathy K

    my 3 yr old grandson is doing so much better since he has gone gluten free, I think I will have to buy the cookbook for my daughter for Christmas. Cinnamon bread sounds wonderful!

  • Michele

    I’m really considering ordering right after Christmas low on funds now.

  • Annel Pereyra

    I am definitely going to consider getting this book! Our family is currently in the process of going Gluten Free. I really want to make some of the “special” things like apple pie, cheesecakes!!!!

  • Marie Borgesson

    I have put in my “wish” for Santa for your book, but if Santa doesn’t get the hint I will definitely be getting it on my own when it reaches the UK!
    The first thing I will try will be your Cinnamon Rolls! My mum used to make gorgeous cinnamon rolls when I was little and I have taken over the family recipe. Sadly since I’ve become gluten intolerant I can’t eat them anymore so I haven’t had any for years and years. I so want to try your cinnamon rolls and the cinnamon swirl bread! I’ve even imported some pearl sugar to put on top like we traditionally do in Sweden :D

  • Hillary H

    I have put this on my Christmas wish list but I might cheat and order it for myself. :) I have such lousy luck with bread of any kind I am hoping your book will at least allow my to get to the edible stage. You have taught me SO SO much about GF baking lets hope you can work your magic with bread too!

  • Green

    I’ve been waiting since this past summer for the new book, on order at Amazon! That mixer would come in very handy, since my smaller KitchenAid doesn’t quite do the trick. Looking forward to some new bread recipes. Pizza dough that isn’t like a cracker? Cinnamon bread? Hope so!

  • Doris Hull

    I pre-ordered your new book as soon as you mentioned it in your blog. Can hardly wait for it to arrive. Know it will be filled with delicious recipes also. Happy holidays to you and your family. Love, Doris Hull

  • Leigh Ann

    I love your blog and have learned so much, this is my first thanksgiving Gluten free for 28 people, I am making your GF green bean casserole, crescents and fried onion topper. I orderedyour newest book and all the other ones on amazon by you as well! Thanks again
    The above is a copy link from by Facebook post about your book

    • Nicole Hunn

      HI, Leigh Ann! You’re going to do great! I would love to see the Facebook post, but when I click that link it says the content is “unavailable.” Could you try again? I’d love to see!

  • Susan Pearlman

    I was so excited when I saw your book I didn’t even know I was preordering! #102-7858283-9595460 my order # from Amazon. I can’t wait to try the bagels! I found your site when I googled GF Xmas cookies. Tomorrow is our annual “cookie bake” with my kids and sisters. I’m trying the Chocolate Thumbprint cookies, yum! Thanks for all your amazing recipes.

  • Jessica Kuzma

    Since I know I am getting an Amazon gift card for x-mas, I now know what I will buy with it so I can make the brown butter banana bread!

  • Heather

    Hi Nicole, I preordered back in June!!!:

    June 19, 2013
    Order Details | Invoice
    ORDER #103-4852728-3083423
    RECIPIENT Heather Soler

    I’ve made every yeasted bread you’ve come up with. While I really love the refrigerated yeast dough so I can have fresh baked bread all the time, I still love your original sourdough bread recepie from your original book too! I’m really looking forward to your latest masterpiece:)

  • Brenda Rose Prell

    I haven’t pre-ordered the book because I’m broke as a joke, but have asked for it as a Christmas gift! It looks AMAZING! I hope I win!

  • Alyson

    I just received my copy of your book yesterday – yippee! I can’t wait to make the Lean Crusty Whole-Grain Bread for my boyfriend, who has Celiac disease! I also have about a dozen other recipes marked to try as soon as possible – but I need to somehow acquire a stand mixer before I’m able to make most of them!!

  • Karen

    Bakes Bread arrived today and I couldn’t be more excited! After over a decade of buying expensive mixes that yield cardboard-like consistency and trying recipes that just didn’t work, I have had nothing but success in following your recipes. It’s obvious that you test, test, test before you put it out there, and I appreciate your tips, especially about oven temp calibration.

    What am I baking first? Bagels and pizza dough.

    • Nicole Hunn

      Yay! So glad your book arrived, Karen! Oh, I do test test test like a mad scientist. That’s my job! Can’t wait to hear how you make out with bagels and pizza! xo Nicole

  • Stephanie

    I’m really frustrated that there’s apparently no way to even get Expandex in Canada — none of the places that have it that I can find have a functional checkout, and there’s no substitutes whatsoever, which makes the book useless to me. Also, their webpage no longer has ‘where to buy’. My husband is gluten-intolerant, and we were really looking forward to using your book, but without Expandex, there’s no real use.

