A Christmas Tree Cookie How-To for Dummies like me

There’s tons of fancy stuff on the web, like Sweetopia, that’ll learn you to make pretty things from cookies and royal icing. Who needs a dummy like me? Maybe you … more »

There’s tons of fancy stuff on the web, like Sweetopia, that’ll learn you to make pretty things from cookies and royal icing. Who needs a dummy like me?

Maybe you do. Because I’m a dummy.

I can totally tell you how a dummy like me would make a Christmas tree made out of cookies – the super simple way. So you can take it easy. The holidays should be FUN!

Sweetopia is like a carnival! And it’s so pretty there. Marian Sweetopia is no dummy, I’ll tell you that. And she has long hair. I think that’s important. The people who teach you your fancy cookie-decorating lessons should indeed have fancy hair. I have nostalgic-for-the-70s feathered hair.

I started with two sets of rounds cut with each cutter in a set of fluted cookie cutters like these. Feel free to make just one set of cookies for a shorter tree. I’m tall (yes, really), so I needed a tall tree or it might be embarrassing.

I used the graham cracker recipe on page 214 of my Cookbook, but you could also use the Gingerbread People Cookie recipe I blogged about the other day.

I made tiny flower holes in the center of each cookie. It served no purpose. I don’t wanna talk about it. Do we have to?

Then I made royal icing. I used the recipe on Sweetopia (click thru & scroll down). I followed it to the letter. You mix it and mix it, and it looks like frosting.

And then you thin it with water, and it dribbles like this. Sweetopia has a whole 10-second rule. She’ll tell you.

At first, my icing was too thin and my lines were goofy. See how it runs. See how it runs.

I added some more confectioner’s sugar and mixed again. Just right.

And I used this little Decorating Pen Thingy. I wanted to try it out, instead of a piping bag. I kinda liked it.  It was groovy. Less mess. It’s like a plunger, except that sounds gross but it’s good. And you can fit most other pastry tips on there.

I just made a zigzag pattern on the perimeter of each cookie with a plain #1 tip, dotted the fluted edges, and then stacked ‘em up. But do whatever pattern you like — just do it along the perimeter of the cookie so you can see the design peeking out when you stack the cookies.

So I dusted the whole thing with more powdered sugar.

It’s snowing on my tree. But you probably knew that. You’re no dummy.


P.S. If you haven’t yet, please pick up a copy of My Cookbooks! With your help, the blog will keep going and going!!

  • Sarah

    Looks wonderful…however, you now have me wanting to make my own. I have to try and resist adding one more thing to the ever growing to do list!

    • Nicole

      That’s the idea, Sarah. ;)
      xoxo Nicole

  • Brian

    How come I didn’t get to sample any?

    • Nicole

      You have to wait until Christmas, Bri!

  • JoAnn C

    Hey fancy pants, calling you that because this tree is sooo fancy. If I make this tree should it be a short one? I am short. Very short, inches under the five foot mark. I could stand on a step stool, (do that all the time), then I could make a tall one and be just like you. But if I’m going to be just like you you have to stop calling yourself a dummy. You are no dummy. Because you’re a woman, and born in November, and because I said so. And by the way, yum, for the chocolate cookies earlier this week.

    • Nicole

      Hi, JoAnn,
      Who you calling fancypants, Fancypants? I think it would be perfectly acceptable for you to stand on a step stool to make a cookie tree.
      I’m totally cool being a dummy, by the way. I may not be not very learned about cookie decorating — but even I could make this tree. Like you may be small in height, but you’re mighty in stature, Fellow November Child.
      Glad you liked the chocolate cookies. :)
      xoxo Nicole

  • Peggy

    What a fun idea! Next year I’m going to do things differently!!! Too much sewing/quilting too close to Christmas doesn’t leave much time for baking all these goodies! Next year will be done with sewing/quilting before Thanksgiving so I can bake all the fun Christmas cookies, breads and whatever else our bestest friend, Nicole, will be sharing with us!!! Happy Baking Holidays everyone!

    • Nicole

      Your hands are always so busy creating one thing or another, Peggy. So nice to hear from you, as always. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas — and everything else good.
      xoxo Nicole

  • http://www.glutenfreecanteen.com Lisa @ GF Canteen

    I do love me some Sweetopia. But I also love your cookies. Those gingerbread people cookies rock. I’d totally make this with those cookies. Humm. I have more dough cooling the refrigerator. That’s a plan. I have not had this much fun in years with holiday baking. I love how easy your recipes are. I added a little liquor to the ginger people and they are having a wonderful party in the icebox. Noisy. Seriously – I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I am so wishing I was your neighbor because I would get to eat some fabulous treats from your kitchen. : )

    • Nicole

      Hey, Lisa!
      I just discovered Sweetopia the other day. What a rush that place is! I’m still reeling. Why doesn’t anyone tell me about these places?
      I keep thinking about you cooling the gingerbread people’s little tushes. Apparently, some of them are still cooling. Ooooh boozy gingerbread people causing a ruckus. Kinky. Right back atcha with the neighbor thing. I’m sending everyone to you who starts asking me questions about component flours, by the way. Hope you don’t mind. ;) Merry New Year, my friend.
      xoxo Nicole

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