    Also, your book becomes useless if the company stops making the product. I understand that it’s really useful, but it’s really limiting to people outside of the US.

    • Nicole Hunn

      Hi, Stephanie, I can understand how frustrated you are. Don’t worry – there is already at least one option and I’m working on another. The first option is that Navan Foods reached out to me yesterday and explained that they are willing to ship Expandex to Canada for my readers. It won’t be cheap, but they’re willing to do it if you want the product. The other option I’m working on is Better Batter. They have told me that they are willing to carry Expandex, and we are trying to work out the details. If they do, I am hopeful that they will ship it to Canada since they already sell product there. So, take heart! We’ll figure it out. That, and amazon also carries another product called Ultratex that is the same ingredient, just much stronger. I am trying to figure out the conversion, as it is cheaper and more available, but I haven’t nailed it just yet. Stay tuned!

      • Gayle Moeller

        Ooooh, please work on the Ultratex conversion! I’m in Alaska so Navan Foods and Better Batter shipping rates are too cost prohibitive for me. I have Ultratex on hand and am going to start experimenting on my own now too while I wait for your book to arrive (either tomorrow or the next day, Yay!!!)

  • Sarah

    I just ordered all 3 of your books from Amazon! Order #108-3542535-4550643
    I am making your gluten free cherry pie for Thanksgiving (in the oven now) and got super excited about the sourdough soft pretzels and hawaiian rolls! Thank you!

  • Ana

    I’m really considering ordering your book to add to my collection. I just recently started making bread at home and this will be a good add : )

  • Jane MacDonald

    Ordered the new Gluten Free Bakes Bread…Amazon Order #115-7830666-2705048. Just made your awesome French Bread for Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for gluten free baking! My Big Bread Plans are to make the Oatmeal bread. Thanks so much!

  • Whitney Edwards

    I am baking & pastry student at Johnson & Wales University and I’m strongly considering getting your book because I love baking and I want to be able to expand my horizons in bread baking. We don’t really have a lot of focus on gluten-free in my bread baking classes because of time constraints, but I understand the rise of gluten allergies and intolerance, so I’m definitely interested in learning more. All I have is my word to go on.

    There are so many to choose from but I think I would want to do the pizza dough first. My roommates and I are constantly experimenting with pizza dough and toppings. So I think thin crust pizza dough would be my big bread plans.

  • Laura

    Hi Nicole… Saying thanks to you today. I made the popovers for Thanksgiving dinner and they turned out great. I just recently discovered your blog and I am so amazed at the wonderful gluten-free products you have developed. I am a registered dietitian and I have been eating a FODMAP IBS diet for a few years. I never really had time to explore baking gluten-free products so I just been buying things. I love how consistently wonderful all of your recipes turn out. Thank you for everything you do! I just ordered the bread book and all of the things I need for it on the Internet (expandex from Natures Market). I will definitely start my baking with PIZZA – thick crust & thin crust and invite all of my friends for lunch. I hope you’re there. Happy Thanksgiving Nicole. ( Amazon order number #103-4911163-6630650).

  • Tracey O.

    Hi Nicole, I just found your website a couple of days ago and am eager to try some of your recipes. I have three GF kids and bake all the time for them. I purchased your Bread book Order #112-5697648-1401047 and I think bagels will be on the list to try first! Thanks so much!!

  • Sara Fink

    I am so excited! I received my preorederd cookbook today and I can’t wait to make some delisious GF bread! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Charles Watson

    I just encountered your site and your book looks great. I’ll definitely consider making a purchase, especially since I just recently decided I need to start making my own bread – it would be a lot cheaper than buying. My BIG bread plans would start with the lean crusty whole-grain bread, and then probably one of the yeast-free quick breads. Winning the 6-quart KitchenAid stand mixer and the Brod & Taylor bread proofer and yogurt maker are just what I need to get started, with you teaching!

  • elaine

    I’m definitely considering buying your book. (Would’ve pre-ordered already, but hubby just had an operation, so money’s tight. :-/) Hopefully we can take care of the bills soon.

    My big bread plan is to make the potato bread, as that’s the bread my mom would make for our family when we were kids. She’d use it to make loaves and rolls, as well as sticky pecan rolls. So good!

    Thanks for all you do; I’ve found your site so full of wonderful recipes and helpful ideas.

  • Kami Ryplewski

    I just pre-ordered on Amazon estimated delivery is Dec 13th!!!! I am excited for all your recipes but I think my daughter would love Hot Cross Buns pg 147. I can give you the order number if you email of pm me on FB. I am so happy I bought this book and cannot wait to receive it. I love your FB page and am very happy you are on there. Thanks, Kami Ryplewski

  • Patty Faley

    I just ordered the book on Amazon. I have always made bread for my family and have been trying to make really good gluten free bread since needing to give up gluten last year. I would love to be able to knead bread again. I want to try bagels first.

  • Melissa B.

    Nicole, I am so excited for you and your new cookbook! My sister uses a cookbook of yours and tells me it is the BEST. I am seriously considering buying your bread book, as my kids are now going gluten free with me. Even though I have been baking for decades, I have not been very successful with gluten free yeast breads. They seem to be a breed of their own. My first recipe to try would probably be the braided challah, as I haven’t braided bread in years.

  • Nicki

    I am going to order 2 books one for me and one my dear friend. My doctor has changed my diet and I am going to add gluten free to it but really was not looking forward to nev having bread again ! After checking out your site I am encouraged and feel more confident about taking this leap with my entire family . Thanks so much! I am looking forward to the cinnamon rolls and having sandwiches again!!!!!!:)


  • Ann Louise Lyman

    I ordered my book at Amazon: Order #105-7798801-5025806
    Placed on
    Sunday, November 24, 2013 and the book has already arrived!! I plan to make oatmeal and cheese breads immediately!
    This is a great idea for a promotion. I hope I win the mixer!! Thanks, Ann

  • Brad G

    I got the book, order #110-1375707-3406624 – and I can’t wait to make the cheese bread. I just have to buy all the stuff, whey protein isolate and Expandex. Looking forward!!

  • Carrie

    I ordered the book last week (Order #109-1248807-8717836) and the first item i would like to try and make is pizza crust. i so dearly love a good homemade pizza and have been missing that desparately. I must echo what so many have said here before. Your recipes are wonderful and i can not tell you how much i appreciate that you have made this gluten-free ‘thing’ so much easier.

  • ASL

    My Order #114-4126033-3439427 arrived today. I prepared flour blends over the weekend to be ready to roll. Flipping pages quickly to find a starting point.

  • Barbara Printz

    My amazon pre order # 104-0051145-1689804 arrived a few days ago. My daughter has been GF for 5 months now and I have ordered your earlier cookbooks for her. I am trying out GF recipes for her, as she doesn’t have much time since she is a middle school teacher and coach. Is there an option other than Expandex to try in the baking mix until it becomes available? Have you gotten any feedback or ideas on changes for high altitude bread baking? Enjoyed reading your book, looking forward to actually baking some bread.

  • Tammy

    I just got my book delivered last night!!! I have been waiting FOREVER, it seems! Thank you so much for putting together such a truly beautiful book! I can’t wait to make the Hot Cross Buns! The Panettone?!! Are you kidding me? I just saw this recipe! My, my, my! I have a lot of bread to bake!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this giveaway!

  • Jennifer C

    My book should be arriving today from Amazon! (Order # #105-1074333-7311447). I can’t wait to try the thick crust pizza. I’ve been missing thick crust pizza.

  • Sidescroller

    Ordered the book from Amazon for my wife! (Can’t figure out the order # since I used someone else’s account, sorry, but it already arrived!) My plan? Eat whatever the heck she makes, because she’s amazingly talented, and everything she bakes is heavenly. I just let her do her thing.

  • Kari L

    It has been my tradition to make cinnamon rolls and bring them to my dad’s for Christmas breakfast. He won’t let me in the door Christmas eve unless I show proof that I have the rolls with me! Due to health issues I’ve looked into going GF and eliminating wheat from my diet. I’m ordering your first book and if some strong hints don’t have your latest in my Christmas stocking then I’ll order it myself!

  • Bella

    My book came on Saturday!
    Pain Au Levain will be the first bread we bake.
    There is this Greek dish called Stifado. It is traditionally made with rabbit, but we like to substitute chicken. It is a slow cooked stew of meat, onions, garlic, tomato, red wine, cinnamon…etc…You must have a crusty bread to accompany it to soak up all of the amazing sauce it creates…and we cannot wait!

  • Kathleen

    Just placed my order from Amazon 116-913…. and can’t wait. My husband used to bake french bread and was getting good at it before his GF days put a stop to that. Hope he can start again. I’m ready for some good sticky buns.
    I’m also excited that you’ll have a chance to come to our house and help us with the baking :-)
    I’ve just recently discovered your blog and have been thrilled with my baking results. Things taste and look great! Thanks for all your work.

  • Jessica

    I’ve been doing a ton of vegan baking lately and my next plan is to get into gluten-free. Your book is next on my list!

  • gkleing3

    I’ve got the brioche slow raising is the fridge as we speak…or as I type. (Is it still called typing or is it always texting if it’s digital?). Anyway. I’ve been reading Bakes Bread since it arrived, on Monday ? Maybe, and settled on the brioche as my first attempt. Is it an attempt even if it’s a sure thing being from GFOASS ?? ;-)

    • Nicole Hunn

      Typing, I think, gkleing! I think brioche is a great first bread to bake. It is a highly enriched bread, so it doesn’t have to rise for too too long in the refrigerator. Plus, it should be quite easy to handle. I can absolutely promise you that the recipe is sound, but I think you’re right to call it an “attempt” since yeast bread baking, gluten or gluten free, is a process and something of an art. But I have absolutely no doubt that you will get there!

  • Pearl

    I have your cookbook on my Christmas wishlist so hopefully I have a copy soon. I really miss having cinnamon buns so that’s probably where I’ll start. I already have your first cookbook and love it.

  • Cincicake

    I pre-ordered the book and was given a date in Mid-Dec. but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived on 11/29. I opened the book and when I saw the loaf of braided bread I could have cried. I had no trouble adjusting to a gluten-free diet except when it came to yeast breads. I love working with the dough and I have not been able to work with a decent dough since going gluten-free. Just pouring a batter into the pan doesn’t give me my “fix” for baking. Thank you so much for a great book. And, thank you for all the flour blend recipes you share.

  • Liz Kinsch

    Order ID is 107-7979852-9352230. I’m so excited to bake from this book! I’ve already made the biscuits, and they received rave reviews, but I’m really excited to get started on yeast breads. My ingredients arrived this evening and I am looking forward to starting with the white bread. Thank you so much!

    • emk

      Just wanted to update – I made the lean white sandwich loaf. My celiac 6 year old ate three slices and was so happy. He hasn’t eaten more than a few bites of any other gf bread since his diagnosis over the summer. I can’t thank you enough Nicole!!!

      • Nicole Hunn

        That is so great, emk! Thank you so much for reporting back! I’m so happy to see that so many people are starting with that recipe, as it’s my favorite loaf bread from the book and really shows off what this new bread can do! If you are willing to leave a review of the book on, I’d be so appreciative. Tell the world!

        • emk


  • JessMal

    I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, considering this bread book, but I feel like I need to go get the “quick” one first. Big bread plans are seeing if I can use my bread machine for any of the recipes. It’s the only way I can find time to bake bread at all!

  • mrsmck

    Just “stumbled” onto your site by “accident” earlier this week and am so very thankful. Recently discovered (last 30 days!) that I’m gluten intolerant and realizing the huge change that must be mastered and it’s so hard to live without bread!!! :) I havent ordered the book (s) but really want to. Since having to buy gluten free foods, I don’t have the budget to do it right now though. BUT i put ALL your books on my Christmas wish list, so I hope to get at least one then maybe. Thank you so so so much for doing this blog!!!! It’s so incredible helpful and encouraging!!! It’s nice to know that I (and my family) can still eat “good stuff” even tho we’re committed to being gluten free in our home!!! Thanks again!

  • Kathleen M Gorman


    I just bought: ‘Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread: (Biscuits, Bagels, Buns, and More)’ by Nicole Hunn
    Wow Nicole! Your
    blog is crazy helpful. I helped to start a support group in the
    Cincinnati area many years ago and I like to think about what it was
    like back then. I just discovered you about a month ago and I keep
    wondering,”I wonder why she gives out all of this great information for
    free?” Finally an approach to GF baking that is so unique and makes so
    much sense, Thank you so much! Have a great holiday and I’ll see you
    in my kitchen very soon!

  • Debra Lee

    The hubs won’t let me order so I know this is a Christmas present f
    or me yay! All I want for Christmas is your book and that bread proofer!

  • RL

    I just received your new book and am very disappointed because both my daughter and I have a dairy allergy as well as a gluten allergy… so we cannot use your mix with whey protein. Any suggestions for a substitute? We would really appreciate it!

    • Nicole

      RL, please see the suggestions in the book for “if you’re dairy free.” I discuss the subject rather extensively. I don’t have the book in front of me, but it’s around page 10. I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the book.

    • Nicole Hunn

      RL, there is an explicit section in the book on what dairy-free substitutions I recommend for whey protein isolate, and how best to use them, immediately after the section on the flour blends. Please turn to pages 10-11 under the heading “A Note About Dairy-Free Alternatives.” I’m sorry you find the book to be so disappointing.

  • Kristi

    I bought all 3 of your books for a friend for Christmas and all 3 are also on my wish list! Hope I win, sourdough bread is something I’ve seriously missed.

  • Lynette

    Purchasing as gifts. Not sure what I will make first.

  • Joanne Bolda Harp
  • Jonathan Dove

    I received your book on November 30th, the order number was 002-3388948-8766609. When I previewed your book I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make first. When I received the book my wife went through it and decided she wanted the naan bread made first. It was the first bread that she truly enjoyed the taste of and now she can’t wait for me to make different breads for her.
    [email protected]

  • Meridith

    I preordered from barnes and noble. Your Order 689514268 Has Been Received, I’m not looking forward to a specific recipe, I’m more looking forward to the “chew” you know the one I’m talking about the missing “chew”or “feel” of the bread that GF just doesn’t seem to have.

  • Melissa

    this book is on my Amazon wish list. I’m not buying anything for myself this close to Christmas, but if I do not receive this book for Christmas, I will be buying it soon after. I have your other cookbooks & love them, so I know I’ll love this one too! The first thing I want to make is the wild yeast sourdough!

  • Laurie Post

    I pinky swear that I have ordered and received my ,GF on a Shoestring Bakes Bread. My big plans are to make Challah bread for my gluten intolerant hubby. It is his very favorite and he misses it a lot.

  • Kaye McCammack Hart

    I am waiting on my book to arrive from Amazon. I believe I will be receiving it on Thursday. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it. I really want to try the Soft Pretzels. I miss them so. I haven’t had good luck with breads and kind of gave up making any so just buy them from the grocery freezer department. No way near as good as yours, I bet.

  • Marci Hasselkus

    I have your book on my wishlist for my husband to buy for Christmas. We need it and I stressed it’s importance in our kitchen. :) See, our son is allergic to wheat so we are constantly buying the expensive loaves of bread or rolls. All he knows is that his bread is always frozen. I’m hoping to make fresh rolls, crescents, different types of breads & such. To fill the house with that fresh baked bread smell….so can’t wait.

  • Michelle Key

    My book came in the other day and I love it!! I would love to win and get your expert advice on baking bread using dairy subs. My big bread baking plan includes making bagels!

  • Kathleen Fullerton

    I received my cookbook and have made the lean crusty white sandwich( my favorite of the two) and the soft white sandwich bread! Amazon order # 002-2163222-6953051. Great book. Keep up the good work!

  • Holly Wydeck

    Hubby ordered it for me as an early Christmas gift. Can’t wait to try the Cinnamon Sticky Buns and the pizza crust. Just waiting on my Expandex to arrive. My 6 litttles would love for their Hunny-y Bunny to come visit!!! They love your cookbooks, as do I.

  • Saba Alemayehu

    This is great. My friend just shared with me this post and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been about 2 months since I’ve gone Gluten Free and I am too happy to hear of great books to make the bread taste better!! I just added this book to my Amazon wishlist and triple winked it to my family. I can’t wait to try and make the sourdough bagels. Oh how I miss yummy bagels! Thanks for your great book!

  • Sherrie

    I need this book! It’s on my wish list for Christmas. Making gluten free bread has been a discouraging epic fail for me. Can’t wait to try your recipes!

  • Deborah H

    Panettone bread again for Christmas , Yes!!!
    Cinnamon swirl next and Chocolate Wow!!!

  • lysa

    I’ve already got my book! I plan on tackling the philly sandwich this week. Then bagels for Christmas.

  • Teresa

    Got your book (pre-ordered from Amazon) late last week and I LOVE IT !!! A definate page turner….LOL. Seriously want to try them all, but today I’m starting to bake the ricotta bread. Wish me luck.

  • Teresa

    Forgot to post order #110-6384691-0845014. Everyone interested in healthy breads should order this book.

  • Rebecca

    Oh I can’t wait to get the bread book! I’m going to get it on my next paycheck. I can’t wait to try the sweet breads! I’m going to try cinnamon sticky buns and then Hawaiian rolls. Maybe then I will try out the wild yeast recipes.

  • Sasha Farnsworth

    I already got my book! LOVE it!! The next thing I want to make is the Cinnamon Sticky Buns!!

  • Kate McMurry

    I received your book as a birthday present last week! I made bagels first and I have oatmeal bread dough waiting to be baked in the fridge. I am excited to start sourdough. My bagels tasted great but were a bit dense so I would love for you to come and show me how to make stellar bagels!

  • Janet LaMere

    I have my book coming in the mail!!

  • Rachael Roach

    I just ordered Quick and Easy and Bakes Bread from Amazon this morning. #108-2769787-1255406. Wednesday can’t come quickly enough! I hear Cinnamon Sugar French Toast calling my name more loudly than ever…

  • Karen

    I am patiently (not really patient) awaiting my amazon order for your Bakes Bread book to come in #106-0844718-8430666. I am excited to bake again after giving up hope that I would ever enjoy it, once I went GF. Recipes that I’m especially anxious to try are the strawberry scones, the crusty whole grain bread and pizza, of course!

  • Ann

    Love the book pre-ordered as soon as I heard . Can’t wait to make the bagels . They look awesome . Can’t wait . I could take a picture with the book if you need proof .

  • Janet Castleberry Strickland

    I am putting your book on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. If no one buys it for me for a gift, I will definitely gift myself! Also on my list is a nice mixer and bread machine. Looking at the table of contents, the fresh white bread caught my eye as I have not has a fresh BLT sandwich since going GF. Crepes is the other recipe I would love to try as I have my mom’s crepe maker.

  • Karla Vasey Block

    I just got diagnosed with celiac less than a week ago. One of the things I’m really interested in doing is making my own bread. So, I put this on my Christmas list and if I don’t get it, I’ll buy it myself! I would probably start pretty basic, since I’m a newbie, and make a loaf of white bread. Or cream puffs–because I have a dessert party to go to soon, and I want to be able to eat something there!

  • Amy Neist

    I made it very clear that I wanted your cookbook for Christmas to everyone I know ;)

  • Jeannette

    I was probably one of the best bread makers on earth (I’m Czech) and then I became gluten intolerant-over a decade ago, when there wasn’t much out there to eat. Now I got your book, and I see artisan breads in it! Thick, chewy, and with flavor developed from a mother starter-how I’ve missed breads like this!
    I’ve always made bread by hand-no machines-but now that I’m over 60, I could use the help of a KitchenAid. But thank you for taking the time to test and publish your book Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread!

  • In the Kitchen with Theresa

    DEC 10 – Marked in RED on my calendar. I am heading straight to by local
    (12601) Barnes & Noble for my very own copy today after work!!! I
    am already the proud owner (and user) of your other books. Can’t decide what I am going to make first…tortillas…would kill for a good tortilla!

  • Tanya

    I’m waiting until your book comes available on iTunes. I check everyday but not there yet. I can’t wait until I get it. I think my first go at your book will be the Hawaiian rolls – you’ve already posted this recipe so I can use it now.

  • Cheryl D.

    Hi; I ordered your book on Dec 4th (order # ending in 6709863), and paid extra to get one-day delivery but, due to snow storms, it didn’t get here until Monday the 9th, so I haven’t had time to try any of the recipes (darn!). However, I’ll start with the quick breads, which look yummy! Thirteen alone just in the Quickbreads (including 3 types of biscuits and the cutest little ol’ Cream Puffs I’ve ever seen!). There are SO MANY other recipes in your book to try that I am going insane trying to figure out which one to do first! I really miss pumpernickel; I can’t wait to try it. The recipe sounds simply divine, and the loaf looks absolutely scrumptious. So many bread recipes; and how thoughtful that you added some recipes with which to use some of those breads. Wow; what a bang-up job you did with this book!!

  • Beth Shoop

    Did you meet your goal yet? I hope you did. I told all of my gluten intolerant relatives about it on Thanksgiving. I am so excited about my first batch of sour dough!

  • Janel

    I have all three of your cookbooks! The latest Bakes Bread book arrived the day before Thanksgiving from my Amazon pre-order! You are an inspiration, and have made the transition to a new way of eating much easier. My son, who is GF, is very thankful!!

  • Susan Bass

    I preordered & I own all three cookbooks!!! I am excited to get started with GF breads other than biscuits.

  • Lynn

    I have 2 of your books & will look for the new one tomorrow (or order online). I cannot wait to try the hotdog buns!

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